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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chief Joseph and the trail of tears.

It is a pity that in the year 2011 - most of us in the United States have not paid attention to the cultural wisdom of the indigenous people of the United States.

Native American tribes today are still incarcerated on Reservations and treated with disdain.

Billions of dollars belong to the Native American Nations - have been stolen by Government Agencies such as the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Management - one worse than the other.

I was at San Francisco City Hall yesterday - December 13, 2011 and there was this person who gave a report - that is called the Environmental Impact Report - painting a picture that all was well with his project at Yerba Buena  - an island that helps connect San Francisco with the East Bay.

The poor fellow, a joker - was not aware that a bridge more  a ramp that was being built - at Yerba Buena - over the remains of hundreds of indigenous people that were buried there - thousands of years - before the White men came to the Bay Area.

These documents named - the Environmental Impact Report and the California Environmental Quality Act and others with fancy names - are all created by the White men to favor projects that are tied with greed.

They are documents that circumvent - documents that the devil himself - endorses.

I asked the San Francisco Supervisors if they had read the Native American Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA). 

They was a blank look on the faces on those that dared look in my direction. I could have said more - but told them in their arrogance - they would taught a lesson and the lesson would be taught - shortly.

These projects do not take into account respect, spirituality, and the ability to understand the culture of the First people, the Native Americans the indigenous people of the Bay Area - the Ohlone, the Miwok, Piutes, others - who were here thousands of year before some one came and stole the land.

Only after stealing the land all sorts of sordid laws are made to favor the thieves.

If some indigenous people built a bridge over the graveyard of some White folks - there would be a hue and cry.

Indigenous people do not go digging up grave yards. It is a no, no.

 Not so when it comes to the Whites - they love digging graves, looking for treasures, and project this notion as grave diggers and more - in their novels, made into films - simply pathetic.

We had a Great Native American Chief - in Chief Joseph. He was wise and what is more he was brave.

Chief Joseph and his warriors fought the United States Army five times.

Chief Joseph had about three hundred warriors, three thousand cattle, and about a thousand children and women.

Chief Joseph won three out of the five battles. A great feat for a man and a Chief - who took on a larger U.S. Army with more troops and better equipped with arms and other equipment.

There is much written about the Trail of Tears and Chief Joseph.

I want you to read some and I will post a link at the end of this article.

It is a shame that those that foster Greed, those that killed thousands of Buffalo removed the skins and left flesh to rot in piles - hundreds of feet high - are shameless to this day and continue their abject arrogance.

Those filled with GREED who polluted the land today, the rivers, destroy the forest - the majestic redwood trees, and do much damage bombarding the atmosphere with dangerous particulates - continue to contaminate our Earth to this day.

You can have the Koyoto agreements and more - these suckers - the parasites of Mother Earth will find a way to embrace GREED and encourage pollution and contamination.

Read the follow linking that I have posted about a Chief and a man that I admire: