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Saturday, December 24, 2011

San Francisco leaders have NO clue about short term planning and more about long term planning.

San Francisco's leaders have NO clue about short term planning and less about long term planning.

The present planning department that we have in San Francisco - is controlled by Big Corrupt Business.

We saw that with the role of Dean Macris - having
 his own department within the SF Planning Department - when Lennar thought it could have its way - and when some revealed the details to Law Enforcement.

It is the same now - the present SF Planning Department without the past Zoning Czar - Larry Badiner - who controlled most everything - Larry was fired but there is a still a void - and no one truly can connect the dots.

Larry was busy distributing pornographic material to other SF Planner - and when caught  with his hand in the cookie jar - that only one option to be fired - he and several others. Let us keep this information alive - before the present SF Planning Department and the few devious remaining - resurrect the evil ploys and machinations of that gremlin Larry!

The new SF Planners are floating around with NO short term plan and less of a long term plan.

No one cares really about the Housing Element devoid of planning favoring those that truly need affordable Housing.

The Master Plan that has so many hot spots to focus on and cannot because of the lack of resources. Also, genuine input from those that matter. Not the so called experts who as Larry  Badiner turned out to be a - pervert.

The SF Planning Department are all controlled by vested interests - mostly Big Developers.

This plan is already failing and in two years - the SF Planning will drown - in the creation of its own cesspool of blatant corrupt - with sound leadership.

This malaise is deeply reflected in the SF Planning Commission - who has defied common sense and supported Lennar - be is not all the SF Planning Commission - but the majority.

Nothing much is happening in the Visitation Valley, less at Hunters Point, and less where there is no money to build - sound housing, more affordable housing and address Quality of Life issues.

The City and County of San Francisco failed miserably - when it failed to hold the United States Navy to the demands of Proposition P - passed by 87% of the voting constituents of San Francisco in the year 2000.

The mandate simply called that the entire Shipyard be cleaned to the highest standards - favoring a standard that would NOT adverse impact - residential homes, open space, good school, recreation facilities, and all those things that "gated communities" - enjoy.

In the Bay Area and in all of California there is NO - Superfund Site so close to a residential area as San Francisco. This fact is never mentioned. If some radiological explosion take place at Hunters Point - thousands will be impacted.

Parcel E2 must be totally cleaned - even though it will cost millions. The U.S. Navy must to do this soon, and we the people do not want any capping. 

The SF Board of Supervisors that voted for Lennar - should lick their chops - and each of them that voted for Lennar - a rogue developer - will go down in history - with BLOOD on their hands.

Those today that still believe they can support Lennar - under the radar - with intent. confront the community at large - and have blood on their hands - Supervisors like Malia Cohen a sell out, Carmen Chu, David Chu,  Jane Kim and the others that we all know - favor Big Developers to fill their campaign coffers.

The recent failure when the lights went out - and displayed perhaps for the first time - when folks were watching Monday Night Football - that what happens in Iraq - easily could happen in the United States.

But not San Francisco - yes San Francisco - and its aging infrastructure - with lack of maintenance and no available Standard Operating Procedures. We want to know who inspected and signed on the last - reliable check.

The answer that did not happen in years - the City was fast asleep - as is today - too with all the vain talk.

San Francisco simply put - put its worst foot forward when the lights went out.

The present San Francisco leaders can come out with all sorts of excuses and future plans - but the fact that such an "episode happened" - opened a can of worms and exposed the many salient vulnerabilities of this so called City and County of San Francisco.

Pumps that do not work, fuel tanks that leak, large water pipes that fail and new ones too, aging  high power transformers, aging MUNI buses, no compatible software linked to the light rail operations - and I could list a whole lot - but will not because of certain Security Factors.

The SF Recreation and Park mints millions from the Candlestick Stadium operations - but in recent years has not invested much in the rehab and upgrade of the Candlestick Stadium.

Many pre-suppose the 49ers have to do it - the 49ers pay the money, the rent - and the SF Recreation and Park has been busy lighting Christmas Trees by MaClaren Lodge and in other places - patting itself while raping our local play grounds and privatizing our local District recreational facilities.

The SF General Hospital is a mess - it has a billion dollars plus budget.

If you are an indigent - forget it - you are treated worse than a dirty rag.

Go to the hospital and sit down  with the patients who wait in lines - and are treated with disdain.

Crimes in on the increase in San Francisco - the type of crimes where our elderly are assaulted, robbed, and are fearful of reporting.

Hundreds of crimes daily go unreported - house break-ins, assaults on MUNI, on the streets, in homes.

There are stats that some brag about - and there are stats that are NOT reported at all.

I know a lot about incident reports - and no one should force me to write a thesis on this.

We can start by revealing that in the year 2011 going into 2012 our Incident Reporting Hub - does not have the software - to query cases - in seconds - but one has to do it manually.

Our SF Police Officers do not have the tools - to interface with Federal Law Enforcement - that we talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

That is not to say I do not value my friendship with Lynch, Traback, Cashman, Loftus, Morrales, Suhr and others - we are friends - but, the reality is that our system has not kept in par with today reality.

As any leader that operates any small or large metropolitan knows - Health and Safety comes first.

We fail miserably when it comes to this - because we have no set goals - and we lack a coordination where major factors and elements are evaluated and graded  - weekly and monthly.

We put the fate of our City in many area - having people who cannot think straight, spineless, inept, and when confronted - go on the defensive.

We could delve into our Emergency Task Force, the Building Inspectors and what they are truly capable of, our SWAT team, the lack of a SF Police Helicopter, the failure of SF Port to develop and to hand large areas to a corrupt person like Larry Elison, the lack of understanding and the malaise on the part of those in our City not cleaning, abating, and mitigating over 600 toxic hot spots - all over our City. 

Two huge areas by Pier 70 and few know about.

We talk the talk but we cannot walk the walk.

Ed Reiskin and Mohammed Nuru must step up and do their best. It is not easy for Ed Reiskin to manage the MUNI system - but he will work hard and even though I have not sat with him one on one - I have promised to support him and Mohammed Nuru.

I have requested a one of one - for half an hour with Mayor Ed Lee. I do not know if he is really busy or pretending to be busy.

When that day comes - let us tango. Tony Winnicker knows about this meeting and could schedule it as soon as possible.

We still allow Big Developers and those that have connection with corrupt Nations - to saliently control and divide the UNITY that once reigned supreme in San Francisco - be it China or Israel with leading Zionists messing in our affairs here at home. 

This City is named after Saint Francisco Assisi - a compassionate Saint.

It is not fair to see hundred of families with children facing the elements - more during this festive season - when Jews and Christians - merry make and do not think much of those that are less fortunate.

While fat cats sit by the fire-side and eat their roasted Chestnuts and savor fine wines costing hundreds of dollars. Wear funny red caps, and other fancy costumes from centuries past gone - and today mock the reality of the times.

We have the filthy rich in San Francisco - who have stolen millions from those they control - the Gettys, the Hearst Family, the Fishers, the Shoresteins, Richard Blum, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, all scum bags - that we must put on notice.

No one has the balls to call their names out - and it is fitting while the fake Christmas Father Ho, Ho, Ho travels on his fake journeys and ploys.

Some one points out the facts and the realities of this Great City - that belongs to the First People - the Ohlone. Aho.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!