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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Koyoto protocol - and the process to monitor our carbon foot print.

When the Koyoto protocol was signed - the United States, China, and India - three major polluters stayed out - Canada signed but recently pulled out.

Canada found out that it was swimming in a cesspool and could not stand tall - and do justice to the Koyoto protocol.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - I have been following Environmental Issues on many fronts.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and have traveled all over the world.

I remember Nairobi, Kenya when most things were pristine.

I remember Goa, India well known to the International world - when strip mining was not the norm.

I remember Bombay now Mumbai when the air, water, and land was not so polluted.

China has bombarded the Earth with dangerous particulates - contamination from the many sources that it has generated without any regulation.

Slowly, the people of China are dying and the Chinese government does not care.

Soon, clean drinking water will be a premium in China, and so will other Quality of Life Issues.

It is the same with India, with Canada who are arrogant enough to move large amounts of oil squeezed from sand - the worst type of contaminated oil or petroleum to the United States.

Of course Texas and Texans the type of George W. Bush Jr. will embrace anything that brings in money - they will sell their mothers for a nickel - that is five cents.

The United States spent over $200 billion a year fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, our people at home and lining up for food - reminiscent, of the days of depression.

Our Elderly eating dog food, one in three children going to bed hungry, one in four elderly starving - all this in the United States of America. Supposedly, a Super Power!

When it comes to spending money to curtail contamination and pollution - the United States and the the other so called developed Nations - do not want to lift a finger.

The One Percent could not give a hoot. I prefer to say a rat ass.

The One Percent is so conceited that they encouraged China, India, other developing countries to pollute the air, polluted the water shed, build dams - all to flood the world with goods to encourage materialism.

In the United States corporation encouraged "out sourcing "- corporations send work out to make money - not paying their taxes - and failing to behave as good citizens. Cheating is a norm for these corporation involved with "out sourcing".

These scum bage must be brought before the courts and sent to jail for long terms.

Today, climate change has affected every corner of the world - drought, floods, and fire in Australia.

Severe floods in Thailand, drought in Kenya, the Sudan, Ethiopia, and even here in the United States - in Texas.

I live in San Francisco and we have found dangerous particulates from China floating around in our environment.

Much like we monitored and found radiological particles from Japan - recently. The world is small - in fact it is very small.

When the Koyoto Protocol was signed some Nations wanted to send a strong signal to monitor and control the Carbon Foot Print.

The Nations that foster GREED like the United States, China, India - wanted none of that - they wanted to use more coal and pollute, bombard the world with mercury, lead, and other dangerous elements that cause harm.

We humans are place on this Earth to take care of it and leave it a better place for those that come after us.

That is why the indigenous people call our Earth - Mother Earth.

The Koyota Protocol was a very good beginning.

If better sense does not prevail - human beings and all life will be adversely impacted.

Now is the time to review the Precautionary Principle and encourage all Nations to use the Precautionary Principle as a guiding norm when it comes to pollution, contamination, and other very adverse impacts.