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Friday, September 9, 2011

Central Subway in San Francisco heading towards China Town has inherent problems.

Central Subway in San Francisco heading towards China Town has inherent problems.

Gone are the days when Nancy Pelosi could use her influence - for all practical purposes her haughty actions - have brought in the Republicans and with it - there - wrath.

The Republicans are out to get her - and are targeting all projects - where Nancy Pelosi has any say.

Nancy Pelosi is on her way out - and not respected by those that have principles and standards.

Having said that for years some of us - have been saying how flawed the Central Subway Project leading to China Town - supposedly, is.

There are inherent technical, logistical, and plain practical issues, inferior planning - that has to be resolved.

For example why should the elderly, women with children, the physically challenged walk - one eighth of a mile - to catch BART - underground.

What type of planning is this? Who is fooling - whom?

The over $1.6 billion planned for the Central Subway is flawed. If this project is given a green signal - it will end costing - 2 Billion plus.

The T-Street Light Rail that has been in operation - deplete with major -problems - for all these years.

It starts at 4th and King and ends in the middle of no where - in Visitation Vallley.

Over $700 million was spent on the T-Street Light Rail that does not work, with tons of safety problems, graffiti and even stabbings and assaults.

The Third Street Light Rail - is not customer friendly.

Yet again and again some idiots - make reference that the Third Street Light Rail - has a connection with the Central Subway - and is in reality its - Phase II portion of the project.  N O N S E N S E .

Often time the trains plying on the Third Street Light rail - will halt in its tracks - and people that understand - English - leave the train and fend for themselves.

Chinese passengers are left to fend for themselves - without any announcement - it does not help when some MUNI drivers - will stare and do nothing.

Often times - some of us that care - take over and help the passengers. What a fucking shame. I wonder if Carmen Chu and David Chiu know about these issues.

The other sell out Chinese - who have done nothing much - to fix the many problems on MUNI. Some of them attend the MTA meetings - but those who speak for them - are all over the place.

Daily Elderly Chinese on MUNI are abused, assaulted, and treated like dirt. The Interim Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors know this - but, the idiots cannot do anything. They are full of hot air.

Now imagine the Chinese passengers that are old and do not speak Chinese - suddenly made to figure out - how to get to a BART - underground.

That is unless some transportation is provided to them - like Golf Carts. This will never - happen.

I have been on underground subways all over the world - our subway with the Light Rail is a joke. The communication system and the software is antiquated. The SF Board of Supervisors know little - and a time bomb is ticking and something will give - soon.

We have experience accidents with MUNI drivers falling asleep. Others committing mistakes and derailment. Much of the Light Rails are operated manually - this in the year 2011. Less with communication systems that are old and fit to be sent to the Smithsonian. 

There are other technical issues - that defy simple logic and the practicality of using common sense.

We cannot afford - to waste tax payers money. It is not about the Republicans - it is about folks like Diane Feinstein, Nacny Pelosi others - who think they can use tax payers money - for Pork Barrel Projects - with little or no meaningful vetting.

One Pastor from China Town has collected thousands of signatures. Such actions do not make sense. What really makes sense - IS - how is the Pastor and those that signed his petition - able to address HUBS that are short and inferior.

Movement of passengers in the hundreds from one place to another - without walking long distances.

Connections to the BART and other areas - for those that take Public Transportation - with little or no - hassles. People go grocery shopping to China Town - and cannot carry heavy loads - and walk long distances.

The Pastor is far removed from reality - and it does not help when Carmen Chu and David Chiu - are for the Central Subway - and have NOT participated in a meaningful way.

These two Chinese Representatives are trying to position themselves - to improve their portfolio - climb up the corrupt political ladder.

Carmen is a despot who should address rampant - PROSTITUTION - in District 10. She does a poor job as Chair of the Budget Committee - acting like ET.

Buy any Chinese newspaper and you can find tons of telephone numbers, complete with addresses, and the price for a quicky or something else - that no Chinese Restaurant Offers for a lesser - price - in District 4.

Both Carmen Chu and David Chiu - should NOT test our patience - the patience of the constituents of San Francisco. We have had it with them - and you can feel the divisiveness and bad blood - spilling all over San Francisco. The Chinese are coming and coming at you - in a bad way.

I have hundreds of Chinese friends - but say away from corrupt, foolish, Chinese politicians. I know them but I do not respect them - and they know it.

We have had sufficient of dumb decision, dictatorial attitude, and a sense that there SHIT - don't stink - at the many committees and SF Board Meeting chaired by Carmen Chu, David Chiu, and others of there - ilk.

Offer them money and they can be bought. May be for some stale wong tong soup!

There is no way the Central Subway makes sense.

Not even with the logic of Ed Reiskin who jumped from managing 311, to the Department of Public Works, now to Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - without any experience.

Why is it - that when those in the know speak up - and share there experience - the buffoons, idiots, shallow, inept politicians - get riled up?

The thousands of Chinese that sign up the petition - have no clue - and these petitions are worthless - and only reveal the ignorance and arrogance of those behind such gimmicks and ploys.

This is not China - and Rose Pak and other that may be corrupt can operate for only so long - before they land in a place where they can ponder, wonder, and chew their finger nails.

One Community Based Organization in China Town is slated to receive over $900,000. Such actions defeat the purpose of sound planning,the health and safety of the constituents. A sound transportation document.

The tourists will come and they must not be caught up in the mess - that few initiate - just because some money, our tax payers money is coming our way.

We see this in Washington DC - the light rail heading to Dulles Airport - it is all half-complete - with changes made - half through the project. An eye sore - you see it all the time - but, it is never - complete.

We must NOT waste tax payers money. Not on any project - we must incorporate meaningful discussion and planning - and come out with the right - solutions.

As human beings we must use our intelligence. Money must be spent rightly and not to fill the campaign coffers - of very corrupt politicians - not worth the salt.

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