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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First People and the development in the Bay Area.

This area that we call the Bay Area - this area that we call San Francisco belongs to the First People that is what I like to call them. Also, known as the Native Americans.

The land all of it was stolen and the time for restitution is now.

If you look around you - look anywhere but more where large tracts of Nature is left somewhat pristine - you understand that at one time when the rivers, the land, the forest, the air was clean and pristine - this land we call San Francisco; the land we call the Bay Area was truly - paradise.

Lewis and Clarke came and report back East it was all pristine, rich is flora, and other natural resources. It was all good that was a little over two hundred years ago.

Then came the stranger and as if he had seen nothing he wanted it all. That is called GREED.

That is what truly distinguishes and is the key difference element - between a decent human being and a one that is not decent.

The greedy human being - wants it all - she or he is materialistic.

The indigenous people take little and practices sustainable principles for thousands of years. They were more civilized and filled with wisdom - then the current "thugs" who have brought economic ruin and despair. Stolen millions from innocent people and are not made accountable for.

In the times I have met the Ohlone, the Pomo, the Miwok, the Piutes, the many other tribes here in our Area - we call the Bay Area - I have made my peace with the many Elders, the leaders and listened to them.

Some I have found to have deep wisdom, some a little bit of spirituality, some a deeper commitment to save the Shellsmounds and other such sane and holistic causes, some a still deeper commitment to save one Sacred Site.

Few with a total sense of Turtle Island and what it really stand for. All spelled out by the HOPI and other tribes with deep wisdom.

Some are committed and some have simply given up.

What truly makes it difficult are the other tribes that were bused here to the Bay Area and to other places  in the fifties.

One brother to Oakland - the sister to Los Angeles. The White Man did everything to hurt the First People. The White Man to this day will not admit certain things that he must admit. He does not think of restitution.

Our Founding Father took a lot of wisdom from the Six Nations, the Iroquois Tribe and imbibed these thoughts and action of wisdom - into the American Constitution. Many of us fail to understand this.

Over the year - America has spat on the constitution - and used convoluted legalese to circumvent time proven - principles. The Great Spirit watches it all.

When large tracts of land millions of acres were pristine in California and the Bay Area - most everything was good.

Animals roamed freely, tons of fruit, birds sang, and there was tons of salmon if one wanted to smoke and eat or eat it any way.

The water was clean, and with acorn, fire and basket weaving and other keen activities - as I said most every thing was in place.

Until that day when the stranger arrived with his gun powder, guns, evil intention and took it all away.

Let me give you an example that will rock your boat. Gold was found in plenty by the shore of the rivers not far from San Francisco. On land - just a few feet below you could see veins of GOLD.

There were other treasures too that the First People knew all about and left it alone.

You cannot harm Mother Earth, strip mine and think for a moment you will not suffer the severe consequences. Today, Gold prices are sky rocketing - but misery, poverty, stress, foreclosure - in everywhere. Think about it.

When you preserve, take only what you want - that is what makes things pristine. That is what gives things balance - when you first and foremost - understand, to treat Mother Earth with RESPECT.

You take only what you need - you do not take too much and let it go to waste.

You do not look at something and desire it all - this lust for things in access, the lust to have it all - is what what brought to this shore " Turtle Island" - the evil stranger - to cause a Tsunami and turmoil on every single front.

To this day things have got worse not better.

I have spent time alone in some truly "pristine Sacred Places" and it is here that I have got the inspiration, the wisdom of what this land is all about.

The ancestors were wise with wisdom that transpired and was kept alive by rituals, straight talk, clean living habits - with respect for Mother Earth.

This went on for tens of thousands of years may be forty thousand years - we may find empirical data of the First People being here on "Turtle Island" for fifty thousand years and more.

It does not matter - my point is they were here, they were alive, and that they left their goodness, their foot print, their essence, their DNA to respect Mother Earth. That is my point.

Let us not think of America - Turtle Island - with the landing of Christopher Columbus - a "thug" and a greedy, vain, pilot of sorts - working for the Queen of Spain for profit.

All of San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone:

I represent them on issues of Base Closesure, Infrastructure, revealing the many fake Environmental Impact Report and Studies that are produced linked to the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, Upper Fort and Lower Fort Mason, the large tracts by Candlestick Point, Executive Park, Hunter Point, Golden Gate Park, Park Merced, Down Town San Francisco, the Outer and Inner Mission,the Outer Sunset, the 7.5 miles of Public Trust Land that comes under the SF Port Authority, all that land that the TransBay Project claims is theirs, AT&T Park - you get my drift.

Now, Sacred Remains have been found in all of the about mentioned sites. Respect is due to the ancestors. You respect - all will be well - you do not - you will suffer the consequences.

On each of the sites - the stranger has hoodwinked the issue  - circumvented paying attention to the Sacred Remains and thinks that all is Right. Well, all is Wrong.

The stranger must understand fully, not partially that they stole the land. This is how is came to be - when the stranger arrived some two hundred and fifty years ago - they were meek and asked for help. They got the help.

Once they got the help they killed, raped, stole, pillaged, did everything in their power to be nasty.

That is the inherent trait - up to this day that we see in the Stranger - smile on your face and stab you in the back.

The laws of the Stranger are convoluted - they go and speak in in circles - simply put they are like the "snake" - hence the saying - do not speak with a "fork tongue".

I must digress - I was born in Nairobi, Kenya when it too was pristine.

