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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SF Board of Supervisors on vacation - do they deserve long vacations - and do they truly - represent.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) are on vacation - do they truly deserve the many vacations? Do these so called Representatives - represent?

Now, it is not a good policy to generalize - and granted but one of two of these Representatives try - but, by far the majority are selfish, greedy, shallow, inept and on the front line - Malia Cohen from District 10 and Carmen Chu from District 4.

Malia Cohen does not live in her district and has been put on notice.

The City Attorney and the Director of SF Elections and even the Secretary of California has been made aware that she does not reside in her District - she lives mostly in District 9.

That being said Malia is phony - as phony as they make them - she has no clue what is happening in her District.

Recently, I waited for sometime to see what she would do about two bus shelters that most people use - by the Town Center - at Third Street and Palou Street.

The shelters have been removed and no notice given to the general public. Where are the Elders to sit - waiting for a bus that many a times takes - 45 minutes?

Where are the physically challenged to sit - when they need to sit - suffering from pain or some other pertinent impediments? 

Where are the mothers with new born infants to sit or take shelter when the infant is exposed to the elements? Say when it rains?

Malia Cohen could not care less - she is as phony as they come.
Shallow, drab, corrupt, spineless and most of all inept.

Which brings me to a vital point that some one high on something, may be - has been pushing for London Breed to be anointed to replace Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi in District 5 - very bad thinking.

London Breed has a record of pandering - she loves to pander to those that offer her money.

The woman was so stupid to post on her FaceBook that when this stupid Republican Cain - was found to offer money and help - to his many new found mistresses that ultimately - forced him out of the US Republican Presidential selection for US Presidency. 

London Breed suggested that she would not mind Cain paying her bills. Yes.

It is this mentality that some feel comfortable with - that point to the point I want to make. London Breed is shallow when she was appointed on the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Not once did she speak in favor of the Bayview Hunters Point Community and the adverse impacts imposed by a Rogue Developer - Lennar. Lennar bombard the community with Asbestos Fribables and the SF Redevelopment did nothing.

Today the Bayview Hunters Point community rejoice that the SF Redevelopment is history. Both Fred Blackwell and Michael Cohen - have jumped ship.

Those backing this inept, shallow, spineless, always grinning woman London Breed - should be ashamed of themselves.

I heard some idiots gathered with the NAACP - the Amos Brown crowd to back London Breed. The NAACP has been a disgrace to San Francisco and to minorities under the leadership of Amos Brown - failing to represent and Amos jumping on any bandwagon to get fake recognition for himself.

I point to the above because if elected to the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) these so called representatives must represent.

We need folks that can stand for issues and who are educated on issues. We do not want people who are deeply in bed with corrupt politicians like Willie L. Brown Jr., who has been supporting London Breed - with some ulterior design in mind.

London Breed could have help the Fillmore but has worked with SF Redevelopment to adversely impact the Fillmore - catering only to those House Negros that receive favors.

Pandering to those that do not have the best interests of the community at large. Fillmore is not what is used to be - because of folks like London Breed who believe in "selective" projects where only certain folks stand to gain.

It is the same with Malia Cohen - she has never, ever represented District 10 - accept acting like a spy when she worked for the Metrosexual Gavin Newsom - who used her like a dirty rag - and cast her aside. She always was and today acts like a RAT.

The SF BOS continue to take long vacations as if they deserve it.

If the SF BOS can squeeze in a couple of days as holidays after a major holiday - if they can - they will take the extra days - and there is no mechanism to bring these type of uncalled behavior to a halt.

This never happened before - but in recent years - the SF BOS get to many holidays and little meaningful work - done.

In the meantime during these cold season - with the prevailing dire economy - the inclement weather - thousands of families and many from the Fillmore and Bayview Hunters Point - and many of them Black are on on the street.

No one cares for them - and I have not heard Malia Cohen speak one single word in favor of helping the "indigent" that number in the thousands in her District 10 - all you see her doing mostly is grinning like a "jackass".

Right now she is on vacation pussyfooting - around. Most probably out of town - she loves to escape - to be with those of her kind and type - that are selfish, lack fortitude, and are sordid to the core.

The year 2012 is going to demand a lot of work - but judging from the nonchalant behavior of the SF BOS - most of them lazy, others more interested in legislation linked to nudity, dogs, dog walking, and other mundane stuff - one can judge the poor caliber of most of the SF BOS by the drab legislation they have produced.

Some SF BOS act pompous; because failing to serve their constituents - they now seek solace and think they are moving up - like Jane Kim who is now anointed by Willie L. Brown Jr., and his cronies to be Chair of the Joint Transbay Board.

She accepted the position even before the vote was taken - go back and view the tape of the meeting. When someone offered her name and someone seconded her to be Chair. Then without the vote taken - Jane Kim assumed she was in - until the Secretary remind her - she had to be voted in.

Governor Jerry Brown does not have the money to bail out the City and County of San Francisco. He is now working on putting on the California Ballot - a proposal for a half cent tax increase - and a request that those making over $250,000 pay more in taxes. Time will tell.

In the interim over 10,000 chronic truants most minorities - do not go to school. Over 5000 families with children are homeless - and folks like Malia Cohen and London Breed have NO clue how to address such issues.

Both these women are Black - both of them are dumb and inept, and do not have a clue about Health issues, Safety issues, Social issues, sound operations lined to any major task that makes any major City work.

We want hands on - intelligent people - not some fake grinning dolls not worth their salt. Mostly, pussyfooting around.

Ross Mirkarimi worked very hard and handled some major issues.

London Breed cannot fill in those shoes. She thinks studying at the University of San Francisco will help her - USF products in recent years - have failed San Francisco. I should not that as a Jesuit product but not from USF.

We do not want some one like Amos Brown - trying to tell San Franciscans what is good for San Francisco.

The issues may relate to District 5 but as far as representation is concerned is must be Citywide.

In the past on major issues linked to health and safety - when London Breed was on the SF Redevelopment Agency - she failed - she failed to help the people from the Bayview Hunters Point and more the Southeast Sector of San Francisco on many major issues. Little did she think this would come to haunt her - the grinning jackass that she is.

If Mayor Ed Lee anoints her - she is a liability. Mark my words.

This is also a clarion call to the other SF BOS - work your butts off and put your best foot forward.

This dire economy demands the best brain - and not those that constantly pussyfoot around - the likes of Malia Cohen.

We need you folks - so called SF BOS to represent, to work very, very hard. If you cannot do your job - move out of the way. If it is too hot in the kitchen - screw off.

Do not request us at Public Comment - to curtail our comments - and think for a second you idiots can "think" for us.

Just like Congress and the Senate have single digit acceptance in the polls.

The same hold true of you mostly inept, shallow, sordid, SF BOS and the BOS Clerks - who deprive the public the Three Minutes they should get to express themselves.

When anyone fails to shed light where there is darkness - there is rampant corruption.

This is the case with the present SF BOS at San Francisco City Hall - wheeling and dealing behind close doors and rampant sordid corruption of the highest order. Get a life.