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Monday, December 26, 2011

No more WAR where we have NO business fighting in vain and killing our young men and women.

No more WAR - where we have NO business fighting  - letting our soldiers - men and women die in vain.

We know now - that some LIED so that we could invade Iraq. We must remember that.

To day Iraq is worse off - with no clean drinking water and no steady electricity.

Worse condition then when Saddam Hussein was alive and we said he was the worse dictator.

We cannot put a price on the innocent civilians that died in Iraq.

We cannot put a price on the brave young men and women - our United States soldiers - and the soldiers men and women from the many other countries that we persuaded to fight - the Iraq war - that was NOT - justified.

We must always remember that when we go to war - we must have a JUST cause and the support of all the people. This is democracy.

If we do not - then KARMA will come to haunt us.

Karma is haunting us with our economic in deep - peril and our leaders trying to hoodwink us with ploys and machinations.

Foreclosures are on the increase. Our students are frustrated with tuition increases. Our infrastructure is failing us. Our Educational system inferior and our government - groping in the dark.

It is for those that have wisdom - to ponder, think hard - and come to some - progressive and holistic conclusion.

Inherently, we know we have superior missiles, we have superior guns, superior war ships named carriers, superior logistics, and we have the best technology.

However, we are not prepared to fight a terrain that is foreign to us.

A terrain where fine sand can screw up any well planned mission and clog the guns we use, the machine that we operate, and fill our noses with dust as fine as powder and blind us - our fighting forces.

Where door to door fighting - turns out to be roof to roof fighting - with our soldiers taken pot shots at - and our  morale so low - that no one wants to speak about it.

Where improvised road bombs can destroys vehicles but more kill and maim. Our leaders brought about this situation and they have BLOOD on their hands.

George W. Bush Jr., the weasel Dick Chenney and Condi Rice who still thinks we did right when we did WRONG.

We truly had no business being in Afghanistan and we must pull out in toto.

Let those in Iraq and Afghanistan settle their scores.

They have been playing this game for the longest time - long before the Paleface came to America.

The White men continues to export war in modern times - and all the major wars be it World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War - were prompted by those who were White and wanted revenge.

This Nation calls itself a Christian Nation - where Christ and Christians have to learn to practice peace and truly speaking turn the other - cheek. This has not been so.

We as a Nation have used the defense industry to further business for wrong purposes, killing, maiming, destroying property, and what is not stated in the empirical data - contaminating large areas. The after affects are children born deformed and the spread of cancer and other life threatening diseases and calamities.

The Defense Department uses arms and bombs, and other devices in the air to kill and maim - to make money and further the evil cause of those that have invested in the defense - industry.

There is nothing pretty about killing.

There is nothing pretty about living in a wheel chair for the rest of one's life.

Living without arms and legs. Living on life support - and all for a cause that is NOT clearly - defined.

The White man suffers from inferiority complex. He thinks his way of life and civilization is the best.

Just a few thousands of years - he was a barbarian.

He did not invent the alphabet.

He did not invent the numbers.

He did not build anything like the Pyramids.

Less than a thousand years ago - the White man did not know how to use spices, his food was bland as his language is today.

This monopoly warring in modern times - has long been tested by others much more brave and over larger territories - by true warriors like Ghengis Khan and others.

Hannibal was a Black general to crossed the Alps with African Elephants and had the Romans and other fleeing of their lives.

Few speak on Hannibal and there are others too many to mention - great warriors of their time - none of them European or White.

Men to men these warriors were the best and continue even today to be admired as the very best.
Some have written document today translated " The Art of War" and other such books available for the frail of heart.

Bottom line war does not better any nation.

It is a myth that by piling weapons be it Atomic or Nuclear we as a people - can prove that we are a better - people.

Today, the Zionist who have no business instigating war and we the United States have no business supporting them.

More with some fundamentalist Christians who have a false notion - that supporting Zionism is the right thing to do. It is not. 

Few relate to the times when a Persian King permitted the Jews to go and built the temple in Jerusalem. That Persian King was from modern day Iran!

Few relate to the Ottoman Empire that took Jews as slaves and created their modern diaspora.

Few truly delve into the trappingd of the Roman and how they treat the Jews and others they consider expandable.

Today, we are plagued by the Zionist here at home.

They have devastated our Economic - the likes of Bernie Madoff, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and others - one worse than the other.

They control our media, our finances, bombard our television with sound bits that are devious in nature.

They have destroyed monetary systems - using sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other very evil financial systems of book keeping - stealing money from personnel accounts in the millions.

We have no business fighting these wars prompted by those that want to make money and foster greed.

These, the above will sell their mothers for nickel - that is five cents in the United States and in many case for a penny.

Once these fools where not permitted to live in the community.

They had to live behind walls - what was known as the Ghetto.

Movies must be made of the Ghetto. How these evil ones loaned money and charged large interest. How they were not permitted to mingle with the rest of the population.

The history of interest in tied to GREED.

And it is those who have an evil affinity to money and interest that have destroyed many economies.

We must curtail this nonsense - by debarring certain segments of the financial wheeling and dealing - from making transactions and holding certain jobs - that can adversely impact millions.

The Congressional hearing are pathetic. The large financial institutions continue to bring down Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and soon Germany will fall on its face.

That is not to say that India, Russia, the many countries in South America, the countries in Africa, and the countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia - will not be affected.

China today has thousands of factories shut for lack of orders. The middle class is hurting and the poor choking to death.

In American the Middle Class in eroding - half of American families are poor. One in two children go to to bed hungry. One in three Seniors our Elders - suffering from food shortage.

President Barrack Hussein Obama surrounded himself with Zionists and has failed our Nation.

We must think deep and hard - how this Black Man did not have the fortitude to think well, discern, ponder, and adjudicate with all the facts before him.

No more war - we have no business fighting with sovereign Nations who have not harmed us.

Our war must be with those that spur our Nation to war - behind the scenes instigating, propping false charges, and putting our Nation in harms way - while furthering their own financial - interests.

This Nation - Turtle Island still belongs to the Native American.

We still have sovereign Nations within America who do not and will never ever trust the pale face. We have RESERVATION - a blight on America and no one wants to talk about that. A people whose Nation is their, Turtle Island, sent to live far away from their own lands on - reservations.

Who will fight for this justice at home? Aho.