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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Willie L. Brown Jr. and Rose Pak have saturated San Francisco politics with corruption.

Willie L.Brown Jr. - a former corrupt Mayor of San Francisco - and well known power broker with connections to the Chinese in China - Rose Park have saturated San Francisco politics with corruption and more - divisiveness of the worst order. 

Never mind, we have so many candidates running for the San Francisco Mayoral seat. Most have a hidden agenda - with the exception of one or two.

Recently Willie L. Brown Jr. was heard bragging that he raised $70,000 for Ed Lee's Mayoral campaign.

When pressed about this amount by a journalist who was near by - loud mouthed - Willie L. Brown Jr. declared himself as a journalist - and circumvented the question.

There is a lot of divisiveness in San Francisco with most Chinese constituents blindly supporting Ed Lee because some Chines Leader in China Town - says so.

Ed Lee promised not to run - forced the SF Board of Supervisors to pass legislation to keep his pay and benefits as City Administrator - and now has done a right about turn.

He wants to run for Mayor badly - power has has gone up his whatever and less where he can - think and act - straight.

Ed Lee keeps saying that nothing much has changed about his character - but, looking at him appear before various audiences, his appearances on SFGOVTV, the many Press Conference - Ed Lee has sold out.

It really does not matter is he wins as Mayor - it is what comes after that.

If he is not careful - I mean serious careful.

If he falls into the pit - he will regret for the rest of his life - that he did not keep his promise.

He can feel sorry for his own sorry ass - forever. Hopefully, not in some dungeon that is awaiting his ass. 

Politics can make you but politics can also break you.

On another topic - I keep hearing Jeff Adachi has sold out to the highest bidder. I know Jeff Adachi - have known him for a long time.

If the Koch Brothers of some other dubious entity is behind supporting Jeff Adachi as the rumors are flying - left, right, and center - put the facts out for all of us to see.

I want a Samurai in this race - to keep the very many crooks in line.

That includes a jerk who introduced the Gang Injunctions, another who is Willie's side kick from the Castro, another who panders to the Pacific Heights Mafia - one worse than the other.

San Franciscans are decent - but these array of corrupt, selfish, inept, shallow prospective mayoral candidates - are like a cancer - growing bigger each and every day. Putrid and foul smelling - worse than the stench of worst - skunk.

Come November most everything will fall in place - and results may not be pretty. Let the fire works - begin. You ain't seen anything - yet. And there is more!

San Franciscans are astute - and whoever is Mayor will face some nice fireworks as I said.

The current economic situation - facing this Nation - will manifest itself in many ways. Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and George Miller - they all could have done something positive. 

They all chose to sell out - pander to the lobbyists - and now are pretending they were with the people. Now way.

We  the people must stand up for what is right. The results may not be evident immediately - but so sweet the victory - once everything is in place and the corrupt are defeated.

In the end the TRUTH - stands tall - upright and all bright and of course - right.