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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Incarceration of our YOUTH in San Francisco - linked to pathetic leadership from known entities playing with FIRE.

Lately in San Francisco - the last 10 years or so for sure - we have been playing with FIRE. 

The incarceration of our YOUTH has been steadily increasing. Youth who can be helped - put into situations - where they perish - forever.

All our so called City Leaders do - it hold there hand up - and give up. When you produce the empirical data - they resort to excuses.

While there is a lot of hot air from entities such as the Mayor's Office of Youth and Families and related Community Based Organizations - that are funded - very little progress has been made - in this area.

You will hear the same excuses - about lack of funding but the time has come to rid those who lack poor leadership.

More - if they are paid by tax payers, constituents of San Francisco, Citizens of this great City and County of San Francisco.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

None of these morons can take anyone to a better place - if they do not have standards - more a moral compass.

I have known these characters for a long time.

Some harm was done when the "thug" Mayor, Willie L. Brown Jr. was in office - more harm done when Mayor Gavin Newsom the Metrosexual Mayor - who always had a hidden agenda.

Incarceration - is a billion dollar business - and while some pretend to address it - they really do not have the vision, the fortitude, the charisma to step up to the plate and deliver.

It was a JOKE to witness the presentation lately in front of the Safety Committee at City Hall. A Joke!

In recent months the killings and shootings have increased in the Mission and elsewhere.

Thousands of youth are chronic truants. We have over 10,000 in San Francisco and most of them in the Southeast Sector.

One in three youth go to bed hungry. Wake up San Francisco! You here me - WAKE Up!

So, truly speaking what has interim Mayor Ed Lee and the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth , and Families done for our - youth? Nothing.

Lots of hot air and more of it - going round and round in circles - and presenting power point presentations - with no action - no short time line action and of course no long time line action - in place. Nada.

Of late you hear the cliche - "Restorative Justice".

The San Francisco Unified School District talks a lot about it - but there has been no visible change at the SF Unified School District.

When you question these morons - who speak about Restorative Justice - they will put the blame on the State and point to lack of funding.

Well what we have going is lack of genuine and sound leadership.

If you talk to the youth - they will tell you and paint the right picture.

So, why do you idiots not start with a  forum on the topic of "Restorative Justice" - facilitated by the youth.

We can then hear what William Sifferman has to say, some one like Jeff Adachi - what he has to say - some one like Ross Mirkarimi who aspires to be the next Sheriff - what he has to say.

We can bring in Michael Hennesey and hear him speak - and reveal to us the pros and cons of incarceration - and of course the focus of our discussion - "Restorative Justice".

Bring in Police Chief Gregory Suhr - I am sure he has something to contribute.

Choose one of two from the SF Police Commission - the SF Health Department - they talk a lot - see what they have to say.

Ultimately - let us hear from the youth.

The youth are fed up with you morons - they tell me that all the time.

So called idiotic adults talking down to them and telling them what to do.

While the adults are busy with ploys and machinations - making money, earning salaries, and not producing - results.

At the last Safety Meeting - there was this woman - all dressed in White with a White Hat on - fit for a parade.

An attire that really not fit and proper - to address such an important topic - at the Safety Meeting.

The other woman from the SF Department of Health - at the same meeting - that does not live in our City - but somehow knows what is happening.

Then of course Maria - who is the Director of the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth  and Families - saying all the things - you want to hear - but doing nothing much as far as progress is concerned.

The Community Response Network (CRN) was once well funded and some progress was being made.

Now, few members of the CRN have to cover - bigger areas with more responsibilities. Why? Why is the CRN funding dwindling?  

And who are these clown - wearing Black Fancy Jackets - trolling our MUNI buses and doing nothing.

Ed Lee the interim Mayor seems to favor these novices - who lack training and are placed to create more - confusion.

That is what is wrong with our City - we have now placed some "clowns" to run our City - as one would a circus.

The only aspect visible to all concerned - is why are such clowns allowed to mess things for all concerned - citizens and constituents of San Francisco.

The look funny, act funny - the only thing missing a red ball on there funny noses. Especially, the ones that have big noses and are into money and greed.

Incarceration is a billion dollar business - and hand in hand with "incarceration" goes gentrification. 

These clowns that I have mentioned by name all participate in the "gentrification", allusion, and dubious ploys and machinations.

The bombard the air-waves with lies and misinformation - before you know it - lies every where.

The time has come to take back our streets, our homes, and our neighborhoods.

Our unique culture that some "thug entities" want to destroy - forever.

Create gated-communities like we see in Daly City and some other area - controlled by White Collar Thugs.

The shenanigans - I witness at City Hall and the feed back from the City Department heads - is pathetic.

No one seems to care about our youth,  our elders, more our infants and children.

Our present SF Board of Supervisors are morons. Recently, I address them and told them so.

What is Ed Lee doing for our youth today - nothing.

What is the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, Families doing expect spreading - disinformation.

It is so sad with a $6.8 billion dollar budget - we treat our children, our youth, and our elders with such - inherent - disrespect. 

Wake up San Francisco and wake up all you phoney, shallow - San Francisco Board of Supervisors.