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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congress - mostly Republicans have gone POSTAL - introducing legislation forcing the U.S. Post Office to pre-fund its health benefits - obligations.

As you might expect from the Republicans - the majority in Congress have introduced legislation - forcing the United States Post Office - to pre-fund its health benefits obligation.

This because over the years - U.S. Postal Management failed to calculate its retirement and health benefits correctly - linked to the old Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the more recent Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS).

The news of the over payments - should have been audited and the mistakes caught - if a corrective system was in place - but knowing how slow the U.S. Postal System has been - catching up with modern innovations - the public must not be burdened by lack of mandatory service and the delivery of essential - mail.

This remedial burden adversely impacts the United States Post Office - to a tune of over $5 billion and drastically - impacts its daily and essential operations.

The Republicans have gone POSTAL - and this time the JOKE is on the Party of Lincoln.

The Republican jerks -have taken to the cesspool and contaminated it - far beyond any meaningful abatement and mitigation. They now want to penalize the public - trying to get rid of Post Workers who are Federal Employees - and privatize the postal system.

Lobbyists linked to the private postal services such as United Postal Services, Fedex and so on - have long made huge contributions to politicians - and now is the time - they feel to eliminate the United States Postal Service and its operations - that we have know for centuries.

Dubious legislation that gives U.S. Postal Management the authority to lay off 120,000 workers and what is most outrageous remove U.S. Post Office employees - from the Federal Retirement and Health Insurance Programs.

No one in there right mind should target the Postal Workers - whose right to deliver mail and provide a necessary service is mentioned in our Constitution.

The Republicans in Congress have a way to eliminate Federal Workers and encourage Private Enterprise - without discerning right and without having a holistic approach.

They do it again and again without any thought.

The Republicans are about to ruin the U.S. Postal Service that came into being from the days of our First President - George Washington.

Over the years from the early 1980s we have seen private companies compete with U.S. Postal Service.

Tiger Express, United Postal Service, Fedex and a number of other private enterprises - provide a service for a higer fee - and have cut into the business of the United States Postal Service.

The Internet has cut snail mail by over 4o% - and with less mail delivery and less usage of postage stamps - the U.S. Postal Service has been receiving far less revenue.

However, this burden to fork up over $5 billion to pre-fund its retire healthcare benefits - is totally out of place and needs to be addressed on a war footing.

Of course the Main Media has not said much - typical of media agents that will use disinformation and misinformation - and NOT provide sound information to the public at large - who are confused as to what is really - happening. Why?

Check this out:

The Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) each have a different model to calculate one's Federal Retirement and Health benefits for Federal Employees.

The FERS systems embracing the more recent employees from the early 1980s on wards.

Legislators have introduce a Bill - HR 1351 April 4, 2011 to address excess payments to the Retirement and Health benefits as much $50 billion linked to CSRS and as much as $6.9 billion to the newer FERS retirement and health system.

Updated contemporary technology has been lacking at the Postal Service for years.

Actuarial independent studies found the above mentioned miscalculations and over payments.

But how did this happen? And why did it take so long - for any audit to find this mishap?

In this dire economic times - this news related to the over payments - comes at the worst time - and some legislators have a plan to fix it and have introduce HR 1351. 

Tell Congress to support HR 1351.  Support your local  United States Postal worker - who really has been caught up - in this madness of sorts.

Plans are afoot to remove thousands of postal boxes that we all have been used to seeing on the corner of our streets - all over this Nation.

Shut down offices without no consideration to those that use U.S. Post Offices and especially those Elderly that now have to travel long distances for essential services.

It is not a pretty picture - and the public knows some - but no Main Media is explaining the situation at hand - as it ought to be explained. Go figure!