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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The time has come to recognize PALESTINE as a NATION and for ISRAEL to work towards making these two NATIONS contribute the best they have.

The time has come to recognize PALESTINE as a NATION and for ISRAEL to work hard to first embrace the Palestinians and then work together to make the region a better place.

It is simple - and not fair that after 63 plus years for the United Nations and other world Nations - not to recognize - Palestine as a Nation.

This request will be made before the General Assembly at the United Nations - if the United States vetos this - shame on the United States.

The Spring Uprising has sent signals - in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya and other small Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain and the list goes on.

Changes have come in some - and in others slow progress in being made.

We must remember - millions died in our Civil War - rivers of blood - to bring about a Republic and a Democracy that was established by our Founding Fathers. We must remember that and read our own - history.

The Middle East has been a source of endless wars, misery, suffering, and generation after generation of Palestinians have grown up as second class citizens.

Israel as a Nation but more as a people have to face reality. We are living in a different time - and change for the best is - now.

We must have negotiations of the highest caliber - and communication with full transparency and accountability. There must be no back and forth - that has been the pattern - before.

The Zionist who believe that they are best, and that they totally must do as they please, have failed in there - mission objective. There time is past - and there philosophy - defeated and what is more shunned.

For decades we Americans have pumped trillions of dollars to float Israel - and have shared with Israel our military technology.

We have shared intelligence the Central Intelligence Agency playing second fiddle to the MOSAD - Israel's primary intelligence entity - but they have more.

We, Americans have done so much for Israel and in return have got endless problems. Now, American citizens who are Jews - are openly defiant and are fighting for the wronged principles of the Zionists. This is WRONG.

If you want to live in Israel fine - but please do not live here and propagate the failed principles, tarnished with discrimination, and racism of the worst order - Zionism is about hate and putting people down - invading and holding on to territory that does not belong to those that took it - illegally.

We can start with the Ottoman Empire, when the British divided and ruled, or the skirmishes of recent times - the wars that brought about more hate and less peace.

Israel has brain washed Americans with falsehood and failed to convince the majority of Americans that we Americans must hate the Palestinians - just because we are told to do so. That time has passed - a new era must unfold.

We just cannot humanely go on - permitting thousands of Palestinians to live in misery and in slums.

Something must give - and today in Israel - the people have been protesting because the Israeli government - has NOT been helping the Israeli population that pay taxes. More is paid and the Israelis - get little in return.

More Israelis are now the in the ranks of the growing poor. Elderly Israeli are left to fend for themselves.

There are other issues - too complicated to spell out. As there are issues with the Palestinians brought about because it is difficult to build trust.

The many years of treating the Palestinians as second class - citizens have brought out the worst - and now the time for HEALING - has come. It will not be easy - but, it is possible.

The American Zionists are now using there clout to press upon the United Nations NOT to recognize - Palestine as a Nation with full rights.

Truly speaking this process - is just a process - the Palestinians will WIN this time - because they will circumvent the usual process and go before the World Nations at the General Assembly - who are ready to endorse Palestine as a Nation - with full rights.

A seat in the United Nations - with full rights. This makes a difference. The United States can stand up to this as a decent Nation, a Super Power - or pussyfoot around and succumb to the Bull Shit of the Zionists - who do not want peace and want to bully those around them.

Once this formality is in place - the many atrocities Israel has committed for the years - can be adjudicated by the world bodies. The time has come for the world to hear - these atrocities - and to deal with the restitution that comes with it.

Israel recognizes this - the people of Israel as a whole - have not been consulted - more told - about the many ploys and machinations - to subdue - the Palestinians - who cannot defend themselves.

Israel is the Goliath - the Palestinians - David.

It is also time for the Palestinians - in this age and time - to join the nation of Jordon and other Nations that have supported the Palestinians to forge ahead and give a chance to the younger generation to contribute there best to the world.

Younger Israelis and younger Palestinians - if given the opportunity can and will forge ahead. They have proved this again and again - to the chagrin of the elders and those that thought this would not be - possible.

Violence begets violence. There are many programs such as health programs, technology, social programs, music, sound education, logistics, business - that can and should create the best conditions - in Israel and Palestine.

Some entity - must adjudicate and it is time for the United States to step up and bring about some settlement before the end of this year.

We just cannot go year after year - fooling the Palestinians.

You just cannot do this and convince educated people all over the world - the building of high walls, using electric fences, using guns, having hundreds of check points, constantly telling the Palestinians that they are second class citizens. 

The results have been the opposite - the Palestinians are stronger and will fight back. We see this clearly with the Spring Uprising in neighboring - nations.

Egypt was a friend of Israel - not anymore - because of Hosanni Murbrack and his own ploys and machinations. Transparency is critical in any long lasting - friendship.

Right now - we cannot wait for some long time plan - we must start some where and the time has come to recognize Palestine.

This will bring some HOPE and the holistic factors involved will bring future resolutions - bring some much needed - HOPE.

We must give the Palestinians HOPE - just like we have given HOPE to the Israelis - before.

The Israelis think the world does not understand the situation at hand. Constantly telling us and forcing us to believe that only the Jews were killed by Hitler.

Well, what about the millions of Gypsies that Hitler killed, Christians too - what happened in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in Bosnia - it may have been another time but the same kind of situation. In all these situations - there has been compassion - from good Americans.

What hurts me - is that money set aside for Holocaust victims - were not given to the Holocaust victims. Billions of dollars.

The Holocaust Foundation stole the money. So, there you have it - make a sensation about the Holocaust victims - and steal the money that should have gone to the victims.

Now this is a crime crying to heaven for justice.

Was money really stolen that should have gone to the Holocaust victims?:

I have good Jewish friends - many are my friends for over forty five years. I have good Palestinians friends too. I have friends that I trust from all over the world. Often times we have debated on the Palestinian issue - and left with heavy hearts. But - to this day we have reminded staunch - friends. None of my Jewish friends expound to be - Zionists.

My experience working for the Department of Defense - has taught me a lot. Most of all - it has given me the ability - to connect the dots.

You cannot do this if you are not educated on issues - have the best information - and have the ability to use this information to take anyone to a better place.

The time has come to recognize the Palestinians and for the Israelis to bring peace and prosperity to the entire - area.

Some leading Nations favor the recognition of a full Palestinian State - complete with all rights and overly due:

Palestinians angry that the United States proposes to use its VETO power at the General Assembly on the issue of giving full status and rights and a full seat to the Palestinian Nation - at the United Nations: