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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Incarceration and its impact on the Bayview Hunters Point - development on our Water Front and the lack of participation and jobs for those that need them badly..

Two years ago many of us forgot to give those incarcerated a second chance. Jeff Adachi and others who are now running for higher office helped us.

We got no support from the conservative San Francisco Supervisors and those that work for the MACHINE.

They all speak of JOBS and look at you in the EYE - flowery talk at the TransBay, much as they do at Mission Bay, they talk about Treasure Island, Park Merced, and Hunters Point - mostly talk and no action.

Willie L. Brown a thug Mayor who is now appearing openly with Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee on such appearance as the development of the America's Cup - the development of the San Francisco Waterfront - and other developments - that has nothing to do with Public Trust Land and the rights of all Californians - is trying to hoodwink the public at large.

Under Public Trust Land the 7.5 mile SF Port Authority belongs to all Californians.

This is important to note. The development must be linked with Maritime Uses and strongly favor it. Critical to this process - the meaningful participation of all the citizens of California.

The MACHINE that operates like thugs and the Mafia is seeking to give some entities the power to build high rise building on the water front. This is a no, no.

 Condominiums for the filthy rich - and other favorable deals - at market value prices - that will come to haunt us for a long, long time.

First and foremost we must have our Environmental Impact Studies and Report in. They are in the pipeline and slow coming. Then when they come - they will be rubber stamped by the corrupt SF Planning Department. 

The same SF Planning Commissioner that rubber stamped Park Merced, Treasure Island, and Hunters Point and before that Mission Bay.

 They thugs have not joined and have not come in for naught - and knowing Willie L. Brown Jr. - he is not about process - he is about making it happen his way.

It is for this reason - that term limits came about in Sacramento.

 Willie L. Brown Jr. and his "thug" friends - operated like the Mafia. What they saw they took - what the wanted they grabbed - if the saw any one in their way - they eliminated them.

There has been no real dialog involving our youth and giving them jobs at the Waterfront in connection with the America's Cup.

Things are spoken in generalities and the poor, those need jobs, the rich and filthy that SAIL - do not go hand in hand nor tally with the COMMONS. Time will tell.

Recently, when Willie L. Brown was talking at a event linked to the America's Cup - Willie L.Brown Jr. - Willie narrated and glorified how the America's Cup was held for a long period on the East Coast and brought in revenue and prestige .

Well, this is the West Coast and the current dire economic times do not favor those impact the most.

San Franciscans - in large measure the working class are eroding.

For the poor, the working poor, the Middle Class to - put their trust in " developer thugs" - and the rich who get richer, like billionaire -  Larry Ellison and others is a dream that will fizzle sooner then later.

Willie L. Brown Jr. is there to make money.

He will tell you point blank - if you can help him more - he will help you less. The less is important he will tell you - because he has name - recognition.

Willie L. Brown Jr. and his Platinum Associates have their finger in every pie, every development, every major decision making - private, City controlled, State controlled, and Federal Controlled.

That is how the San Francisco Mafia works - find out who taking control of the parking on the water front in San Francisco. 

Find out who is making their second round for Real Estate, commercial property in down town San Francisco.

Find out who is at the controls - to monitor and fleece each and every major - development. We are watching and we will use the internet much more forcefully - as has been done recently with the Wall Street fiasco in New York - under Mayor Bloomberg.

The man,  Willie L. Brown Jr,  is arrogant , the man who came from a small dirt town in Texas many years ago to San Francisco. He came to join his uncle who was a gambler and a pimp.

It is is such surround that deep impression of how to use human beings for ulterior purposes that has allowed Willie L. Brown - to pimp his way to the top.

He is still legally married to his first wife Alice - yet has several mistresses - a child through one White woman that he cares for and pay for her upkeep and that of his child. He does this with finesse. 

He has a liking for orientals - and has his nectar of consumption on his trips to Macao where he has large casino holdings - and rakes in millions.

Closer to home - in his many suites - through the back door - they come and they service his every need - the orientals. These shenanigans are well know to us that have been monitoring this drab - weasel.

Willie bragging and announcing that he hopes that Ed Lee will be the next Mayor - he will not.

 That Gavin Newsom will be in office for long - he will not.

Even Jerry Brown who is now in office - may not be in office for long - because of health reasons.

