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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thousands of American citizens more American families crash in cars, vans, and now we have settlements in the desert.

Thousands of American citizens; more American families crash in cars, can - and now have built settlements in the desert in Southern California.

This present economy is hitting the middle class and the poor very badly - here in the United States but all over the world as well.

The paradox is the same in Europe in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Italy, France, Greece and may I say more - all tied to GREED.

Here in the United States we have two important factors going - for those that live in the United States  called Turtle Island by the First People of this land.

One of  the two factors going for us here on Turtle Island is our land, that the Great Spirit gave us. For thousands of years the land was cared for - until the paleface came and disgraced humanity.

We have a population of about 313 million. The United States does not have to face a factor linked to population and is not as large of those in the billions as those of China, India and in the millions in Indonesia and many other countries who land mass is not as large as that of the United States - more rich in resources.

We call ourselves a Super Power and still continue to invest and spend billions of dollars - spreading fear and trying to challenge countries that we can bomb the living hell. Such ploys and machinations are NOT called for.

We had NO business going to Iraq and we did.

We had no business invading another sovereign country - Afghanistan - and we did.

For over ten years we spent over 130 billion dollars on two wars - adversely, impacting the United States
of America. Today, the U.S. has trillions of dollars in debt.

We had no business importing sub-prime loans, derivatives, convoluted hedge funds - and we continue to play this sordid financial game.

This Nation that is called a Super Power now has the statistics verified - the shocking news is that half of those living in the United States are deemed - poor.
This is a crying shame.

It is shame that innocent children have to sleep in cars, vans, on the streets of America.

Here in San Francisco we have children - sleeping in the streets of San Francisco because of our temperate weather. This is not possible in greater number where snow falls - such as Chicago.

We have seniors - who in their golden years should be living a good life - but, we have them standing in the cold for a bowl of soup.

What is happening - America?

Our soldiers serve our Nation and when they come home cannot find a job - many of them sleep on the streets. When you talk to them - as do I - having served in Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. When I talk to these soldiers - they reveal to me how this Nation has turned their back on the soldiers.

When is Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer - our other very corrupt politicians on this issue? Where are they? They all talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Then we have the filthy rich - who have billions and many more in the thousands who are millionaires and they do not give a rat's ass about the many innocent living the United States - who deserve - better but are suffering - every single day.

So, let us get the facts right. Whose land is this - Turtle Island? 

It was stolen, yes STOLEN by the Whites.

Here in California we have 18 treaties that have NOT been ratified by the United States government - signed between to the United States and the Tribes. Prior to this California belonged to Mexico. And prior to that to Spain.

Yet, the people who are the First People in the United States - are placed on Reservations.

Large tracts of land - many tribes have been taken away to far off places; placed not in the land of their ancestors - but on tracts of land that belong to other tribes.

The White Man who stole the land - contaminated the land.

The White Man contaminated the rivers and lakes.

The White Man contaminated the watershed.

The White Man killed thousands of Buffalo, took the skin and left thousands of skinned Buffalo to rot. What a crying shame.

The White Man cut down the majestic Redwood forest, and destroyed other forests and open spaces.

The White  contaminated the air, and continues to have plans to contaminate more.

Now, plans are afoot to bring contaminated oil - squeezed from tar sand - when this contaminated oil is processed - it will emit the worse type of pollution. And all this in the name of GREED.

The United States with all its fake talk about the Carbon Foot Print - did not sign the Koyoto Agreement - and even today continues to contribute towards the Carbon Foot Print - adversely impacting our environment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been slow to enforce the present laws - and does not want to confront the Republicans who continue to defy the U.S. laws and regulations - enforcing the Carbon Foot Print. 

The present economy that has adversely impacted the world is artificial and brought about by intent that is criminal in nature.

We just have to investigate the sub-prime loans, derivatives, hedge funds, how billions were stolen from personal accounts - as in the case of MF Global - the ploys and machinations emitting from JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs - the larger financial institution - the banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other devious banks that folded after stealing the peoples' money.

Is there any spirituality in all this nonsense?

Is there any morality and standard in stealing the peoples' money without their permission.

Why do if have the One Percent who control so much - and yet do not want to pay their fair share of the taxes?

Why do we have to put up with the filthy rich in a land that really does not belong to them?

Turtle Island belongs to the First People - and there is no International Court that has declared that the land was turned over to the thieves.