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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Care Services in Peril in San Francisco and in California in General.

When ever there are serious BUDGET cuts - those in power that have no COMPASSION love to target the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

Cuts are being contemplated on the Local, State, and Federal level. We can study the cuts - and speak up - and help those that need help most. We can do it - we have done it before.

This time around the cuts are drastic  and we must really fight for the poor, the disabled, and those that have mental problems - in short all those that really need our help - and there are thousands.

It is then left to the advocates to rally to the aid of the poor, the indigent, those that barely make it to survive daily.

If you institutionalize people it is expensive, they die faster, and it is not fair if they can be given some hope, recover and contribute to Society. We know this can happen - and this hope must spur us to do some good, take our fellow beings to a better - place.

It is shame that during the administration of Gavin Newsom - poor people were even a roof but all the other support services were at a minimum in San Francisco. The result Care not Cash - has been a blatant - and utter, failure.

Those of us that know something about those that receive in house care - those, that have fallen on bad times, the mentally ill, those in bed that cannot move due to some disabling disease - comprehend the many issues and sacrifices that the family has to endure. The sacrifices that have to be made.

If anyone has a family to take care of the sick, the needy, the disabled - they are lucky.

How ever if there is no family - then In House Services - can play a major role and has played a major role.

It is a known fact that thousands of families - have taken care of their family members - using the paid hours given by In House Services - and have provide some decency and livable conditions to thousands - who would have been left suffering in institutions and with less and costing the tax payers - more.

The paradox is - it costs over $300,000 a year - to aid on of those patients that need more than 200 hours a month - these patients are given less in institution and cost more as much as $350,000 a year - in many cases.

We must come to some understanding that those that seriously need help and deserve it and meet all the criteria - get it.

Those that abuse the services are weeded out.

Letters are going out and will be received after December 15, 2011 - informing all of the cuts - there will be forms to filled.

In in critical that the forms be filled.

A Doctor's letter accompany the forms - stating exactly what the needs are - that is if some one really needs the help.

Nothing will be done automatically.

You can get all the information at 77  Otis in San Francisco. Call 311.

If there is anyone that knows more - share the information. Please help those that need help most.

There are hundreds out there that cannot fill forms.

Many cannot read. Many can read but not understand the complicated forms - that have to be filled. They never make it easy.

It is a blessing if some one can read the forms - and volunteer to fill the forms. Many of you know what I am talking about.

They call me all the time - thinking I can do some - and I do some because I have good friends in the right places. None of them ever let me down.

Thank you - you know who you are - and you know I got your back.

Watch out for the latest changes - in the In Care Home Services - that save lives, gives hope to thousands, spreads Compassion.

The Demographics of our Elder population is increasing, the present dire economic conditions have impacted them most - we must speak up and do right by our Elders. They deserve some decency, they need help in their Golden Years.

The cuts are now being proposed - but, that does not mean they will be implemented in a drastic manner.

For now they are talking 20% of the allocated time - they may bring it down to 10%.

Right now those that have the maximum 283 hours or so - to help those that need all the help and are completely disabled - will be spared. That is so far - you never know.

The more we speak up. The more we share our knowledge.  The more we stand united - the more will those that Represent understand and comprehend and are force to do good.

Remember you can contact the folks at 77 Otis and get the required information. Call 311 in San Francisco. Cheer up and give a shout!