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Friday, December 23, 2011

Miguel Galarza and his Yerba Buena Company.

There are those that talk the talk and very few that walk the walk - Miguel Galarza and his company - named Yerba Buena stands for the best when it comes to any company that has achieved so much on so many levels. Contributed so much good and continues to this very day.

You can google Miguel Galarza's company and find out more - the numerous awards, the many recommendations, the certifications, the people and companies that recommend him - all stem from hard work, understanding, and adhering to principles of hard work and dedication.

Miguel's wife and his family love him and have stood by him. So have many good friends, his associates, and the growing number of fans that have come to love him. 

Today is Miguel Galarza's birthday and when he reads this he will be surprised that Francisco Da Costa chose to write an article about him.

Miguel will wonder where this article will lead to - and wonder - yes wonder - how deep this article will delve into his wonderful years on this Earth.

Rest assure yourself this ride will be a pleasant one. Just buckle up, relax and let me take you to a better place my good friend.

Miguel in the many talks I have had with you - you have got to know me some - I have got to know you better.

It is the deeds that that count and I want to thank you so much for all that you have done for the community, this great State California and for the Nation.

There are but a handful of businesses - small and big that are diverse and in being diverse - know what diversity brings to any sound, operating company - Yerba Buena - is one of them.

In this dog eat dog world with the many Primes aka large companies poised to devour anything - these large companies act like vultures.

It is a blessing that we have a company like Yerba Buena that is a beckon and acts like a clarion call to do something special, operate in a unique way, and perform with satisfaction on every level.

On this birthday which should be a special birthday - your parents and those that love you dearly - your wife, daughter, and family members are proud of you - and this should make you feel very proud and full of gratitude.

Your extended family of friends, supporters, the community at large, the many business associates - should make you feel good that you have stood tall and done the right thing.

I am an advocate and so I call the shots as I see them - there are those that talk the talk and very few that walk the walk.

As I have mentioned you Miguel are one of them - the very few, that will pause to give some one - another chance and share the bounty that is there - that few care to share - because most are GREEDY and SELFISH.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with the City and County of San Francisco.

At the many committees you seat on - steering this great City of San Francisco that you love - to a better place, listening, and fostering compassion.

Life is for the living not the living dead.

Each birthday should spur us to do better and contribute to this Universe. Miguel my good friend you have done that and more.

Recently, you took Bruce Giron under your wing.

You have taken others and done well. This birthday, your proven history should spur other small and large businesses to do what you have done and achieved - perform well, understand what quality is all about, attain your goals and treat all fairly.

The community at large wishes you all the very best my dear friend.

We want you to live a good and healthy life - we love you and even though most people do not say that to you directly - take it from me -  we say to you again - " we love you dear Miguel Galarza".

On this birthday and from this birthday to the next one - we trust and pray that you will be a beacon of hope.

Stand for what is right and bring progress. There are many that support you - for what you have done - it is not always about money - it is about caring and love.

For those that know little about love - there can be no love without sacrifice.

Ask a mother about that and how she rears and cares for her children.

Ask a good father who stands by his children and takes good care of his dear - family.

It is paradoxical but true that you have become a good father to many - the many employees and the many others that listen to you and come for advice to you.

May God Bless You and shower on you, your dear family, your dear ones, those that work for you, the many that benefit from your operations - May God in His Infinite Goodness Bring About The Progress and Shine His Light - On You, As Only He Knows.

Have a nice birthday - and I hope this surprise does your heart good. God Bless You My Dear Friend.