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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where are the genuine LEADERS in San Francisco - the ones that REPRESENT the people.

Where are the genuine LEADERS in San Francisco - the ones that truly REPRESENT - the people.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

You who think you are leaders - cannot take anyone to a better place - unless you are educated on issues. Unless you have a moral - compass.

You would not gather that if you watched the bunch of morons who pretend to act like Supervisors - who now meet in Room 416 - and do not pay attention to the constituents - when the constituents have something to say. Not on any level.

Daily, you have so called consultants - meet the SF Supervisors and cut deals. You see them hanging by the corridors - and you can get tapes of them - as the hallways have trained - cameras.

The newer Supervisors are the worst - they think no end to themselves - and are far removed from their campaign platforms. Even further removed from the constituents - they pretend to - represent.

Just the type of skunk attitude that we need in today's economic dire times. Two just made it - using the Rank Voting System - the ones representing District 10 and 6.

Then you have the one that reigns over the "whore fiefdom" which is District 4. As Chair of the Budget - she will speak as if she knows it all - ET.

The District 3 Supervisor who once roomed with the District 6 - have much to do with each other. Suffice to say added is there pompous way and attitude that they know it all. This time the polls will be fair - and the adjudication to the point. He wants to be Mayor - badly!

The District 7 Supervisor thinks he knows every aspect of Planning and the Pension system. You see - when you have little knowledge, you cannot discern, and trained in a Jesuit Institution he should know better. First you must discern and secondly it comes with a salt of humility. You have some on rare - occasions. 

On another level - he is comical and loves to play soft ball, and pranks - like placing a napkin on the seat of his good friend - from District 8.

But, give me a break you screwed up on Park Merced - and more on the Pension issue. What is concerning you are very close to Big Developers and the Down Town - thugs. Gavin Newsom the spineless ex-Mayor of San Francisco.

The District 5 Supervisor used to be an advocate - but now  has a habit of blowing too much hot air.

Verbosity brings with it a nonchalant environment - you hear some and then you hear none. He is running for Sheriff - and worried about all the prisoners that will flood our - local jails - when Sacramento releases - more.

Well, he and others put things in place - and that is good - I look forward to the days - you reform - "incarceration". When it comes to youth work hard to put in place - Restorative Justice. Perhaps, bring that model to the adults. Why not?

The Supervisor from District 11 is a man who has the common interests of the working woman and man. I have know him for many years.

He did well with the Local Hire Ordinance which is going somewhere - but, must be enforced. San Franciscans - must not permit - too may outsiders to come here and take our jobs. Not when tax payers pay the City Bonds - and Unions think they can fool us. Well no one can fool - all the people - all the time.

The District 11 Supervisor's quest to join in the Mayoral Race - is a difficult one.

Not this time but save it for the other round. I say this because we need a voice at the Board of Supervisors - perhaps the only one left who is a "straight" - shooter.

District 9 is in shambles. Every time you hear the Supervisor from District 9 speak -it is about Bernal Heights and the Mission. On Yes.

Time we get some focused attention put on the Portola District - which we took pains to put on the San Francisco map - and named it.

There is too much history in the Portola District to treat the constituents as Second Class Citizens. And there is more - I will save it for the next round.

The rest get a pass. I will save my choice, savvy, juicy, comments the next time around. All very astute in there own ways - but let us see how they fare - when I decide to do the adjudication. District 1, 2, and 8.

It will give me an opportunity to connect with the interim Mayor and perhaps talk about some other City Departments. The other shenanigans  going on - I monitor them all - complete with empirical - data.

At once time the buffoons who are now pretending to represent as San Francisco, Board of Supervisors - were paid $38,000 and they did not work all the time - as in paid full time.

Now, they are paid some $116,000 with tons of benefits and more perks. Every opportunity they get to take a vacation or off day they do. 

If the holiday falls on a Monday, they take Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday off. The meetings are cancelled. It is the same when a holiday is in the middle of the week - they take the other weekdays off - the week end. Boy they have it good!

It is written all over their sordid faces. You see this especially when they return from a long vacation. Some take junkets - paid for by corrupt entities to places like China and else where.

Other perks not as you understand them - but, under the table. YES! Some call them bribes.

San Francisco has a $6.8 billlion dollar budget. More than many Nations. For sure more than many cities in the United States. 

It is a shame that we still have 26,000 plus workers City Workers - and over 20%  of them many over $150,000 with benefits. This NONSENSE must come to an end.

It is here where many city employees think it is - there right - to demand and get - high salaries, good benefits, a handsome pension, and other perks - that really they do not deserve.

Some of the San Francisco Supervisors - do not deserve what they get. They really do not deserve - what they get. Some are corrupt to the core. In the past we have seen some go to jail - and others - commit suicide.

There is freedom and there is license.

What is going on at City Hall is abuse of freedom. 

Abuse of freedom is license.

Of course the morons would not know that?

Nor, would they know about morals and ethics - half of them are what we call in some circles - hanky panky - they go both ways.

They think - we do not know - but, the matter of fact is - we are - cognizant. Some are women. Let us not put this type of crazy behavior on the males - only.

Those that are hanky panky - really, cannot think straight. You see them going in circles - opening their mouth - and then thinking about - what they said. 

They always live in a closet - afraid to face reality as reality has to be faced. They cannot face reality - because they are fake, artificial, always going back to the "darkness" which is there - main abode.

Of course one cannot generalize - but these bunch of morons - we do have in City Hall acting as Supervisors -  and they are just that.

Aided by aides that surround them - those that control the podium remote control, distribute documents - it is all well - orchestrated. Time will tell.

These are the folks that deprive us and act as conduits - pretending they are just doing there job. Depriving us - and not giving us our full three - minutes of Public Comment.

Again and again when the huge projects come before the SF Supervisors and there minions - be it Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Treasure Island, Park Merced, the Central Subway, the Third Street Light Rail, the Highway by the Cliff House, the Water System Improvement Project, the Sewer System Improvement Project - we see how they respond - mostly like fools.

You must be educated on issues, more have a history, have a conscience, represent the constituents - and learn to discern.

You may have some information. Tested information is education.  The ability to filter and discern - makes you intelligent.

Most of you go on gossip and hear say - listen to some advisers who have the ear of Big Developers. Shame on you that pander - pander all the time - to those that do not have the best interest of our City - the City and County of San Francisco.

For over thirty five years - I have been monitoring the state of affairs - in the last five years - it is a cesspool.

Well, if you create a cesspool - you deserve to drown in the cesspool. All you that do not serve the constituents of San Francisco - some 816,000 constituents.

As Supervisors you all ought to - consulting the constituents and working with and  for them. 

Not fucking them every opportunity you get. Morons!

Check the Morons for yourself - the fiefdoms and there pathetic representation - not all but most of them - pathetic fools: