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Friday, September 2, 2011

How can we in San Francisco put people to WORK without pussyfooting around as is being done in the City and County of San Francisco.

How is it that San Francisco and our SF Board of Supervisors are going to put people to WORK  pussyfooting around as has been done by our inept Mayors including this interim Mayor and our shallow, spineless, arrogant - San Francisco - Board of Supervisors.

Big Corrupt Developers have been controlling corrupt politicians at City Hall and Room 200 for years.

It is nothing new. Big money from down town has been pouring into campaign coffers.

City Hall in San Francisco is corrupt - and most of the deals and the end results from that voting - that we all have witnessed, all these many years - is all tied to blood - money.

What makes matters worse are the shallow Representatives from most of the Districts.

We do not have any one Representative - that truly - represents as a Supervisor. Represents all of San Francisco so one has to do. We have idiots who pander and are egoistical. Jerks!

What most of the lack luster Supervisors do - is build a portfolio so that they can move up the rotten totem pole.

Become worse in there representation - amass as much blood money - and swim all the time in the cesspool of their own making - as corrupt, good for nothing - politicians.

There is a reason we have the Legislative Branch to perform a certain role.

Legislation and in all the years the present Board of Supervisors have been in office - none - of them have come out with creative, practical legislation.

All - most of these vermin do is pussyfoot around.

You truly see there colors at the Committee Meetings - shallow, inept, ignorant, and what is more - arrogant.

Now tell me why would some one who represents District 10 and District 4 - really want to be representing?

When all these two do is do what the corrupt tell them to do. These two for sure work for the MACHINE. Backed up down town interests - as can be seen from the Ethics Report and more from other sources.

More whores operate from there homes and apartment units in District 4 - did you know that?

You find the addresses if you have contacts with anyone who can read a Chinese newspaper! Your can get a quicky for even less - and the place to go is District 4.

More crime takes place daily in District 10 - all sorts of atrocities and all you see the District 10 Supervisor do - is grin.

She is a all sick individual who speaks platitudes and has done nothing at all - but pussyfoot around.

There has been a lot of vain talk about JOBS that is why I bring into the picture the one that is Chair of the Budget from District 4 and the other useless piece of S*** who thinks - she can do something about JOBS - and has done NOTHING.

How is this City going to put people to work in San Francisco - where there are pockets or hot spots where more then 40 % of the people are not working?

In an around San Francisco yearly for the last five years we have had BILLIONS of work and contracts.

At City College, at State University, at the Presidio and Doyle Drive, at the TranBay, Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) with the SF Public Utilities Commission, with UC San Francisco - billions of dollars of work.

And I can name more - but, it would do no good.

However, our system - the various agencies and department have not stepped up - to give opportunities to San Franciscans. There heart is not in the right place.

What has been happening for the last 30 years - is that outsiders come into San Francisco and get the best jobs. Mostly they get the best paying UNION jobs - and laugh all the way to the bank - spending there money outside San Francisco.

What our SF Supervisors do is promise you they will do something - but they can do S***! None of them truly comprehends what goes into running an efficient business - especially one that has to do with building, repairing, and large construction - infrastructure.

These Supervisors make one PUKE - they are disgusting - and what is more - pathetic!

Hundreds of small business have left town. Why?

Because our City - taxes them a lot, makes them run here and there to get stupid permits - and makes life difficult for anyone that is investing?

What the fuck is happening to this City? Why are there so many morons at City Hall and in the departments that issue - permits?

Millions of dollars of contracts and you see it all over the City - given to outsiders - to PRIMES that contribute to the MACHINE - and to hell with the constituents of San Francisco.

Literally the MAFIA runs San Francisco - if you look carefully at the Parking at Fisherman's Wharf - the large developments any where.

The Pacific Heights Mafia consisting of  the Representatives and their significant other who are deeply involved in fiscal and fiduciary on the National and even International level.

I know these thugs and have a long rap sheet on each and everyone of them.

Why are the Nibbi Brothers, WEBCOR, AECOM, JACOBS, PARSONS, SHAW,   - getting so many contracts and NOT employing local San Franciscans in a proportionately reasonable manner?

This City does not have the man power nor the current technology to monitor.

If we had the ability to monitor the payroll of these large primes - and had access to the pertinent fields in any meaningful spreadsheet - we could take these folks to court and win - big time.

It does not help that the Department of Labor - is lacking in integrity and lacking behind in this vital issue - that involves bread and butter - and more progress of families and an individual.

Our City does not believe in monitoring  - because the politicians daily get a handout and fill there campaign coffers.

Pretending to be Supervisors while all the time pimping and whoring. You see it in there talk - they are not sincere - and when crowds come - they pander to the audience.

They talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

You see more of this during the Budget Session. The Community Based Organization will plead for funds and all they get - is abuse.

Blatant abuse and they take it - because they have no spine and the CBOs beg because they have no guts to take on the very - corrupt.

Millions of dollars and recently over $150 million - yes millions - was given to AECOM/PARSONS to do outreach in the Bayview and San Francisco.

Who the hell has heard about these two Primes doing any meaningful work with any community in San Francisco? 

Now we hear Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, and other dubious folks that previous raped the community, working for Lennar - are on board to receive large sums of money - working for these primes as contacts - as there lackeys, the local whores and pimps.

ABU and other entities with integrity need to address these corrupt  influences - and find out what are these thugs doing in our community? Nip it in the bud.

We have over fifty percent unemployment in certain parts and forty percent for sure in many parts of the Bayview.

There is no reason why most of the young cannot be put to work. Simply no reason.

The City must reveal more about Communities of Opportunity? Young Community Developers and what is really happen there? City  Build and how many of those that have got training - have career jobs? We need answers? Where have all the millions gone?

Why is Rhonda Simmons still around - wasting out time and money and paid over $175,000 with benefits?

If you get a contract - this  City will not help small contractors.

Imagine some getting a contract and having to pay thousands for insurance, getting bonding and surety, making payroll.

If you have say 10 employees you need at least $300,000 to make payroll - so that the Internal Revenue System does not come after your fucking - ass.

Ask the folks that know and they will tell you that - and they like it like that - so that only the MAFIA and the BIG BOYS - mainly BIG WHITE RACISTS BOYS - screw San Francisco all they want.

This nonsense must stop - and right now we do not have on single person - who has the fortitude, the guts, to put things on track.

NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON at City Hall - not from the Legislative side nor the Executive - has the best interest of any small contractor that want to put people to work - all the small contractors get is - STATIC.

Why are so many fools running for Mayor of San Francisco when we are in a mess?

Who among them has a viable plan besides just running there mouth and having the backing of other folks that have proven to be corrupt - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr. and Rose Pak?

Our City Departments and more our Enterprise Departments better wake up.

If not we will come to your doors down town and the scene will not be pretty. Right now we are watching you all - each and every one.

We are a Republic and this government is of , for and by the people.

Not of, for, and by corrupt politicians - shallow, inept, and always pussyfooting around. Nauseating - to say the least. 

Get a Life and address the issues. If you cannot - stop grinning - just fade into oblivion.