And even though Jerry Brown is not as fit as he was - he is still "sharp" when he feels good - and in his last remarks - told Gavin Newsom, Ed Lee, and Willie L. Brown so. Do not count your chickens and do not put them all in one basket.

In all the development closer to the Bayview at Mission Bay, the TransBay, and now the prospects to develop legally hopefully - opportunities linked with the America's Cup - there has been no meaningful dialog - with the pockets of unemployment in the Bayview Hunters Point. Some as high as fifty percent.

Thug Prime Contractors - are employing outsiders and keeping the local journeymen employees, mostly people of color - other that have been trained - out.

There is rampant frustration as there is no accountability by any one, not even the entities that are supposed to monitor the shenanigans.

Ed Lee talks a good talk, Malia Cohen grins - and no one provides real, long term  - jobs.

The Bayview Hunters Point has been shafted and the local District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen has been pussyfooting around - calling the former Supervisor of District 10 her coach - and thinking that by smiling, spewing diatribe, and pussyfooting around - pandering and working for the MACHINE - all is fine.

Despicable to the core - Malia Cohen - slid in the door using the convoluted "Rank Choice Voting" in District 10.

Once in she is close to those that think alike and act alike as a block - David Chiu, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, Sean Elsbernd and I can name others - but suffice to name the core corrupt group - that do not care to support - the San Franciscan at large.

All of the above are controlled by the MACHINE and get big money from DEVELOPERS and think that we are not watching them.

The America's Cup in recent times when it was held in Spain, and in New Zealand - did not bring in the money. There are the empirical facts to prove what I am saying.

I was recently in Auckland, New Zealand and no that for a fact. Infrastructure and other facilities built for the America's Cup and now being used for the World Rugby Cup. Hopefully, Auckland, New Zealand will make some money. As for Spain where it was held too - they are in the deep and sinking.

We, in San Francisco do not have the money.

Yet, we are dreaming much like a conceptual plan that the "legally blind" Mayor Willie L. Brown has no clue for sure.

Conceptual plans sound good but when you wake up they could be your worst nightmare.

Oracle is a "thug" company that has bought up smaller companies and Larry does as he pleases.

Even having his own helipad - for his private helicopter closer to his home. He is a billionaire who does NOT pay his fare share of taxes.

The Bayview has a rich history but the politicians now are gearing up and stepping up the "gentrification" plot.

These politicians vermin to the core - the likes of GRINNING not straight Malia Cohen - are working diligently to rid Blacks and bring in those that can live in "gated communities".

Jobs are touted as bait - where some Black are hired for a few weeks and fired. I see this and know this and I am fully aware of this situation and I am doing something about it.

The same thugs Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Sophie Maxwell who is some drab consultant on the America's Cup committee, Kimberly Brandon, others who tend to be QUEER - and we are watching them - are plotting whole sale gentrification.

Here is the curve ball. Pay close attention. You will read it here - and hear it today - September 28, 2011. A Tsunami that will bring these "evil people" to their knees. That includes those that think they are invincible.

Remember when I said Lennar will fail. What happened - Lennar failed.

Remember, when I said that no good will happen at Treasure Island and Hunters Point - all the machinations and ploys - are not working. 

Some failed to respect the First People - desecrated the land by spreading the Remains of the First People - the Ohlone. " No good will come at Hunters Point and those that embrace GREED and exploit the POOR will fail - miserably" 

You all will drown in the cesspool of your own making.

It is the same with Young Community Developers.

The same with City Build and as long as Rhonda Simmons is there. You already see people jumping - ship. City Build is hoping but failing - daily, sinking.

You see it with SF Redevelopment.

I said a long time ago it would sink. The Governor Jerry Brown printed my article in his First Newsletter on SF Redevelopment.

Fred Blackwell who is the current SF Redevelopment Director - until October 17, 2011 - will be working for Oakland - closer to home where he makes his abode - and as Assistant City Administrator. Time will tell.

I am in touch with the Brother and he talks to me as a Brother - now, let the begin - begin. Time has come to pass.

This sinful City, complete with its QUEER and sordid thinking - deals behind close doors - will sink and incinerate.

Compounded the evil designs and the harm inflicted on the poor that need jobs and have been starved for no fault of their - own.

We are watching and in the midst of this nonsense and turmoil - with the help of GOD and moral values we stand tall and are in sync with that which can be sustainable and holistic. Aho.