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Thursday, September 22, 2011

You are Troy Davis - We are Troy Davis - keeps resounding in many places all over the world..

You are Troy Davis - We are Troy Davis - this resounds in many places where people rallied to keep this man alive.

Alas - even the Supreme Court - did not have the guts to stand up to the TRUTH - and fell prey to IMMORAL - turpitude and malaise of the worst order.

The killing and maiming of Black men and women and of people of color in America or Amerika - is nothing new.

I have seen it and so have hundreds of my good friends. We see it in the Bayview Hunters Point and the surround area - now more then ever - before.

Here is the Bay Area we saw what happen when Oscar Grant was shot and killed.

Oscar Grant's hands behind him cuffed and a Rogue Policeman - drawing his gun - and killing him in cold blood.

After all the protesting - thousands of person hours - countless hours of sacrifice and even following the trial to Los Angeles - in the end this Rogue Police man who father had ties to the Nazis - was set FREE and is free.

Think about it?

Wake up America - your judicial system stinks to high heaven.

Cries for real justice - not his justice - or just his justice - which is taking us down the cesspool and into a worse cesspool of justice his justice - that has failed. Pathetic!

Why would any system worth its salt - have a man condemned to death - be brought closer to execution five times - and then this one time - strapped down waiting for an inhumane injection - given to animals - wait for hours to hear from the Supreme Court?

The world is laughing at us.

We incarcerated more than any other Nation.

We incarcerated mostly Black and people of color and have no second thoughts about it.

More people are incarcerated in the United States then any other Nation in world. Some 6% of the 311 million that make our Nation's population - and 10% when you count those that have spend less than a year in prison and are set - free.

This Nation does not mind allowing Blacks to serve and die for our Nation - in the military.

When it comes to adjudication of sound justice - Blacks more than any other community - are treated like a dirty rag - used and trashed.

Dumped in the dirty bin and left to rot.

 Speak up America - I want you to hear - what the fuck you have to say - that is if you have the balls?

I was born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya - which happens to be in Africa. The land of the Mau, Mau.

My spirit is different - I am not afraid of the White man or for that matter any man - who cannot think straight. I have a problem when too many Black men and women and people of color - are lingering in jails.

I visit the jails so I know what I am talking about.

So, when Troy Davis refused to have his last meal. 

When he looked in the eyes to those that wanted him to die so bad and told them he did not have a gun and that he forgives them for allowing him to die.

He sent a message loud and clear - this fake judicial system, those that deliberated, and those that eagerly want Troy Davis to die - have BLOOD on there hands.

We, a chosen few took the fight of Oscar Grant to the highest level. The few that led it is were all from San Francisco - few know about this. Then Oakland joined us - and then other areas.

I was one of the first to write about Oscar Grant. That was before the video surfaced and there was nothing much to say, really - the video said it all.

We all thought with such a fail proof evidence - the rogue Policeman would be given a fair trial - and that he would pay the necessary penalty that went with his sordid - crime.

The system cheated us and to this day - we feel a void in our hearts.

It is the same with Troy Davis murder in RACIST - Georgia.

Its people that love the peach, that are RACIST to the CORE - not all but most - rejoice when a Black person is put to death. I know that and have heard that again and again.

So the Pope request that Troy be pardon. That is the Pope who makes his abode in the Vatican.

The Pope was joined by former President Carter, other dignitaries too many to mention.

 I wrote several letters  - and in the end they shoveled Troy Davis's  papers, washed there hands, sent it to the Supreme Court.

Much like Pontius Pilate and Jesus - the Supreme Court washed there hands - but they keep the man in suspense, strapped to the gurney - needle in his hand  - and finally they inject him with poison that they do animals in.

Shame on you America!

Shame on any system in today's so called civilized world - know and with intent - taking away a life of an innocent man.

Troy Davis  should have been given a "fair trial" with the current and contemporary - facts on the table.

Many puked and so did I - so disgusting was this episode and sordid behavior.

No wonder the world laughs at us and looks at us with disdain. The American people are decent - the leaders, the politicians our judicial system - putrid its stench so deep that no one wants to come within miles of its - putrid, odor.

We have a judicial process that pretends to follow some standard.

The judicial system stoops so low that it defies any logic, more sensibility.

Then this judicial system full of  vermin - wallows in filthy, putrid excreta - and some think they have accomplished - something.

These are those that are a disgrace to the human race.

September 21, 2011 will be a day etched in the mind and memories of decent human beings - and we have millions.

When the name Troy Davis is mentioned - it will spell infamy in the sky for all the world to see.

Troy also said: " continue to fight this fight" and some will. But just like the other atrocities perpetuated against innocent people - where are the numbers to stand up and fight?

Where are those that are educated on issues, able to connect the dots - to make things happen? 

Where is the Black Media on this - when will a movie come out and spell out the details?

How many Black women and men - most innocent - how many of them have to die - when they are innocent?

How will incorporate these injustices in our history - that can be spelled out on the INTERNET.

All over the Nation but more here in California - listen?

Incarceration is a trillion dollar business - and private companies are running prisons - complete with automatic doors, small spaces for confinement, Tazers, guns, spikes - and other instruments of torture.

We, in American pride ourselves having thousands prisoners in solitary confinement.

Allowing these human beings - one hour or so to breathe and exercise - in some lousy open space.

We pride that we have such human beings for years - in such solitary confinement - some for 35 years plus.

Where is this country going to?

We have lost of moral and our ethics.

Why do we not imprison the folks that commit White Collar Crimes?

Why are we letting Wall Street Thugs go Scott Free?

Why are we allowing Law Enforcement to riddle human being with hundreds of bullets?

Beat those that need help, more mentally challenged to pulp - like the case in Los Angeles. Why?

Here is San Francisco we have had our share of protests - homeless  people shot to death - a young man given chase and shot and then allowed to bleed to death.

We know what is right - and we know what is wrong - but,we do not have the BALLS to bring about - JUSTICE.

Our Judicial Branch is closer to the politics of corruption - and has been bought lock, stock and barrel.

We saw this when Al Gore was shoved aside and the crook George W. Bush given a Presidential Position on a platter. 

We see it daily with adjudication in our fake Courts - that defy logic, less ethics - where judges and there minions can be bought and sold - to the highest - bidder.

Shame on America - when it comes to a case like Troy Davis.

May His Soul Rest In Peace. RIP - Brother Troy.