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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pandemonium at the Board of Supervisors with many Supervisors failing to do there job - truly representing the people.

Pandemonium at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors today - September 13, 2011 - with many Supervisors failing to represent there Districts - and firing the ire of the constituents - who are fed up - with there gimmicks.

Today's bunch of San Francisco Supervisors are a disgrace to anything - decent. They talk in circles and are beholden to Big Developers.

I could name them all - but to do so - would not do any good. Many of them will look at you in the eye and lie. Inept, shallow, and spineless - buffoons. 

The SF Board of Supervisors in Room 416 was a circus, today. The President of the Board - trying his best to act dictatorial - but, making a fool of himself.

The District 10 Supervisor trying to question a constituent - when she herself is ignorant - and cannot handle issues in her own district. Most of the time pussyfooting around - working for the MACHINE.

Anther, female Supervisor lying to those gathered about some fake statistics linked to the TransBay terminal. Time will tell.

The fact remains - that in the Western Addition and the Southeast Sector - many people who have skills - have not worked in years.

Of course the SF Board of Supervisors would not know it - receiving a salary of over $116,000 per year plus benefits - and in the interim filling there campaign - coffers.

Scum bags most of them - with the exception of one or two - who are half decent. Lying is there - forte.

When it comes to public comment - all you get is your measly two minutes.

Time was when you got to speak three minutes - and if the topic was pertinent - the Chair would permit you one of two more. Few came to clown around - but all you have now, mostly - mundane comments and a charade of clowns.

If you headed some decent organization - you could speak longer.

No one knows really why Public Comment has been curtailed to two minutes - but, that sadly is the sad State of Affairs prevailing at SF City Hall.

One Supervisor thinks it is fine to introduce some legislation on how to lay one's wiener.

The City should be ashamed that nudity is tolerated - even in front of women and children.

More, mostly ugly looking men who think exposed there wrinkled wieners is fine and aspire to a certain life style.

Decent folks and those with morals - find it utterly - disgusting. But in the Castro anything - goes.

This new bunch of SF Supervisors - are a joke.

Some are aspiring to become the next Mayor of San Francisco - good luck to you all. 

One wants to be Sheriff and he may succeed and better himself.

At one time Public Comment at the SF Board of Supervisors was worth the salt.

That is until - some one decided to give one idiot - double the time first to rattle something in Arabic and then rattle something totally different in English. This man sets the tone - and the rest is history.

Of course we have Walter - who in his own mind and way has the ability to sing better than articulate words.

At least he makes sense of many issues - but not the famous so called Egyptian American whose rants are not worth - much - tons of hot air.

The workers from the Bayview showed up today and spoke up.

The SF BOS did not expect them to rattle the place - and the Sheriffs had to be called to restore order.

A five minute recess  was called and after that the entire proceeding was not the same.

Looking forward to next Tuesday for some - fireworks.

Here are some photographs: