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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Too many San Francisco innocent families with children homeless forced to sleep at shelters surrounded by dubious characters.

Too many San Francisco innocent poor families with children are forced to use dirty, noisy shelters, bed-bug infested, filthy toilets - surrounded by dubious characters.

It has been some time now that I have stated clearly about over 10,000 children who are truants - many of them attending the San Francisco Unified School District - one of the most dysfunctional organizations.

Many of these children are homeless - meaning they do not have a place to sleep - and will "crash" where ever they can.

It is a miracle how these children survive on the streets of San Francisco.

Recently, there was a hearing on December 12, 2011 at City Hall in Room 250 - about the "homeless" in San Francisco.

The figure stated again and again was that about 2500 families with children - who are homeless and need housing - more long term housing.

The number is greater and our City and County of San Francisco does not want to admit that.

At this time most of the poor families, the indigent - are given some shelter in dirty, filthy, smelly and congested, bed-bug infested, noisy shelters.

Women and children sharing the space with dubious characters - many of them preying on the innocent.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a $6.9 billion dollar budget.

We have thousands of City Employees making over $175,000 with benefits.

We have others in the hundreds making over $250,000 with benefits - and what is pathetic - these vermin do not live in San Francisco.

We have officially 26,000 SF City employees one for every 27 constituents in San Francisco.

But, some reliable sources say over 33,000.

We have people in the know - who have been playing the BLUFF game and it is time these parasites resign - the ones that head our so called drab, shallow, inept Social Services Organizations - the SF Housing Authority and so on.

Small businesses and other pay huge taxes and we get little in return. I do not want to state the list of things that our City and County of San Francisco does not provide to the hard working, tax paying constituents. I know what I am talking about. I know the corrupt - that work for this City and County of San Francisco.

Anyone, that had anything to do with former Mayor Gavin Newsom must be given notice to take a hike.

Go some where else and play your sordid games.

The program Care not Cash - is  a JOKE. I repeat a JOKE.

"Blessed are the poor for theirs in the kingdom of heaven" - these were words uttered by Jesus Christ.

Saint Francis of Assisi loved the poor and had compassion on them - our City is named after St. Francisco Assisi.

Where is the compassion from our Representatives in this City and County of San Francisco?

What is our City Neighborhood Services doing? Screwing around?

Our Representatives that represent our Districts - most of them are not in syn with the people - especially the Representatives from Districts 10, 7, 8, 3, and 4.

In this City we have over 30,000 homes vacant.

We have a population of about 816,000.

We have over 10,000 units - in the many rental buildings, Single Residency Occupancy (SROs), other buildings vacant - in San Francisco, Treasure Island, Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Sunnyvale and in other areas.

The City has been busy favoring Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company to tear down Public Housing with bigger bed rooms  - that catered for families in the past - to build smaller units in "gated communities" - with high density - and all spelled out in HOPESF.

What are White Developers doing in areas populated by Minorities? The likes of John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, and Mercy Housing?

Thugs and Big Developers that I fought and will fight others - like LENNAR?

Our City under Mayor Willie L.Brown Jr., Mayor Gavin Newsom, have targeted "poor people" in favor of "gated communities".

They have favored filthy rich Big Developers - the likes of LENNAR - that I have fought and defeated.

The above have favored Big Developers to build Market Value Condominiums - like the one planned by the Ferry Building - on Washington Street on a Parking Lot.

Condominiums - the high end will be sold over $10 million and the low end for $3 million. Go figure?

What is the real state of Affordable Housing?

In the interim for the last 20 years the Academy of Art University has bought hundreds of buildings with rental units - and converted them to accommodate its students.

The Academy of Art University has with INTENT deprived San Franciscans of thousands of rental units.

Our SF Planning Department has been part of this plot to deprive blue collar and other workers - from decent rental units - closer to their work place.

Suddenly, now we find out that over $800,000 has been sitting in some account - that could have been used for our homeless families and the children.

Some one has donated $1.5 million - but our filthy rich in San Francisco can do more.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein has not said a word about our over 2500 poor families with children sleeping in parks, under bridges, on the streets, and in the filthy, bed-bug infested, noisy, filthy toilets, and in conditions that defy any decency.

We now treat our poor with disdain and the dogs and cats sheltered - in the Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has better living conditions for stray animals.

Our children must be given first priority.

The heads of those Departments that must take care of our children and their families - must be held liable.

They all must be sworn to take a oath to serve and not to steal. Right now these "scum bags" are circumventing the law, tell lies, pretending to do some while preserving their jobs and raking in millions.

Our shelters are over burden with nefarious characters, thugs, thieves, crack-heads, and all these characters now inter-mingle with innocent children and mostly single mothers.

This is totally uncalled for and the SF Police Department must step in and so must the Child Protective Services and other Humane Organizations on the local, national, and international level.

The culprits must be exposed.

Some of our SF Board of Supervisors care - but most of them do not. Our Mayor says he will do something - but, he has been too, too, too - slow.

Twitter and others have been favored - given tax breaks - some Saudi Prince has now funneled over $300 million to help Twitter and Twitter will make more money - with its headquarters in San Francisco in the Mid-Market Area.

So, will the other companies that employ a few, get tax breaks, and really do not do justice to the economy of San Francisco - to help those that really need jobs and upward mobility.

Our past Mayors and those now in charge of the operations and workings of our City and County of San Francisco - must think outside the box and be innovative.

We have heard them talk the talk, smile and joke - but, their actions are pathetic.

There is really no one representing those that need help most.

There is really no one representing the children.

The thousands of filthy rich in San Francisco - only care about themselves and that includes Richard Blum, George Shultz, the Gettys, Newsom and his ilk, Diane Feinstein, the Shorestein gang, the Fishers, Nancy Pelosi, other unsavory characters like Willie L. Brown Jr., - these scum bags must be put on notice.

Today, in San Francisco we have folks having a meal worth $2000 - drink aged wine worth $1000 and more - live in hotel room worth over $1500 a day - spend money that has been made on the backs of poor people.

In our juvenile system we spend $200,000 per young person. Some county asked the State to pay them $150,000 to do the same work.

We spend over $100,000 to send our youth - to other States to be incarcerated.

We spend money on stuff that really is mundane. 

Our politicians are "vermin" and must never, ever be trusted. Most of them anyway.

I know all of them and all of them know me.

What truly bothers me and irks me is that these pathetic folks have NO compassion for our children.

 How can we permit in this day and age to make our innocent children suffer, some of them babies - and permit them to face the inclement weather, fall sick, and die a slow death. How can we?

What is our world coming to? Who will do something - and who will send the crooks to jail - for a long, long, time?