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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wall Street protesters pepper sprayed by NY Police Department - and more women with cause.

Mayor Bloomberg sure talks the talk when he makes a speech and encourages - free speech.

But, then when informed protesters gather outside Wall Street in New York - all hell breaks out.

It was totally wrong for the NY Police Department to have one of its officer pepper spray some defenseless women - and then justify that it was fine to do so.

Do not defend the Wall Street thugs.

More psychopaths according to recent studies - that claim most psychopaths love to work on Wall Street.

The nature of the high stakes betting - given them a high. As to the consequences who loses and who makes money - they could not give a damn.

The love to make money - and they will do anything to make money - even if it means hurting the innocent - investor. All those who lost huge sums of money in the year 2008 - remember the ploys and machinations.

The current state of affairs linked to the financial circus on Wall Street and at other financial hubs all over the world - point to America -  the sub-prime loans and the derivatives - that all originated when Goldman Sachs and like minded "banksters" located in America and more in New York - decided to rule the world and cheat.

Today, millions of people have been affected.

Millions of innocent people have had their saving wiped out - and folks working for JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, others one worse then the other - could not give a rat's ass - when customers are stressed and even commit suicide.

What is the Attorney General's office doing about this situation?

Why are these "bankster thugs" not arrested and put in jail and given the longest - sentences - ever?

Why should the innocent constituents suffer - where are the protections offered - against White Crime?

Now, when some educated courageous women and men gather outside Wall Street to protest - the NY Police Department - tries to push the buttons of the protesters and think they can use force - to cow down the  protesters.

When personal information was posted for all the world to see of the "rogue police officer who pepper sprayed the innocent women" - all hell broke loose - and the NY Police Department was not pleased.

They got a dose of their own medication.

This time the poster or poster went one step further - and revealed information about the NY Police Officer's family.

Now, strictly speaking this was too much - but, in the given circumstances - pepper spraying innocent women was not justified at all - not very prudent - all caught on tape for the world to see.

Protests will increase all over the United States and that includes San Francisco.

Wall Street and the rogue banksters have had it good - for too long. However, their time is coming.

We have large banks here in San Francisco - two come to mind -  Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

These two banks went on a rampage - enticing innocent people to take huge loans - and defrauding time by cheating the innocent customers.

All this - using sub-primes loans and derivatives to ruin many lives.

Wall Street individuals who had the inside scoop and  made their bets and won millions.

The facts are out there but no one wants to take on Wall Street. Wall Street has not been kind to the woman and man on Common Street - and Wall Street - must be taken to task and penalized.

The time for restitution is here.

It is wrong, simply wrong to pepper spray innocent women who are exercising their first amendment rights.

Think for a second and ponder - we - who know our rights - will NOT cow down to "rogue police officers" who should know - better.