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Monday, September 19, 2011

Afghanistan, its people, and the fond memories I have of the PISTACHIO trees - the adverse impacts of the current war.

Afghanistan, its people, and the fond memories I have of the Pistachio trees - the adverse impacts of war on the environment, its people, and long culture.

Times were when the ancient Silk route passed through Afghanistan. Alexander the Great passed through Afghanistan - and the Moguls are related to many warrior clans - the Tajiks come to mind.

I was in Afghanistan and the near by regions - in my thirties - much before the Soviets decided to invade Afghanistan.

I saw the Soviets build the Great Highway - in the desert - and I knew then - what there evil design were. They traded some with the Afghans but then they wanted - more. In the end they were defeated - there tail between there legs!

I have fond memories of the lush green trees, the thousands of Pistachio trees and the unique taste of the Afghan Pistachios - tasty because they are naturally grown and dark green in color.

The recent wars have devastated the Pistachio Trees - and where once people gathered about this time in September to reap the harvest.

Festivals - that people remember - it has been a long time since one has been held in all of Afghanistan - for over fifteen - years plus.

Government officials at about this time in September - would permit the people to harvest.

Keep what they wanted of the harvest - and the rest would be sold. Millions of dollars would be generated - as much as $150 million thirty years ago - if not more.

The harvest brought thousands of people together - a festival where all would gather and rejoice. The Afghan culture is unique - one of the most hospitable people in the world.

If you are invited into a home - you are a guest - provided for and protected.

Many have no sense of this type of hospitality - used as we are to Western habits and a morass that is cold when it comes to - hospitality.

Always greedy - taking more and giving less - more, White America.

I would walk among the Pistachio trees.

I would see large plantation of poppy and did not know much about the gathering of  "heroin" - the harvesting and processing. I learned about that later.

I saw Marijuna plants - and was told for every seven pound of Marijuna pounded - you could get one pound of hahish. 

Hahish I smelled on my travels - for some reason - smoking such stuff - did not entice me. But, I remember being in a circle and the hooka pipe being passed around - and the strong smell that could easily - put me in a trance. Often time I had to leave the tent or room - to breathe fresh air.

The Afghan spinach is tasty too - it has something to do with the sandy - soil. The lamb and goat dishes eaten with the Afghan bread - fresh from the clay oven - the best ever.

But, I always remember for some strange, nostalgic reason - the pistachio.

Today, the current wars have devastated the Pistachio Trees.

Those that have committed these heinous crimes - better put in place a plan of reforestation, cultivation,  reconstruction and restitution.

Right now America is giving Morocco millions of dollars - as much as $100 million dollars to revive there olive trees.

Morocco a country that helped us Americans - provided facilities to torture - just like did Egypt and a few other countries.

Torture people - some of them innocent - to reveal crimes that were further away from these victims - but closer to the ploys and machinations - of the devious - that are in charge of our evil foreign - policy.

So, what are we doing really - to restore the Pistachio crops in Afghanistan?

What are we really doing to get out of Afghanistan - where we have no business - being, in the first place?

Our war was with Al Queda but today the Al Queda elements are out of Afghanistan - and more in the tribal areas bordering Pakistan.

The Taliban is home to Afghanistan and the Pashtun is proud and has never, ever been defeated.

As famous as the Pistachio - the Pashtun whooped the ass of the British. Killed each and every one from the  entire brigade and sent one half-beaten British soldier - tied to a mule - across the Khyber Pass into then India now Pakistan - to send a clear message.

Year later the Soviets got the same lesson.

We have no business going to Afghanistan.

The terrain was tailor made for the Pashtun and the other warrior clans bordering Pakistan. The only way we try to harm them is using our drones.

In any hand to hand battle - these warriors would beat the living hell of anyone.

More - if we were to track up a mountain - and fight them with the Pashtun and other warrior clans at high altitudes.

We talk the talk but it is quiet another thing - to walk the walk.

Since the early 1970s - I have been involved with Afghanistan. Many of my friends fought the Soviets and drove them away. Many of them died in the quest of true - freedom.

Then came the Taliban in power in Afghanistan - and I got mixed reviews.

I feel strongly - to let the Afghan and the many warrior clans - live and let live - in there own country - without outside - interference.

Much as we do in America. We have freedom but what really is practiced in our Republic is - devious, license.

Abuse of freedom is license.

This is the reason why our Government is always messing the affairs of sovereign nations. We did it in Panama, in El Salvador, in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and in other places.

Shameless we interfere then leave with BLOOD on our hands.

We think we can just go in - bomb the living hell - and adversely impact cultures after adversely impacting the area on many levels.

Ruin cultures that have been in place for many - many years - and think nothing about it!

The Afghan is no fool - women and men - they detest foreigners  - especially Whites - who think they can control them.

Recently, I have been getting some mail - nostalgic that brought memories of the Pistachio and tears of joy. Memories that I will never forget as long as I live.

The last time around I was in Europe and my Afghan friends kept in touch with me. I communicated with them and treasured there - friendship.

Today, I am an American Citizen and my friends truly cannot understand - why our Nation is messing in there affairs.

It is hard for me to express - my Afghan friends want me to visit them - and expect me to right the wrong - in whatever way I can. Perhaps they think of me young and adventures - always speaking for them - and embracing there warm hospitality.

As a young man I was a keen shot with any rifle worth the salt, I rode pretty well - well enough for the Afghan to accept me - as one of them.

The color of my skin, my long black hair, and my endurance was second to none. I was thirty years old but felt very young, vigorous and challenged.

I remember the harsh mountain climate - but most of all I remember the dried fruits - and among them - I would pick and savor the Pistachios from Afghanistan.

It was about this time - I traveled to Iran the Shah was on his throne.

Afghanistan soon would be invaded by the Soviets, Iran would fall to the Iranian Clergy, Iraq and Iran would fight one another - spurred on by our CIA and the Israeli - Mossad.

We were in good terms with Libya - Carter had a brother and there were many Americans making hay while the sun was shinning.

Look at the area today - Iran lives under a shadow, a land of rich culture - Iran will never, ever cow down to us.

Iraq is a mess - no electricity, no running water, and we pretending to install a fake democracy.

Libya a mess - the spoils of Libya - divided more among the NATO nations - with America sweating to get a piece of the pie.

The people of Afghanistan - why SAITAN - why SATAN keeps invading there country? Why do these people come to Afghanistan? Why do they come - uninvited and ruin it for all. I ask the same question myself.