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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) are countries poised to influence the world - and rightly so.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC), South Africa are countries poised to influence the world and rightly so.

The BRIC countries will have there own currency and better fiscal policies than what is practiced now - by corrupt, Western Countries - with a mentality that has failed and brought ruin to many nations.

Since, World War II the United States has anointed itself as a Super Power.

The United States has poised its policies not so much to bring prosperity to other Nations - having no intention to bring progress in this world - but to influence many countries - with an ulterior motive.

Domination! This policy has failed and if practiced further - will fail.

While some U.S. Presidents after World War II had some experience about the spread of blatant military occupation and the adverse impacts.

Many others did not blink an eye - to invade and subdue those that could not - defend, themselves.

Recently George W. Bush invaded Iraq a sovereign nation - without cause - and thereby brought the ruin to our Nation.

Weekly we spend over $3 billion fighting our proxy wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries like Pakistan and so on. Over $160 billion - more with the loss of our American soldiers.

No one tells the truth.

Some one tell LIES - and the dumb public that is not educated on issues - fall for the LIES.

The Main Media does not tell the truth.

The keep repeating LIES. Disinformation fills the air waves. There are few that are educated - and most most digest the LIES - as if it were the TRUTH.

No one reveals that Iraq today is worse off then when Saddam was there - no  electricity, no clean running 
water  bare essentials are missing.

Few investigative reporters - worth there - salt.

CNN and other media - fake, artificial anchor persons - spewing diatribe - day in and day out.

The Christians in Iraq that were protected by Saddam - now - thousands have died.

Our U.S. Government has done nothing about it. The least we could have done - provided them "refugee status" and saved their lives.

Many of these Christians fled to Syria and Jordon. Today in Syria - the Iraqi Christians are at the mercy - of evil elements preying on innocent - people. What a crying - shame.

The blood on the innocent is upon Cheney and George W. Bush and his minions.

The blood of innocent children and innocent people - murdered in the thousands - just because they are Christians in the Middle East.

The United States talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. 

The natural calamities facing this Nation today - especially in Texas - are the signs of the times - but also retribution to those that thought they had the power - but now are at the mercy of the elements.

In past years George W. Bush Jr. and in recent time - big mouth -  Rick Perry!

Now, there is a large difference between the American People and the politicians.

The American People by large - are decent.

Not so the corrupt, evil  - politician.

The likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Bush - others, too many to mention - that will tarnish this page. If connected with Zionism and Zionist policies - worse.

That is why you always hear "the American People" - words spoken by very corrupt - politicians.  

The - corrupt politician - do this - to bluff - those hearing - the American public.

While pretending to represent the people - but actually, representing themselves and their sordid - policies.

The American economy has hit rock bottom.

Over 13 million out of the 300 million - without jobs.

Our population is about 311 million and growing.

Now, as I have said many times two important factors - favor America.

Turtle Island - that truly belongs to the First People - the Native Americans. The mass of land we call America - that was here occupied with civilization such as that of the Six Nations and the Iroquois Nation - much before Christopher Columbus - set foot on this land.

Today, it is a shame that many of the First People - live on Reservations. Put there by force - by thieves who stole there land. Shame strangers, with no ethics and morals - that are greedy to the bone.

We have a population of about 311 million and we have a vast expanse of land. We can if we want get back on track and do right - bring about some change - and put things together and do to a better - place.

Zionists - have positioned themselves - everywhere to destroy our economy. We do not speak out - we must put them in there place - and warn them. Enough is enough.

The audacity of some Representatives to threaten other Sovereign Nation that they will be penalized if they support Palestine - as a Nation.

The time is long due - and the time is long due - to stop any American aid in the billions to - Israel.  The time is now - and not a second - must be wasted.

We must control large financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and others - and send them a clear message. Enough of your nonsense.

The time has come to deal with any entity that uses ploys and machinations - such as we saw in past years - bring the collapse of our Nation - the United States of America. More in the year - 2008

We must always remember the year 2008 - and never forget the sub-prime scandal and derivatives.

Never, ever.

