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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our District Supervisors must be held responsible if one single child is permitted to sleep on the streets of San Francisco and face the elements.

It is simply wrong for our children with single mothers or both parents - left to sleep on the streets of San Francisco. This because they are poor - and do not have a roof.

Many children especially in the Southeast Sector left to crash anywhere they can find a place to lay their head.

These same children, pick themselves, and go to school. They survive and this has been going on for years.

There is no process to help these children, their family who have been adversely impacted for long periods of time.

This ongoing calamity has been going on for years - our SF District Supervisors know about this , our Mayor knows about this, the San Francisco Unified Schools knows about this, others; know about this - but NO ONE has the balls to do anything about this chronic situation.

Things of this nature do not happen over night.

It take root over a long period of time.

When Sophie Maxwell was the Supervisor she knew about this situation in District 10 and did nothing about it.

Today, she prides herself belonging to some committee - linked to the America's Cup. Some filthy rich folks - who do not care about those adversely impacted - the poor.

Suddenly this woman who once lived in Public Housing, has up illegal means acquired wealth and has forgotten her people - and prides herself by saying often - that people should aspire to become Middle Class.

Sophie Maxwell and many like her - forget that the Middle Class is eroding because of corrupt people and representatives like her. This is a crying shame.

Now, that Malia Cohen is the District 10 Supervisor - Malia does not care, either - and more lives outside her District.

Malia Cohen loves to talk the talk but has not walked the waked - not once.

More truants; who are children are from District 10 and she has not bothered to take charge of this situation.

Malia went to Lowell High School - she says she knows about San Francisco - but she is as fake as they come. She is shallow, drab, and what is more - spineless.

Carmen Chu is another - she does not want to help small businesses and other entities - and give them a second chance.

An ordinance to give those once incarcerated and now released - a $10,000 tax break, a one time tax break - to permit some one get a job - and bring some bread and butter to the family.

Thousands of young men and in recent years women - have been denied opportunities - mostly in areas where there exists Public Housing and where Minorities live in the majority.

Laws such as the Three Strikes have sent many innocent people to jail  - for long periods of time.

Judges and Society is just realizing that the jails are over full - and most of those lingering in jail - in sordid conditions - are there for petty crimes.

The Three Strikes Law - has impacted thousands of families - mostly poor people - and people who should have been helped - especially, here in San Francisco. 

No one wants to spell out the details. And when some one stands up and states - "let us give them a second chance" - be it Jeff Adachi, Michael Hennessey, Ross Mirkarimi others - and I know them all - some one like Carmen Chu - sees it her way.

Always bring up something far remote - and betraying her ignorance. Such Representative must be removed from office - they are a disgrace to anything - decent.

Now, Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug Mayor" made a statement - to watch out - Carmen Chu is heading to Sacramento to take the place of Fiona Ma - may be. Let us see - if that happens.

In the interim no one the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Leno, Fiona Ma - who have not taken time to study truancy.

The above are busy raking in money and filling their campaign coffers. Raking in money anyway they can.

Leland Yee and Tom Ammiano have done some for our children - but, we must unite to save our children.

It is simply despicable to see our children facing the elements, and slowly being subjected to the worst kind of situations - on the streets of San Francisco.

Hundreds sleep under bridges, others in boarded homes, other under bushes - you see them near the SF General Hospital, under the bridges all over the City - you just have to open your eyes - and tears will flow if you have an iota of compassion.

I am challenging you folks - all of you that talk a lot about our fair City - to do something.

I will be addressing about this - next week as I address you all at City Hall.

Within a week I want some plan - to first address the plight of our children and secondly to take a holistic approach.

There will be some sound adjudication within a week. Believe you me.

I can easily take photographs and reveal this on going trauma - on the streets of San Francisco - for all the world to see. Shame on our so called pathetic - Representatives.