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Friday, December 9, 2011

The dirty and corrupt politics in San Francisco that we must address and erase if it hampers progress.

San Francisco is a City that is well known all over the world and rightly so. In recent years corrupt politicians have given San Francisco a bad name.

Politics as most of us know is a dirty game - a dog eat dog game - where evil is used to dethrone and corruption and greed to make money - mostly on the back of innocent tax payers.

On the National level Congress - has an approval rating of less then ten percent - about eight percent and spiraling depending on which reliable poll one follows.

In San Francisco we have corrupt politicians and among them drab, shallow, inept District Supervisors on the front line doing a great disservice to the people of San Francisco.

It is right that in San Francisco we erase the corruption and address the dirty and divisive politics that is fostered in Districts seven, eight, ten, three and four.

We have Supervisors who do not live in their Districts and no one had the guts to call out this uncalled for representation - that is against the law and calls for criminal prosecution - of the highest order.

As to the details it is not for me to explain - the constituents from the Districts that I have mentioned -  must hold their Representatives - responsible for their sordid and very corrupt - deeds.

We have Supervisors who LIE  - others that are beholden to consultants - consultants who think they can buy anyone and fix anything.

In the Golden Gate Park we have had businesses who did their best to serve the public - only for consultants to make deals with outside vendors and destroy what was good.

We have Supervisors - who behind close doors receive money and make sordid deals.

It it is time for us to place cameras in the SF Supervisors offices - that can reveal all the mickey mousing that goes on - behind close doors.

The present dire economic situation has forced many politicians to think twice - but not when it comes to tainted money.

If one offers the corrupt politicians money - you see the twinkle in their eye. Money gives them an all time high - and we have such characters at SF City Hall.

If you request the politician to help a constituent - it takes forever.

Each District has its own woes - but more and more I get emails and telephone calls for help.

Simple things that these corrupt politicians can do - but, the only do it when they are offered money or some favor that benefits the politician.

I say screw that.