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Friday, September 16, 2011

Shenanigans surrounding the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and some drab Court Rulings.

For many years - we have have had some staunch advocates who have fought for what is RIGHT for the Bayview Hunters Point community.

These advocates are recognized by those that know them by name, live in the community, have worked for over 35 years - and earned the respect of those that they serve.

The recent ruling by a Judge about Environmental Factors at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is much of the same. We cannot be bought and the adjudication is just that - drab, shallow, and worthless.

Way back in the year 2000 - Proposition P out on the San Francisco as a Ballot Measure - voted upon and agreed by 87% of those that voted - mandated the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - be abated, mitigated, cleaned - "to the highest standards possible".

This stands for practical purposes - unless the voters agree to something else - but, as things stand today - Proposition P - is that beacon, that guiding light, that voice that resounds - against which all other mundane gimmicks and machinations will be gauged and weighed - against.

That is the law.

So, people can go to the Courts and waste money - the Proposition that is law stands - and it is the obligation of the United States Navy - who contaminated the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - to clean it. Period.

LENNAR is dead and for all practical purposes - wants the permits and other agreements it has managed to salvage - using Willie L. Brown Jr., Carmen Policy, Gavin Newsom, and other dubious folks too many to mention - Lennar wants to transfer these toxic assets to some party that will buy these "toxic asests".

Bottom line - this Judge, some other judge, can make whatever ruling - the point to adhere is simple - if any one person or entity dares build anything - some Environmental Impact Study or Report - is mandated.

The EIR or EIS must have standards - full vetted and full endorsed by local, state, and Federal Agencies - following the laws of the land. Here in San Francisco - we know what we speak of and we really do not have to screw in court. We have a higher power that will bring those that " do and conduct themselves favoring evil ploys to there knees" Aho.

Now - based on that EIR or EIS - the standards set to build, open space, educational facilities, shopping facilities, health and safety requirement - basely, addressing sound Quality of Life Issues - if all these are in place - something positive and progressive can be addressed.

The process will be tedious, convoluted, stressful, and very, very long.

The Judge knows but will not rule on the desecration of the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. No White Man will - they once stole, took, raped, contaminated, and now will not look back on there sordid deeds - and relinquish that what they have taken illegally. The entire land the U.S. Navy took under Eminent Domain!

Human remains of the Ohlone are spread all over - and restitution and other higher types of settlement are in order. No White Judge can bring this about - it is not within his or some else's jurisdiction. Aho.

The entities that are taking this matter to court - are just buying time - and in a sense this serves Lennar right - because time is money. The more money Lennar losses the more punishment they deserve. We have them and all those parasites that are connected to them at the hip - out of our community.

Kofi Bonner the weasel knows how I feel about Lennar.

Lennar created this cesspool and it is only right they drown in the cesspool of there own creation.

The entities that sue Lennar - are not doing it for the people or the community - they have a hidden agenda. Time will tell.

The U.S. Navy is not paying attention to these shenanigans - or to the voices of those that speak with a "fork tongue" - the U.S. Navy wants to CAP the area - and transfer. Wash there hands - blooded as they be.

Right now the U.S. Navy has produced a glossy report and it on the verge of having some public meetings - and has announced a period for comments on Parcel E and E2 - parcels contaminated with Radiological Elements - at very, very high levels.

We have the empirical data that those who go to Court and others making noises for there own gain - know little if nothing at all.

Very few live in the community - but, as I said taking such matters to court - prolongs these issue at hand - and Lennar has lost money - and deserves losing more and getting out of our community.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matter pertaining to Base Closure. I said many years ago with sound judjement " no good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". I stand by my statement.

Lennar came and will go. They have BLOOD on there hands having harmed our children and elders. The Judge who ruled some drab issue yesterday - is just wasting our time.

There is a spiritual force - and an area prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - will suffer adverse consequences sooner not later. One does not need to be a Rocket Scientist - to comprehend this.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard the surround area and Candlestick Point are areas - that could be developed with severe restrictions. They could be mitigated to some standards - but they will always suffer the consequences of desecration and added consequences that cannot be adjudicated by mere - mortal fools - including the Judge who know some but not does not have all the valid factors - before him.

There are but a handful of advocates that cannot be bought, will not fall for favors and monetary contributions - however large. 

If people settle as a result of these court cases - and take money - they have BLOOD on there hands. No one wants to have anything to do with any adjudication - not worth the salt.

The Mayor, Gavin Newsom the SF Board of Supervisors, Diane Feinstein, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, the other many scum bags - are all party to having blood on there hands.

No one can harm hundreds of children and make them suffer through no fault of there own - hundreds of Elders - and think for a second - all will be well.

It simply does not work like that. Restitution with no attachments. A clean slate that is spiritual in nature that most evil Judges and more within a fake law - cannot - fathom. Aho.

As you might imagine the present District 10 Supervisor - a sell out who works for the MACHINE and has done nothing what so ever in the key deliberations - endorses Judge Ernest Goldsmith's drab adjudication.

Malia Cohen works for the MACHINE and has not served the community. She serves her own petty interest and publishes comments written by those that have harmed our children and elders.

Malia Cohen endorses the statement by her side kick - Ed Lee - birds of a feather flock together. She has revealed her true colors - we will be watching her - even as she pussyfoots around - grinning and spewing out generalities.

Ed Lee drab comment - something about nothing: