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Saturday, September 10, 2011

How do you remember 9/11 - do you even know who was really behind the senseless event and the death of thousands of innocent people?

The layperson in America is mostly ignorant.

Now, this statement may sound harsh - but I will add to that arrogant and prey to gossip. Listening to FOX news and other such crap - that speak NOT to the TRUTH but more to fabrication and misinformation.

We all remember 9/11 but let me tell you until today - few know about the real facts. 

If the ordinary layperson knew the TRUTH she or he would not trust - those in Government that should represent and have let us all down.

Thousands of innocent people suffer today. Thousands of people - just because of there FAITH which may not be CHRISTIAN - are targeted. This is plain WRONG.

What country do you think was really behind 9/11. Would it surprise you to know PAKISTAN.
Who in Pakistan - the Intelligence Services who worked hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Service - who works with our U.S. Government.

15 of the 19 culprits were from Saudi Arabia. This is a fact. The ones that favor Wahhabism - not that ignorant people would know about what I am talking about. A dictatorial government that is close to the Bush Family.

The Bush Family and the Bin Laden Family are very close. So close that soon after 9/11 four or five 737 Boeing planes - took off with the Bin Laden Family - no questions asked and all formalities taken care of - on the tarmac.

The Bin Laden Family and the Bush Family - had a large investment - in a drug called CIPRO. Find out more about CIPRO. Find out how the sale of this drug sold in the millions - soon after 9/11 - and who was behind the sale of this drug and for what purposes?

Find out about ANTRAX and who do you think - started this scare - and for what purposes?

So why the hell did we not go and BOMB the living shit in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia?

If you ask this question to any Congress person and Senator - they will pause - look at you in the eye and lie.

Our Nation has deep interests in both these countries and for NO good purposes. We really do not need OIL from Saudi Arabia and we really do not need to commit crime daily in Pakistan - in the name of the American People.

Now, let us take these facts a step further.

Trillion of dollars have been spent on pretending that we are stopping so called "bad people" from harming us in the States and in other countries.

The elderly, children, the most innocent are stopped at airports and humiliated and these act of searches and fondling private parts - are done day and night - at airports, points of entry, and now as you enter some event - where some one important is attending and those in charge and filled with paranoia - and are concerned for there - lives.

Do you think President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Muller from the FBI, others - know what I have stated above. For sure.

Do you think they were reveal the TRUTH - never.

The 9/11 Commission met and after four years had nothing much to say.

In fact those who got to see and hear the few sound facts - are fed up with our Nation. Why?

The many lies that have been spread and how the real TRUTH - has been hidden under the rug - is a crime - crying to heaven for justice.

Too many people in the know have BLOOD on there hands. Too many and those that know - each and every day - are fearful that the real TRUTH - may be revealed. It will one day - and that day is near.

Our Nation has turned its back on the Founding Fathers of this Great Nation.

We have put our trust in liars, men and women that are spineless, shallow, and who will adhere to the dictates of very corrupt - politicians.

Where is the honesty of President George Washington?

Where is the determination of FDR?

Where are our true leaders - who have the BALLS!

We really should not have bombed Iraq and Afghanistan.

We should have Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Bombed the living hell of these two EVIL countries. We should do today - it is not too late.

Today we waste and have wasted for a longest time ever - 2 Billion dollars plus a week on our wars and nefarious activities. Killing innocent people and adversely impacting millions.

 8 Billion dollars plus a month - more than 100 billion dollars a year - fighting a losing war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands of our soldiers have lost there limbs - and with little or no help - live day to day in pain. Thousands of military families need help and are NOT - getting it. 

We have too many Veterans sleeping on our streets - having served our Nation - and traumatized - they live with the night mares daily - and there is NO help for these - victims.

The sooner we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan the better.

No foreign power will ever have control in Afghanistan.

Ask the British that - how, one entire regiment was killed - one left alive - beat and bloodied tied to a mule - and sent across the Kyber Pass to India to reveal the TRUTH - and more the strength of the Afghan.

The Afghan are true fighters - one on one - they can stand shoulder high and beat the living hell of any other so called "warrior" - they have for years - and will survive!

History repeats itself the British have not learned - the Americans will never, ever - learn.

