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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Does Malia Cohen live in her District - that is District 10 - and if so why do we find her living in District 9?

Does Malia Cohen live in District 10?

Can she prove that by throwing a Block Party and prove us - all wrong?

The woman is drab, shallow, and spineless.

At all the committee meetings at SF City Hall - she will open her mouth and shove her foot in.

All her education has been in vain - why? She is never truthful, she has something to hide, she is as fake as they come. A chameleon!

We all want to know where does Malia Cohen lives?

It has been months now - and Malia could have bought or rented some shack in District 10 but she continues to live in District 9.

Silliman Street that is - in District 9.

The corruption of some politicians knows no bounds.

The City made a big fuss with Ed Jew - he at least had an address with his father living in District 4.

This woman Malia lives with her parents - but pretended for the longest time to live at Executive Park - where her den has been fore-closed.

Come one San Francisco what is good for the gander is good for the goose.

Her is a woman faking it - complete with the information deceiving us all where she lives.

You represent your District by living in your district. Make it known to all - where exactly you live.

In District 10 - the Representatives shun from revealing where they live - mostly they are interested in making money - and Malia is one of them and so was Sophie Maxwell - who Malia prides is her coach.

Come on Malia - with your pretty grin - tell us where you live?

Also tell us if your campaign platform is working - and why so many constituents in District 10 - do not respect your shady deals and fake ways?

Time for the Secretary of State to investigate.

Our local authorities are busy doing nothing. They know about this debacle now - and are busy trying to figure out - how to cover up their sordid trail.

You have some time to ratify your nonsense and with that change your sordid ways. 

You are put on notice.