I was born when I could speak to the various African tribes that may mean nothing to you all - the Luo, the Wakamba, the Masai, the Kikuyu - I could name twenty but it would do you - no good.

I learnt to seek the tribes and those that had wisdom - I was drawn to them and what was African - the original people of the land. The home of humankind.

Here in the Bay Area I am drawn to the First People - it is the DNA - something hidden that cannot be explained that draws me to a situation - and I will consult with the Elders and play my role.

Recently we won a victory at Glen Cove after months of protest without any violence but tons of intimidation.

We wrote and expressed our concern and rallied folks from all walks of life. The leaders took part and some were steadfast and other fell by the path. 

However the main ones were steady and in their heart they can truly speak - that in numbers and with numbers - you can sway the "stranger" and then using the strangers ploy " money" - money from the compacts in this case - some resolution was reached.
Such are the signs of the times.

I was in the presence of Wounded Knee who is my friend and feel his heart.

I was with Fred Short and always paid my respects to him before talking to most.

I acknowledged Corina Gould and others - Morning Star who I have observed from a distance a shinning - star and my good friend, sister.

It is the same at the San Francisco Peaks - in New Mexico where the "stranger" wants to create artificial snow using treated sewage - known as secondary effluents - to create grounds when strangers and other foolish folks can - ski.

The land is high up the mountain, Sacred where the Medicine Men, the Shamans, the men and women with wisdom only can go - and only they are permitted.

It is where the Great Spirit makes His domain and rules over Mother Earth. Of course the blind and faint of heart would not understand this.

I studied Philosophy and Theology, the other sciences, and have met too many world leaders - women and men - sat with them and discussed matter pertaining to our Earth.

I have written much, spoken much, stood of what I consider right and won many wars.

You can start a battle but winning many battles is wining a WAR.

In all of  these human actions - when you sit with the indigenous people - you sit with the best - the essence of  what make this Earth - tick.

That is the only time - we feel the "heart beat" and we make sense of most everything. That is why the "beat of the drum" is so central to most indigenous people.

Today, in the turmoil of the world, the noise, the clutter, the fast food, rapid disinformation and misinformation world - most people eat wrong, think wrong, are obese, sordid in their thinking, selfish, want it all, love to sue with the evil so called legal laws that are devoid of truth.

We live in this world - far removed from that - that which was pristine and indigenous.

We polluted this Earth.

We did it with intent.

Now, we want to think sustainable in all the wrong ways.

When we talk about the Carbon Footprint - the tracing of the Carbon Footprint- knows no boundary.

We must learn to think about Mother Earth as a whole and stop kidding ourselves.

Let me get to the point - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - once there were wetlands - they were filled in.

These large tract emit thousands of tons of Methane Gas. You hear people talking about some data linked to down town San Francisco and its Carbon Footprint - which is large enough and needs to be curtailed.

Now check this - over 400 thousands tons of Methane Gas every year from Mission Bay along the shore to Candlestick Point and beyond spews into the air.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - not once has anyone dared to address this fact.

It is such nonsense that is called misinformation led by silly people who have no clue what they are doing.

Recently it was revealed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission used tons of Clorax to try to neutralize smell and kill bacteria in their huge digestors - that contain half treated sewage - much of this Clorax - a toxic chemical spewing in the Bay. This went of for years.

The stranger has no clue about treating Mother Earth with respect.

Let me give you another fact for you to remember.

The Municipal Transportation Agency has huge underground tanks that store diesel.

Some years ago one tank carrying over 100,000 gallons of diesel - spilled because the tank was corroded - and the spilled, leaking diesel landed in the Bay by Islais Creek.

In our manholes and polluted our Watershed. Not a word about it to the  public at large by the Municipal Transportation Agency.

I mentioned this fact several times in my writings and before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

These strangers are jokers - they eat wrong, they secrete toxins, dump medicines by the tons down their toilets, dump dog and cat feces that land in the Bay, brought plastic that is found in our Ocean the size of Texas, they polluted the air and depleted the Ozone layer, the love to drive cars and spew particulates - and now suddenly they are talking GREEN when they have polluted and contaminated Mother Earth for so long.

The present Economic Crisis that will HIT the United States within three months - is at our door.

We see it in Europe and we see it in the United States - we have the every rich and the very poor. 

The Middle Class is eroding. Over 40 million are without work. Our Nation's population about 311 million. One in three children go to bed hungry - and we call ourselves a Superpower.

One in four Seniors do not have money after the first week of the month. Many eat "dog food" and we call ourselves a superpower.

Large Financial Institutions are not regulated even after the 2008 financial - crisis.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a Private Bank much like the MAFIA - do some research and learn about its history.

Soon the Euro will be worthless - Europe has no Central Bank to handle the crisis. We have the MAFIA BANK - the Federal Reserve Bank - to print trillions and float the market.

America created the mess with sub-prime loans and derivatives that are "toxic loans".

Some in America the filth rich killed our Buffalo, killed our fish by building large dams, they polluted our land by strip mining, they polluted our air, and now they have corrupted the Bank System and destroy decency in - trading.

Shame on that stranger that goes unchecked - favors slavery, contaminates everything he touches, now he has not only contaminated Mother Earth and its bounty but failed to maintain world - semblance.

If you speak with fork tongue, you will act like a snake, and when you act like a snake - your poison will penetrate  - anything and everything you - touch.

The indigenous people must stay strong and follow the wisdom given to them by the Great Spirit. Aho.