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Friday, December 23, 2011

Let us NOT make light about the Electric failure at Candlestick Stadium - who really is to blame.

Let us not make LIGHT about the Electric failure at Candlestick Park on December 19, 2011 - at the Monday night - American Football match.

Now, right at the onset someone stated a transformer blew up - complete, with they saw the blast.

Then the story changed - and Pacific Gas and Electric pointed to some splice line that led into the Candlestick Stadium - that failed.

With another story of sorts that most everyone is believing.

Bottom line Recreation and Park and our City and County of San Francisco - does not have a robust maintenance plan that checks the important operations - water, electricity, and so on at Candlestick Stadium.

If I poise a question and ask who was the last electrical engineer to test the lines leading into Candlestick Stadium?

If that report is available to the Recreation and Park and to some other responsible entity representing the City and County of San Francisco - from Pacific Gas and Electric - the answer will be NO.

It is an simple as that - the blind leading the blind. Then after the episode as fools do - justifying their ignorance by making yet - more foolish statements.

Our great City have leaders do not have leadership.

We have heads of Department like those representation Recreation and Park - pandering to the corrupt, the Zionist - busy taking over neighborhood playing field - busy privatizing everything.

Shafting the constituents of San Francisco - every opportunity they get.

This time around they may try to blame Pacific Gas and Electric - but each and every entity that has anything what so ever - to do with the maintenance of Candlestick Stadium - bears some responsibility.

The entire Nation saw the lights go out twice during the Monday night football game at Candlestick Stadium.

In all the time - I have watched American Football - I have never seen such a situation.

Lucky for us the San Francisco Police Department did a good job. We hear one 66 year old man was attacked but do not know more. Even though many say there were twelve other incidents - we need to need the incident reports - if such incident did take place - and the severity of the incidents.

Considering with the lights off and minimum light - there could have been many incidents - that this great City and County of San Francisco - could have been liable for.

Mayor Ed Lee keeps saying such an incident will never happen again. What if it does? Then what?

One plain look at the Candlestick Stadium - and if you have any experience inspecting buildings or a large facility - for all practical purposes the stadium needs - major rehabilitation and upgrade.

Immediately Mayor Ed Lee should appoint a couple of inspectors from SF Building Inspection - who can give us a report - and the base-line repairs included.

You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to see the primitive electric lines going into the Candlestick Stadium.

You do not need to notice the poor state of the toilets and restrooms.

You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to see the cracks in the walls.

Who is kidding whom.

San Francisco and the likes of Willie L.Brown Jr., Carmen Policy, Nancy Policy, Diane Feinstein, the others that brag they want a stadium.

They can talk all they want - but NO stadium should be built near a Superfund Site.

The proposed new 49er stadium at Santa Clara:

Why is that no environmentalist in this great City and County of San Francisco - points to the contamination at the near by Hunters Point Shipyard?

The radiological elements that could have caused the cancer that 49er coach - Jim Walsh may have died from?

Why is no one talking about the congestion and the flooding that occurs in and around the Candlestick Stadium? When will that be fixed? Why is the nearby community adversely impacted? What is the City and County of San Francisco doing about this situation?

Can anyone do this report and post it on the SF City and County's website. Much as the fake Environmental Impact Reports linked to the America Cup!

It is funny how the filthy rich behave - steep in the GREED they are now drowning - because of the present economy. But they still project their vain, mundane, aspirations that are evil and steeped in greed.

Paradoxically the ignorant 99 percent - like lap dogs - will go for some fake stadium to be built on a contaminated site. We do not need a stadium in San Francisco on contaminated soil.

Santa Clara will build a brand new stadium costing over a Billion Dollars - and on land that is NOT contaminated. They already have lined up over $850 million and another $200 million in the pipe-line.

San Francisco with our Financial District cannot fork up that kind of money. We can talk the talk but not walk the walk.

Lennar spent $5 million to fight Proposition F - which I was a Proponent of. Now - where is Lennar. Lennar wanted a brand new stadium on Parcel G - a conceptual plan that went bust - complete with the many LIES.

Daily over 300 million gallons of secondary effluents are pumped into the Bay. That is treated and sometimes half-treated excreta.

The Bay will be the play ground for the America's Cup - what a playground and those that back the America's Cup love this and more - pathetic!

Now, in this cesspool the filthy rich will sail their mechanical boats - costing millions of dollars.

It is this blatant disregard for common sense, wasting money, and building a concrete jungle that will bring down this culture - steeped in greed and going for any thing that is a fad for the moment.

At Candlestick Stadium the remains of the Ohlone were removed from the Bayview Hill and spread all over the stadium when it was built. This is called desecration.

The land belonged to a former Mayor of San Francisco - he sold the land and pocket the money and more.

When will we all be educated on issues and when will we all be practical ?

When will we learn not to speak with a fork tongue. Everyone following in the evil steps of the pale faces.

No good will ever happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the neighboring area.

The Ohlone need an apology and after that a ritual to appease the ancestors.

If you think - I am joking - wait for some time - less than two years to see what will happen to that area - where there is some faint, conceptual plan, and a fake promise to do this, that, and the other.

The new stadium proposed at Santa Clara: