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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gentrification of an entire neighborhood - by REPRESENTATIVES - more drab politicians who are not worth their salt.

It is just a matter of time before an entire area called Bayview Hunters Point will be inundated by so called REPRESENTATIVES - more drab POLITICIANS that are not worth their salt.

Aiding and abetting them in their nefarious activities - corrupt contractors, more Prime contractors who are busy doing the wrong thing - and harming the workers. This is going on - all the time on all the major projects - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The present District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen is a JOKE - famous for her grin and her pussyfooting around - speaking in generalities and doing nothing.

Taking every opportunity to visit her many dens - where she feline cohorts make the best of her time - time - that really should be spent on her suffering - constituents.

It was the same with Sophie Maxwell, another black woman who raked in the thousands of dollars  and now passes her time - pandering to mostly Whites.

She wants to sail with the Whites in the coming America's Cup and is on the Committee. I hope she loses some weight - that big bonnet of hers - could take any catamaran down - in the choppy water of the very cold - Bay.

Nothing much - worth the salt is happening in the Bayview Hunters Point and Visitation Valley. One important Recreation Center at Visitation Valley has been closed - and Malia Cohen can do nothing about it - accept - yawn. 

Malia is good following Ed Lee the interim corrupt Mayor - like a lap dog - Malia has put her hopes on corruption and revealed her true colors - like most of these closet - perverts.

The more I dig about this fake Malia Cohen - the more nauseating I and others feel - I recently met one of her class mates. She was the same - and "believe me Francisco she is not from the Bayview". She knows nothing about the people of the Bayview, less about herself, and is a total sell out.

Crime is on the increase and the Bayview Police Station does a good job - releasing the incidents reports - which I doubt the idiotic Malia Cohen - reads, less ponders, and less has the ability to act upon.

Generation after generation has suffered in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Be it the Samoans who have been evicted in droves, the Blacks who share a common history - prone to Welfare and trying to make ends meet.

The predators mostly White come into the community - the Nibbi Brothers, Cahill, the John Stewart Company, Apartment Management Investment Company (AIMCO), the Walgreens linked to Walmart, other dubious entities - pander to idiots like Malia Cohen and make hay while the shine shines.

It was the same with Sophie Maxwell pandering to LENNAR.

Sophie put her faith on LENNAR - rather then support the children and our Elders who were suffering and bombarded with toxic dust and dangerous particulates.

It is the same with the House Negro - Malia Cohen - who has her roots in pandering.

All her drab education - means nothing - she is worthless - most people ask me who is her significant other - and I say - " I do not care" - she is worthless and means nothing to me - excreta.

Since being elected - Malia Cohen has done nothing for the many that thought being young - she is in her thirties - or so I am told.

With her education in Public Policy - as least that is what she says - she should have understood quickly the factors that need to be studied.  Instead she will put her faith in people who are sordid and think like herself.

A disgrace to the human race and anything decent and holistic.

Having worked for that metro-sexual Gavin Newsom, and when she met me once - sat next to me in the MUNI bus - and tried to make small talk. I am not into - folks that are artificial - was cautious - and now she is on my - shit list.

In the interim our children are suffering.

Our elders are suffering.

Crime is on the increase and Third Street is dying before our eyes. No one worth the salt wants to truly live on Third Street.

Some lousy banners are up and they mean nothing. They mean nothing to people that are hungry and have no food. People who are given no - opportunities.

Malia Cohen does not give a damn - taking bribes and pandering to the crooks - she represents less and whores more.

The young men are fed up and often come to me when they are frustrated. What does Malia Cohen have to offer them? Nothing.

Recently, some men were hired for a few weeks on the Hunterview Project and let go. This happens all the time. With vultures who get training money - but, cannot put people to work.

It is the same with the Nibbi Brothers - who are racist and will not hire Blacks on the Mission Bay Projects.

Mitchell Engineering - is White and has his wife who is White - taking and grabbing all the credits of a minority. Bayview is full of them - White women acting as fronts for small businesses and taking advantage of the community - with their Minority Status.

Why should so many White Women compete for contracts in the Bayview - let them go to Pacific Heights and other places. Take their pink assess and leave the people of Bayview alone.

Recently, a Black Brother fully qualified and working for Mitchell Engineering was laid off. His only mistake - bringing to the attention of Mitchell Engineering - their abject disregard for sound safety measures and the impending heavy - traffic.

Imagine providing seven traffic cones - and ordering the Black qualified Brother - to manage very heavy traffic on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

When the Brother brought the facts to the attention of the company - they stopped sending him to job sites - forcing him to go on unemployment benefits.
He has a large family to feed - is a good Brother - and will succeeded with our support.

Such nonsense must come to an end. Now.

This type of discrimination must be addressed by our SF City Attorney, our SF District Attorney, our Interim Mayor who talks a lot, of course the District 10 Supervisor who is busy pussyfooting around.

The Labor Department - if Mitchell Engineering wants to take on labor - they will be in for a big, big - surprise.

We can and will shut - Mitchell Engineering - down.
Make no bones about it. Take your ass out of the community - and into oblivion. 

Just like - we can address the shenanigans of the Nibbi  Brothers and Cahill and the other crooks - like WEBCOR who fail to pay the contractors on time - on jobs linked to the SF General Hospital.

Mitchell Engineering created many fiascoes on Third Street when the Light Rail was being built.

I brought many of their dialectic operations to their attention - but to no avail. 

They have one Fire Hydrant outside my office on Third Street - Third and Palou that has not been connected right - must be addressed - and it has been  seven years and nothing in happening? What the fuck!

They buy their way around with the City and County of San Francisco - and must be put on the debarred list to do business.

Small businesses cannot do business in San Francisco - because the corrupt, greed Primes want it all - and will under-bid, disrespect the workers 0 make money and take it out of San Francisco.

Whatever happened to the Nibbi Brothers and the three Mexican workers who were injured - when a concrete wall that was fresh with poured cement - came crushing down and sent these three workers spiraling down three flights?

Whatever - happened to them? Who is behind this fucking cover up?

Black Brothers, the Samoans are all watching and it is just a matter of time - do not say we did not warn you buffoons. 

The corrupt Nancy Pelosi and her shenanigans at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with now dead John Murtha helping this very corrupt woman - part of the MACHINE: