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Thursday, December 29, 2011

SF Redevelopment ceases to be come January 31, 2012 - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Come January 31, 2012 - all California Redevelopment agencies will cease to be - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Since its inception Redevelopment Agencies including the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - have caused more adverse impacts - helped Big Developers make millions of dollars.

Using primitive methods many Redevelopment Agencies took control of private properties - under the pretext of blight.

Then using tools like eminent domain - Redevelopment Agencies declare a property a Survey Area and quickly it becomes a Project Area.

Over 400 Redevelopment Agencies will close come January 31, 2012 - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Governor Jerry Brown himself profited by Redevelopment Agencies in Oakland. And in doing so found out - how these corrupt crooks - made money at the expense of the local and State government.

Some Redevelopment Agencies went to court and even proposed to share revenues - but the California Supreme Court - by a unanimous decision of 6-1 voted in favor of the California State law to abolish all redevelopment agencies.

Also a companion amendment that would have permitted local redevelopment agencies to share revenues if Redevelopment Agencies were kept alive.

This is a Big Victory for Stop Lennar Action Movement. Our fight against Lennar linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The movement fought a rogue developer Lennar - and with  today's ruling permits - SLAM and others will be able to take Lennar to court - on matters such as fast tracking the Environmental Impact Report linked to the development of the entire Shipyard at Hunters Point. 

 The demise of Redevelopment, now open a can of worms and exposes the devious role of the SF Redevelopment Commission - most of them on the take - corrupt folks like Leroy King, Darshan Singh, Covington, and London Breed.

Redevelopment Agencies controlled over $5 billion and had a good time for years - partnering with corrupt Big Developers - who filled the campaign coffers of the politicians - while Big Developers made big - money.

Redevelopment agencies used tools like eminent domain,  high density,  false promises - and made tons of money to pay bond measures and tap into other State grants with low interest - especially catering to Big Developers who had it good for many years.

Not anymore.

In the Southeast sector the Alice Griffith, Schlage Lock, Hunters Point Shipyard, Potrero Hill, other projects surround the Transbay will be seriously - affected.

The present dire economy does not help either - Redevelopment Agencies have been laid to rest - and are DEAD for all practical purposes. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

With the demise of the Redevelopment Agencies - the State of California can now spend more money on Education and the Safety of all Californians.

In San Francisco after Fred Blackwell left as the Director of SF Redevelopment Agency - Tiffany Bohee was anointed as Director of Redevelopment.

 No one knows what name of the Agency will go by in the future -  for sure it will not be Redevelopment. Tiffany Bohee played a lying role when Fred Blackwell was the Director of SF Redevelopment Agency.

Some crooks are playing with the model of the Infrastructure Financing District (IFD). IFDs can being a return of 20 cents on a dollar - Redevelopment brought a return of 80 cents on a dollar.

Some crooks are tying to use the IFD model on Treasure Island. Let us see if it really works.

There was no doubt in the minds of the Judges that brought about today's favorable ruling - 6-1 in favor of  abolishing Redevelopment Agencies - that in all the time Redevelopment reigned supreme - it catered to corrupt Real Estate folks, Big Developers, and City officials who made tons of money.

Much of the money tainted with corruption of the highest order.

This fight in NOT over but it is a good decision that allows advocates and many other legislators who are against Redevelopment to put up a good fight -  some of those favoring Redevelopment  - still want to keep it alive. Time will tell.