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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poor Representation in Sacramento on issues linked to Quality of Life Issues.

It is a shame that we have four Representatives in Sacramento and none of them have represented the constituents of San Francisco as they ought to be represented.

Mark Leno has favored Lennar and pandered to the sell outs and in doing so has disgraced himself. He smiles tells you what you want to hear - and has shafted those constituents that truly need help.

Of course without saying much - he has catered solely to the Queer population and Queer issues - while shunning the rest of San Franciscans.

We have Fiona Ma who recently married and she has chosen to prop herself up and favor those issues that bring her fame in a nonchalant manner. Legislation on Toys and other such stuff that is neither here nor there.

Leland Yee has set his eyes on things bigger and his defeat in the recent Mayoral Race - has harmed him in the eyes of many.

Some of the stuff that has surfaced are incidents where he may have shop lifted and other minor infringements that most politicians are prone to do but are rarely caught doing it in the act.

Tom Ammiano the aged politician again favors Queer issues - and has not taken a stand on any major issues. The one that projected him into the limelight - be it for some months - was his legislation linked to Police Brutality and forming a Commission  dealing with Police Brutality. It has gone no where.

Sacramento is a strange place where corruption and consultants hover right over, under, above, around the committee rooms.

You can smell the sulfur and these so called Representatives have embraced the "fake, corrupt, and devious protocol" - these Representatives think they are gods - when in reality they are a bunch of morons.

There is only so much patience that we can have with these so called Representatives.

You call them and they do not return your calls. 

When you visit them in Sacramento - their aides present themselves as if these "idiots" are gods - most of them do nothing much - waste a lot of time - pander to the consultants, make as much money - and have failed San Franciscans.

I invited Fiona Ma to visit the Chowchilla Women's Prison and was told she was very busy.

I really do not care to invite such "idiots" - I really do not. When such proposals are made - I stay out - because truly speaking these Representatives that pander - do not interest me personally.

I invited Fiona Ma because I was told she has a soft corner for the Polynesians - and that may be so - the event was a Polynesian Gathering in the Chowchilla Women's Prison - I tried but got no where.

Mark  Leno went out of his way to support Lennar - the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point. I want to ask him what exactly is happening today to the proposed projects and how much money did he stand to gain.

Mark Leno endorsed some issues and backed the community in a letter for a second - only to revert back as most "jerks" do.

His letter back tracking was read at the Joint SF Planning and SF Redevelopment Agency - infuriating the community at large. Such are the action of those that cannot think straight and are shallow.

Sacramento is broke and will be broke for the next five years or so. Governor Jerry Brown has been trying to work some miracles - but, you cannot in the midst of the perverts, those that do not believe in spirituality, and those that are greedy.

Representative that have failed to provide succor to the poor, the disabled, students, those incarcerated, environmental issues, planning, safety, home care, and the list goes on and on.

It is a shame how it has become kind of a tradition and this must be stopped - people jumping from the drab position of San Francisco Supervisor - to State Assembly and on to State Senator.

Most of them fared badly - when they were Supervisors - but some how bought the votes to get into the Assembly and on to the Senate floor in Sacramento.

I witnessed all the present Representatives when they were at the SF Board of Supervisors.

Not very impressive, two of them shallow and spineless - for sure  - they could have left a legacy but what they will leave - is a serious of events, issues, corruption - bankruptcy.

These vermin are in Sacramento - with only one focus in mind - making money and gaining power to foster - ploys and machination. They must be ashamed of themselves.

Often time we focus on the Congress persons and Senators in Washington DC.

We by pass these idiots who must be Representing but do not in Sacramento. The fail to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

I can reveal many issues and factors - linked to these idiots that I am writing about - but will save it for next time - with detail descriptions.

This is clarion call to these idiots to represent and stop pussyfooting about. Some of you are a disgrace to the human race.

To others - like Carmen Chu from District Four - where prostitution rings are found in plenty. Chinese newspapers publish the telephone numbers - and a quicky can be had for $40 - other choice things on the menu. This woman far from representative her District - now is poised to run for the State Assembly.

Time will tell.