Large financial institutions and those caught cheating must be taken to task, adjudicated and given strict - sentences. The law must be changed - to do this.

In some countries - such rascals  - if caught, they would be hanged, be-headed - in many cases - and at the least sent to fifty years or more - to prison.

A revolution is fermenting and will take place - and much like the French Revolution - those that thought - they could fool all the people - all the time - will be brought to their - knees.

Now, that we know better that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and other International Fiduciary Entities - are fully aware - that what has transpired - does not bode well for any Western Monetary System - and more the racial bias prevailing on their corrupt - board of directors.

The Euro is sinking with Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, many other smaller Nations that belong to the Euro Group - sinking.

Germany and France are hurting - and it is just a matter of time - when they all will sink.

The Euro model sounds great but its great flaw - there is no one single centralized entity - in control.

You cannot spread some naive type of control among a few countries - to tackle important decisions - when very serious factors - more fiscal factors - have to be address and solutions found - quickly.

The Europeans know that now - but it is too - late.

They must also rid themselves of there - bias. When China and India for example - were civilized much of Europe had raving barbarians, a mentality that has remained when it comes to - greed.

The BRIC countries are poised for change.

Before 2020 if not earlier the American Dollar - will be floating and down graded - and will be at the mercy of the countries known as - B R I C.

Brazil, Russia, India and China - they are already dictating to World Bank and the International Monetary Fund - who really is in charge - what they have in mind.

The salvos BRIC has sent - has sent some shivers to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund - and that is rightly - so.

Our world monetary system has been tied to the Western Mentality.

Where poor and faulty fiduciary know how, lack of fiscal constraints, greed, poor accounting, standards,  less ethics, insider leaks - and believe you me - low down, morals - flourish. 

Closer to home - the situation is more precarious. 

Few know that the Federal Reserve Bank has nothing to do with the Government - it is not a government entity as is the Treasury Department.

It is a Private Bank - much like a Mafia operation.

Few know that bullion - know as GOLD - was transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank - in  1916 and later - and no one knows - if it is still held, held some where or simply - vanished.

The United States Treasury - a Federal Entity - was given a promissory note.

A note worth only the paper on which the amount of gold transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank - is mentioned.

There was a time if you had a twenty dollar bill - you could go to the bank and get twenty dollars - worth of gold coins or silver coins - no more.

Try taking $5000 to the Bank today - and asking for the like amount in Gold of Silver. The bank will laugh at you.

That is it. We, the people have become the laughing stock - allowing corrupt people, know as banksters - just like gangsters - ruin our economy.

We have been supported the Zionists - while all the time permitting the likes of Bernie Maddoff to bluff, steal, rob, and ruin the lives of many - using Ponzi schemes.

Believe me there were individuals - who brought the "Ponzi scheme" to the attention of the authorities - but, these so called "enforcement entities" - shunned the requests until - it was too late.

Same with the 2008 economic scandal.

The Representatives - both Congress persons and Senators knew it was coming. They were part of the scandal - receiving huge sums of money - from special interest groups - to fill there "campaign coffers" of the Congress person and Senators.

Study - the report of Senator Levine - he brought the required charges against Goldman Sachs and other "very corrupt entities" with little support from the White House, the Congress and the Senate.

Some one must HANG for these atrocities - then only will the rest - learn their lesson.

Let us use "water boarding" on these corrupt folks that continue to receive huge sums in compensation and bonuses - to this very day.

Large Financial Institution - without any policy, no enforcement - what so ever.

The same with the Banks - the major banks that dealt with sub-prime  - loans.

Today, they sit on trillions of dollars - bailed out by whom? We, the tax payers.

The same with the Credit Card Companies - today, they get money at less then a percentage - and loan the money at - interest rates - at double digit?


Who is backing them? Some say Vice-President Biden!

There is nothing KOSHER about crooks.

Especially - those that have been swimming in the cesspool of corruption, a pound for a pound, loan some money and take a pound of flesh.

I know them - I have followed them - they are the scourge of contemporary - society.

Money, money, money, money, money, and more money.

That is all they want ringing in there ears - ching, ching, ching, ching - ka ching!

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