We had no business giving Stinger Missiles to the rebels, the mujahadeen in the 1980s and Osamba Bin Laden and his likes - arrogant Arabs.

We, the United States through the CIA did and we do not acknowledge that.

We have NO fight with the Taliban - and the Taliban do not want foreigners in there country.

If they do not welcome us - we better get out. Period.

No fucking excuses - let us learn this lesson and forever hold our - peace.

We had no business aiding and abetting Sadam Hussein against Iran - we did.

When the dictator Sadam used Mustard Gas and killed his own people - the Kurds - we had something to say.

We had nothing to say - when millions of Iranian - mostly young boys - died. We supplied the know how and weapons to Sadam Hussein.

We aided Sadam for all the wrong reasons - and then we invaded Iraq, bombed and killed innocent people, committed atrocities on prisoners - and still do not have shame - to speak the TRUTH.

It is the same in Afghanistan and other places where we have no business -  invading foreign countries has become our forte.

We are the laughing stock - the world over - and what is important to note - is that our Government does not tell the TRUTH.

Billions of dollars - all tax payers money that could have been spent here in America - are given to corrupt private entities - who are wasting our precious resources.

Private contractors living well - and big mansions being built by local corrupt entities.

 We know this but we will NOT address this corruption and the bleeding of our Nation.

All this began with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Tomorrow in the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 episode.

The Government will not tell the Truth - but will hype the event - while the victims and the families suffer - until today.

Thousands of people are suffering from the toxic dust of 9/11, from the trauma, from the many other elements to many to mention.

First and foremost we must help the victims of 9/11.

Ignorant people may still not know this - hundreds of people from all Faiths died at the 9/11 site. Most of them decent Americans.

We no not want racists mostly gunho jerks making statements on behalf of those that know better.

It is the ten anniversary and how come Dick Cheney is not on trial - the man keeps saying stuff and writing utter nonsense.

No one worth the salt respects this - jerk.

His side-kick George W. Bush is another jerk - why is  this idiot not on trial? He lies and continues to lie.

This man has ruined us economically and today millions are suffering because of his arrogant actions on many fronts.

How do you really remember 9/11?

Do you even know who was behind this dastardly attack?

Those I have mentioned above - were complicit and even today - are sheltered. Why?

Would it surprise you to know that money was wired from the United States to the ISI in Pakistan - the equivalent of our CIA in the USA?

Millions of dollars was transferred to the culprits that used planes as missiles to bring down the Twin Towers?

Now, think deeply - how could some folks - highjack four planes from our airports?

Four planes? 

Where was our Security - remember we are a Super Power!

Pray for the victims and if you learn one lesson - be educated on issues.

Do not trust and believe the Main Press.

If you spend too much time listening to the Main Media - your are wasting your time.

What is more - you are getting brain washed.

Learn to connect the dots - read between the lines - be educated and do not spend time gossiping.

Thousands died -  so that something positive may happen. God has HIS way - man is always faltering - but GOD has HIS way.

Thousands died early and many of them could have contributed to our Nation, to there families, and the Universe. It did not happen.

Tomorrow many LIES will be repeat - do not fall for the LIES.

We have a right to take care of our own.

We have no right invading countries and forcing others to follow what our corrupt politicians have in mind - more without - justification.

Today on every level we are worse off.

If you do not believe - look at the economy, the state of our educational institution, our health system, millions out of work, and I can name a hundred pertinent issues - you learn to connect the dots.

One in three children go to bed hungry - one in four Seniors - million out of work as many as 14 million and growing. Why did all this happen?

Could the trillions spent fighting the war the result of 9/11 - could all those trillions - helped our constituents at home?

Why do we permit our Elders and our innocent children to suffer in this Nation?

Now why did we go to Iraq and Afghanistan - why these two Nations - really had nothing much to do with 9/11?

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had a lot to do - and they were left alone. Why?

If you can do one think tomorrow - pray for peace.

Learn to appreciate other people and nations that matter.

Speak out against injustice and never, ever trust a corrupt - politician. We have a lot of them in Washington DC and here in San Francisco.

Finally say - something positive about those that died - pray for there families - and touch some one near - and spread the TRUTH.

God Bless You All and God Bless America.