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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fake ASS Malia Cohen and her gimmicks with legislation that panders to the perverts.

Fake ass Malia Cohen known for her wide grin - her ability to speak in generalities and pander to those that exploit the poor in San Francisco's District 10 - Malia Cohen - works for the MACHINE.

I was recently at City Hall to speak on an agenda item linked to Work Force but could not as Malia Cohen introduce her legislation on false advertisement and abortion.

This agenda item - unwanted took an inordinate time - and I was forced to leave the meeting to attend to other important matters.

The wide grinning District 10 Supervisor has been an utter failure - with crime increasing in District 10, hot spots of unemployment - as much as fifty percent.

"Rogue Developers" exploiting the community, bombarding the community with asbestos particulates at Hunterview and Parcle A, dangerous particulates, and other toxic elements - more at the former Pacific Gas and Electric - site.

Malia Cohen has been pussyfooting with topics such as abortion which attracted many queer folks who seem to have been laid and got pregnant - either when intoxicated, in a state of uncontolled passion - lust knows no norms and penetration occurs as easily as frequent, salivating.

If one googles - " abortion in San Francisco" - the number one find points to a certain agency - I did that several times and got the same result - you can too.

Once there - the few that testified - said they were not told the truth and forced not to have an abortion - when they visited this agency.

The agency stated that was not so - the agency's staff that does not receive local, state, and federal money stated the same. The agency felt strongly the City and County of San Francisco was targeting them.

The many that testified against this agency that they were part of the Conservative Republican thinking - not favoring women's rights and preventing women from getting an abortion.

This is San Francisco - and I know that is San Francisco - women have option. Perhaps, Malia Cohen should open her office doors and have an aide that can help women when they are in trouble and need help.

It would be nice if both men and women practice safe sex, use protection, and be very careful in situation where alcohol and drugs are used. Drugs such as Estacy and so on.

Malia Cohen is as fake as they come - and so are the City Attorneys and the one queer City Attorney who tried to put her best foot forward and shoved her foot up her ass - if as all such a feat could be achieved - helping Malia Cohen write this fake - legislation.

We have in the City many bi -sexuals and others not straight - that want to dabble with sex without protection - get drunk and have unprotected sex - and then seek - abortion.

In certain areas such permissiveness is a norm. Having multiple partners taken for granted - and having anal sex and other such norms for some women - a high of sorts.

These activities mostly come from those that have no spiritual standards, lack morals, and to be frank are found in the "queer" fiefdom in large measure.

When you mention God - then all hell break loose, mention standards that they want that shoved by your ass, mention morals and they go bunkers - speak about being normal - and they act bi-polar.

Malia Cohen seems to favor such folks - and if she is one of them is yet to be determined. And if have at least five on the current SF Board Of Supervisors - as well as the Clerks of of Board - that favor the queer way. Good luck to them all.

I spoke as a man- on the agenda topic - and my main concern is that such legislation should be held with several open forums and people that are well versed with the topic of abortion, women's rights, women' s health, protective sex education, resources for information, and of course help if one wants to carry to term. Help and counseling if one wants to terminate pregnancy.

Several hearing in the various neighborhoods so that this topic can be sounded - and the best solutions found. Of course Malia Cohen would not comprehend that having chosen to be adamant - and follow the advise of those that are narrow minded.

I know for a fact that Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are prevalent in District 10. Mostly, among the African American population in large numbers.

I know for certain that AIDS is prevalent - with a high percentage in District 10 - Malia Cohen's District 10 - and more among straight women.

How is this possible? Well, Malia Cohen has to work with the SF Health Department to find out and address such quality of life - issues.

In recent times the Republican Party has been trying its best to stop funding entities like Plan Parenthood - that make abortion easily available.

There are some States like Mississippi that are introducing "Person Amendments" to prevent all "abortions".

We here in San Francisco already have State legislation that supports - "women's rights" - and helps permit what the woman chooses - based on her personal - decision.

There are several agencies that offer women the choice to make once they are pregnant in San Francisco. None of them are permitted by law - more State Law - to deceive, lie, or force anyone to have an abortion.

A woman could go to San Francisco General Hospital and get all the help she wants - and an abortion if she thinks that is what she wants. Most women know this - but if do not - then Malia Cohen can make resources available and take a pr0-active stance.

Malia Cohen love to talk the talk but hardly can walk the walk. I challenge her to a debate on this topic - complete with by frankness - on the "queer" - topic.

Malia Cohen is making waves - and as usual - pussyfooting around. Favoring mostly queers who testified and made a fool of themselves.

Two Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and John Avalos did not agree with Malia Cohen. Eric Mar seemed to say something in general terms. In the end it was decided to send the agenda item - without any endorsement - to be decided before the SF Full Board.

I know for a fact such a law - if taken to the Court would fail. This points to our queer City Attorney who are not wanted in the private sector - and make hay while the sun shines - making big bucks - faking the legislation, not doing their home work and failing to present San Franciscans - with sound - legislation.

The queer agenda is a narrow agenda and favors the "perverts" by large measure. Meaning the straight constituents favor standards and moral when it come to things - like sex.

Queer folks love having sex with multiple partners. With straight folks that is not the norm. Hence the pussyfooting with "queer" legislators on the SF Board of Supervisors who will come out with - strange legislation.

Not too long ago one came out with nudity and the desire to place some napkin and sit down - when in the nude. San Francisco because of the "queer" influence has a law that encourages - nudity. This is a shame.

We have serious issues where infantile mortality among African American - be they poor or rich is very high.  Spike Lee and his wife are helping address this issues - and right so. What does Malia Cohen know about this issue? Zip.

Malia Cohen could develop some methods with resources to help African American women.

As I said - too may young African American women in District 10 have AIDS and have no resources and less help.

I have mentioned this before - but Malia Cohen has not lifted a finger to help such women - in District 10.

A high proportion of African American women suffer from STDs - not once has Malia Cohen - contacted the San Francisco Health Department to address this issue. Why?

I am told that many lesbians tend to hate men - having been sexually abused, raped, or forced upon. A trauma that makes them hate men.

I was the only one that spoke and state that I was making some statement as a man. I presuppose many knew that I was a straight man at that meeting on Monday, September 19, 2011 in Room 216.

I heard one person who had the appearance of a man - but spoke as if he/she represented all Jewish women. He/she said that we must not bring faith in while discussing abortion. That this was all about Health and Women's Rights.

Well, that is he/she right to say what he/she wants to say - this is America,

I can tell you - such statement does not fly - and such generalities speak of a fickle mind and fake logic. I speak as an American who has rights and will fight for my rights and proven and accepted - standards.

Bottom line Malia Cohen is fake - and now has resorted to fake legislation that will take her over the precipice - and into the cesspool of her own making.

I was leaving Room 216 she shooed at me and others - and I said something that she heard.

She look at me as looked at her - she did not say a word - but, I will repeat it - the next time I meet this fake woman - face to face.

Learn to represent - fight for Quality of Life issues - and stop pandering to your inherent queer tendencies that will take you - no where.