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Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 and the key events, the sentiments expressed - and the factors that adversely affect us - all over the world.

9/11 and the key events, the sentiments expressed, and the factors that adversely affect us, human beings - all over the world.

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 many sentiments were expressed. Some meant well but most of them - fell by the way side.

It has been 10 years and the victims of 9/11 - those on the front line, those who went to the rescue of others - are now begging, pleading, for medical care and other help - they deserve.

We as a Nation - have failed them - Shame on Us!

Our Nation went to the rescue of  big financial institutions, banks, other dubious individuals that created a financial tsunami.

The Government has the audacity to bail out these - good for nothing - entities - without our explicit permission. Remember Tom Paulson and his evil ploys.

When it comes to the 9/11 victims - nothing happens!

It has been 10 years and our Government is making excuses - aiding Insurance Companies to bring and put as many hurdles and obstacles - in the way of those that are heroes and went to the rescue of Americans. What a shame.

In 10 years we have not completed the monuments to the victims of 9/11.

We have started building the monuments to the victims of 9/11 - but we cannot finish them. Why?

Where are the patriots? Where are the billionaires?

President Bill Clinton had to say something - to raise $10 million to complete one. Come on America - we can do better!

A long time ago the Statue of Liberty was presented to America - may be the time has come for China or some other country - to complete our monuments and build bridges and strengthen our friendships - in the name of compassion and universal understanding.

We must bring our troops back and treat them well on there arrival and at least ten years after there - return. Treat them with respect and like human beings.

Look after our veteran physical, mental, and psychological welfare. If we cannot do that - shame on us.

The many Veterans sleeping on the streets of America - must be rescued.

No other country in the world has such a situation.

Some one serves our nation, is put in harms way, adversely impacted, and when they come home - they have no place to go to - no roof over there head - no love, less compassion - and they have to sleep on the streets. Wake up America.

We have them here on the streets of San Francisco.  Our own veterans - in the hundreds - here in the City of Saint Francisco Assisi.

We have those that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk in San Francisco - when it comes to our Veterans. Our Mayors - the politicians that have not spoken about the veterans as part of there - political platform. Wake up America.

There are now museums of us all to see memorabilia and other items - linked and related to 9/11 - events and victims and other factors. All very enlightening - and I hope revealing - permitting us to address factors and issues - and bring about - solutions.

We now have the experience of hundreds of 9/11 victims - documented by private individuals - including one compassionate doctor who treats the 9/11 victims and has documented there first experience - using a video camera.

We heard from the children of the 9/11 victims.

Some of them are healing, other experience night mares - each and every day. Is help on the way of help these children? Where are our American foundations on this?

The so called experts at first made nothing of the toxic dirt at ground zero.

Now, that we have empirical data about increases in respiratory diseases, cancer, headaches, and other very harmful, health - side affects - that the 9/11 victims have fallen prey to.

We had the same situation in the Bayview at Hunters Point, by the Shipyard - when the Rogue Company, Lennar - bombarded our children and Elders with toxic dirt, dangerous particulates, and Asbestos dust.

Governments and Cities are slow to understand and slower to help.

The same with our so called Regulatory Agencies - the Environmental Protection Agency, other Health Agencies - that should have offered the best help - immediately.

You never, ever question -  those that went to the rescue as Americans to help other Americans - putting there lives at risk. You never, ever, question such actions.

Today GREED comes first, money - and true patriots far and between. And when true patriots arise and act - baffoons have there way.

Shame on those that questioned being patriots and help rendered on time with questioning the risks to there own lives. The fools -they better change there attitude - and think of restitution to those they harmed, with intent.

The authorities see nothing to waste billions on flimsy, shallow, lackadaisical, maleficent actions at our many points of enter and exit - trying to pretend they know something about security.

Making a fool of themselves. Pathetic.

9/11 has opened our eyes to the many that have created a niche and made millions.

Never before in the history of our Nation - have we seen so many ill trained, ill mannered, so called security personnel and some of them armed with weapons - pretending to secure our Nation.

The Patriot Act has been extended to intimidate innocent people - and stop questioning - injustice. Our Founding Fathers - who not tolerate - that.

Imagine having George W. Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney as leaders - two clowns - not worth there - salt. What has become of our Nation - the United States of America.

The Department of Homeland Security is grown so big - and spends so much money - that our so called Congress persons and Senators - do not know - what to make of it.

Never mind that the employees are not evaluated annually at the Department of Homeland Security.

The DHS has grown 600% - no questions - asked.

New York has received billions in Federal aid - and enjoys many benefits. 9/11 has showed cased New York - but on many occasions - New York has failed to detect - criminal incident in time.

Case in point a Van that was parked in the middle of New York - Times Square - and failed to blow up - we just got lucky.

America we cannot force our ideas on others - other sovereign nations. Who do we think we are? Acting more as the Zionist Nation does - that we see its down fall - soon.

We act like fools at home. Just watch our idiots behave in Congress and the Senate. Watch the debt-ceiling debacle. When will we wake up.

Laughing stock of all nations - and more of those nations that have there fiscal house in order.

We the people must take charge of our Nation and government - and remove any obstacle that hinders making our Republic stronger and our democracy - practical, workable, and compassionate.

President George Washington our first, great President - set the tone for - how to treat prisoners.

I never ever expected to see water boarding and other such torture - be used in America.

I served my Nation - serving Sixth United States Army - I know what I am talking about.

I hear so called experts speaking ill of the Muslim Community and talking about water boarding and other torture - as if they were licking some lollipop.

Ask our veterans who served well in World War II. Others who served in Vietnam and other wars. They will tell you a thing or two - about treating people  with respect - the evils of torture and more - the demeaning - water boarding.

I am an American Citizen and very proud of that too - and do not want to have anything to do with demeaning - practices.

No decent society stoops so low - as to spit on the standards laid down by our Founding Fathers.

We must think hard - and take a good look at how we behave and waste trillion of tax payers money - on wars and other behavior that is uncalled for.

Wake up America!