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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jobs in San Francisco - all talk and no action.

None of the candidates running for the Mayoral elections have a plan to address jobs in San Francisco.

More career jobs and this is a crying - shame. More so because over $12 billion is slated to be passing through San Francisco and the neighboring areas - in the next five years.

What these Mayoral candidates do when asked a question is - promise you the world - but, not one of them has a viable plan for jobs.

They really have no vision and cannot fully comprehend the meaning of full employment and opportunities for the constituents they will be representing.

While millions are out of work all over the Nation - some 15 million plus.

Here in California - we have our share of people without work in the millions - too. Over 12% according to some sources - but 18% if you count those that have given up looking for a job after three years of searching.

Out our sheer desperation thousands of people are heading for San Francisco.

They simply want any type of job. Some of them have not held a good job in three or four years.  The locals need help but it makes the situation worse when all these folks from other States vie for the same opportunities and are ready to work for less.

Closer to home in some parts like the Bayview and Visitation Valley we have over 50% of people who have not worked in five years.

More have not worked in four years. Among them journey men workers and others with special skills. They tell you there horror stories - but those that can do something. In mind I have the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen- who is just pussyfooting around.

We have as I said a grinning District 10 Supervisor - who has done - nothing. During her term - crime has increased and what she does best is pander to the corrupt politicians - and act like a side- kick to the present Interim Mayor.

She is following in the foot steps - of the Supervisor who preceded her - who also belonged to the Machine and were endorsed by the San Francisco County Democratic Committee.

Both, are Black and both - are pathetic to say the least. Politicians should not run if they are NOT educated on issues - and they should not represent if they are - corrupt. 

Both these representatives are corrupt, are not transparent on many levels - and do not inter-act with the public in a forthright manner. 

Crime is now pouring into areas that were some what under control. Case in point District 9 - and now we see the riff raff on San Bruno Avenue. People carrying gun and more shootings and killings. This nonsense must stop.

If only the District 10 Supervisor could browse the incident reports from District 10 - sent to her weekly by the Bayview Police Station.

Anyone with some sense - would do something about the situation at hand - but only this grinning jackass.

Recently, very near Executive Park under the tunnel approaching Executive Park a person was robbed but what is more assaulted by two Black men.

It is such incidents - where these scum bags will not rob you but harm too - that has decent people terrified.

I say this because the lack of jobs are now forcing people to steal, rob, do anything to survive and most of those that are involved in these crimes are Black.

Most of them are hooked on drugs - the most dangerous drugs. If these vermin do not get their hit - they will do anything to get money to buy their drugs.

All the major projects and the Big Developers - involved in construction - do as they please.

None of these Primes and Big Developers care to  hire San Franciscans.

None truly follow the the Local Hiring laws.

None of them. The goal is fifty percent local hire - but as things stand less than 10% of locals get hired.

Workers come from Sacramento, Tracy, Modesto, from every where to earn there salaries and leave San Francisco. 

Locals see these people and are angry. The many projects involving construction in San Francisco - openly defy local hiring laws - and employ those they want. Among them day laborers at cheap rates - and with NO benefits.

Another trick used - the developers will hire local San Franciscans and let them go for some reason. While all the time - maintaining that they indeed hired the locals - but not mentioning for what - duration.

Corrupt politicians and the likes of Platinum Associates and others - facilitate the hire of outsiders - when paid money. They do this by protecting Big Developers and outside Primes - that they protect. It is worse than a Mafia operation. The world knows about this - but there is nothing anyone does. Why?

Local small business are left out in the cold.

Many primes - deal with labor that do not belong to any UNION - this is a UNION city.

You can say and try to speak to the corruption practiced by the Big Developers - they will tell you point blank that City Hall backs them.

We do have some agencies that should be looking into local hire and opportunities.

But, all these agencies do - is talk.

They love pushing paper, talking in vague terms - but they absolutely have no clout and enforcement in hired personnel backing them.

When pressed they say they have no funding. Then why purport to be in charge of enforcement. These agencies make a mockery of the system - and encourage corruption. Money is exchanged at all levels and campaign coffers - filled.

The Mayoral candidates and others talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

Those hurting are local San Franciscans - and decent workers with skills - who have NOT worked in ages.