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Thursday, September 15, 2011

TransBay and Central Subway will face fiscal woes - with less money coming down the pipe-line from Federal Resources.

The TransBay Project and the Central Subway project - both projects, will FACE dire consequences - as little money will trickle down - the pipe-line to support these two projects.

In years past Congressperson Nancy Pelosi who as you know has lost her clout - cannot use her favorite "political ploys" - as conduits to favor Nancy Pelosi's - "pork barrel" - projects.

Nothing much will trickle down - and if funding is not there - Ed Lee and others - can and will - sing the blues. Gone are the days of bluff.

Right now Washington is all aghast as the $450 million investment in that Solar Plant in Fremont - that went under.

All the Democrats were involved in that venture - for all the wrong reasons. Though in the year 2005 - the Bush Administration - had a lot of do with it. The Democrats could have used better judgement - but did not.

Over $400 million has been expanded on the TransBay Project - and even though some wild statements have been made about job creation and not one worker hurt on the job - the true statistics defy truth.

When it comes to giving opportunities to San Franciscans and following - the local hire ordinance - all sorts of excuses are put forward - and in our own backyard we San Franciscans are shafted.

Of course the novice, shallow, "MACHINE" endorsed Jane Kim - will say and dance the jig - as she has for the longest time. She screwed things up when she was President of the San Francisco Unified School District - and she is already towing the line - and doing San Franciscans - a disservice. 

Endorsing  some projects and bragging about details - linked to the projects that cannot be verified and certified.

Jane Kim is for giving some choice companies "tax breaks". Companies that want the breaks for ulterior motives - so that they can - "tweet".

Listen to the birds - "chirp" - and like birds learn to mate the right way. This both sides - liking it this way sometimes and doing it the other - sometimes - speaks of a confused brain. There is a lot that goes with "tweeting" - but in reality - mating.

No one really knows where Jane Kim is coming from and worse where she is going to. Her true colors are about to be exposed - as she is putting herself out front and creating a mess.

Early on many of us - pointed out to the role of BDI - an entity that was supposed to provide, outreach linked to the TransBay Project - but has failed -  pathetic. Maria Ayerdi Kaplan knows about this and so does Willie L. Brown Jr - long friend of a man - now past and gone - and founder of BDI in the Bayview.

Several sub-contractors have been burned on the TransBay project.

The Bayview Hunters Point where BDI makes its home - has played the same role on the 3rd Street Light rail and now TransBay.

Millions of dollars given for outreach - and no results - over the years. Blue Prints that should be shared with sub-contractors cannot be obtained. Telephone calls made - are not returned. Of course Kim would not know that - and if I did attend one of the Joint TransBay Meeting - she would not feel comfortable.

I want Ed Lee and Jane Kim to talk about this - now, that I have opened the Pandora's box. BDI.

You two do not open your filthy mouth and shove your foot in it. That is what you do - when you speak in generalities.

San Franciscans have been lumped with other Bay Area counties as far as jobs are concerned - linked to the TransBay Project. Give us the break down?

Lying in public that the TransBay has provided thousands of hours of man hours - with 70% performed by Minorities and Women - is a blatant lie. We want to know how many San Franciscans were given good, career jobs?

Jane Kim stop repeating lies - because soon they will become - a false truth of sorts.

San Franciscans are astute - far more smarter than those that pander - and wiser than those that cannot decide - confusion reigns supreme in the talk - more in the dubious - actions.

The Central Subway for those that know little about:

At the last SF Board of Supervisors meeting - held September 13, 2011 - the woman, Jane Kim had the audacity to come down from where she was sitting - to order the Sheriff to remove one person from the chamber.

That is not her business - and revealed to those that know more - that she has an attitude, more a mentality - which points to very poor judgement - which will lead to severe adverse consequences - linked to her dubious actions and favoring some dubious issues - that do not benefit the public at large.

Less San Franciscans as a whole. This is what happens - when you let in an odd ball - that has been an actor - very private in all the dubious actions behind close doors - says all that you want to hear in public - and stabs people in the back - all the fucking - time.

Both the TranBay project and the Central Subway projects do NOT have a sound Transportation Document.

Both projects lack sound funding. You did not see Nancy Pelosi and the other - "fat cats" - recently when Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - declared the second phase open. They were missing - licking their chops - and so was Michael Thieriolt and his mug.

It is this second phase - that will make you all falsely behind the more conceptual plan of the TransBay - sweat.

Help remove the fat that has been accumulated. Snakes will fall by the way side - and this present economic crises - will blow in your face - time and time again.

While SF Planning has a General Plan - the details have yet to be vetted. There is more turn around at the SF Planning than any SF City Department.

The TransBay Planning has its root with Larry Badiner - who was fired with other Senior Planner - pussyfooting around. Send email with pornographic material when they were supposed to work - on plans such as TransBay, Executive Park, Treasure Island, other large dubious plans that SF Planning fucked up - galore.

Various concrete plans - such as the Housing Element - do not jive - with the TransBay Project.

You can build thousands of homes - but give us a sense of where the drinking water will come from?

Where will you idiots send the sewage? How about treating it on site and making drinking water that those that make there abode in the futuristic units can drink - and than proclaiming how GREEN you are?

Where will you get the energy from? Will the extra use of water and energy impact - the general public?

How well has the TransBay Project accommodated Seniors? Has one single meeting been held - just for Seniors? How about youth?

Will you really take care of the infants and children?
How about Childcare - there are no concrete plans for Child Care? Why?

Queer plans for straight folks - shoved down our throats by those that practice life styles - that are not embraced by the majority.

For sure Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. will have his den - just as he has one at the Four Seasons and other places. If he facilitates - he gets his den complete with whores that fiddle with his diddle.

Over hundred thousands dogs - more cats make there homes in San Francisco - more inclined to be with those that have no children and do not really care about children.

That is the population - these futuristic homes are planned for. If there is Open Space - dogs and other choice animals not two legged with have there freedom to roam.

Human could enter the Open Space sit on a bench and breathe particulates from the near by East Bay Bridge, the millions of vehicle that ply with a quarter of a mile, the toxic cloud that hovers right about where the TransBay is located, the heavy infusion of Carbon Dioxide from all the neighboring activities - none of which are reflected in the Environmental Impact Studies. Less California Environmental Quality Act - that those pushing for this plan - purport to know about and do something - about.

Of course you know the land belongs to the Ohlone - it was stolen from them. The thieves will take anything, build on anything, promise one thing and give you another. Look at you in the eye and lie. What is more these vermin - have no morals, no ethics, no standards - dogs react better than they do in many instances.

Not a room where a King Size bed can fit with room to move in these planned units.

Less a Queen Size bed - less room for straight folks who have children. Dubious, evil designs - that will not fly.

We never, ever saw Jane Kim and Ed Lee attend any of the early deliberations on the TransBay and the Central Subway. For that matter on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

Both talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Even though I was present at one Hunters Point tour - but, what Jane had in mind at that time - was who will fill my campaign coffers.

Willie L. Brown Jr. did - with a lick and more - and that is how sordid politics is played in our back yard - with these recent wanna bee Supervisors - aspiring for higher - political positions.

There general knowledge is at best just that - general - and when it comes to these novice politicians. Jane Kim is an opportunist as is Ed Lee.

One a Korean often mistaken as Chinese - and Ed Lee a Chinese who always has a hidden agenda. Loves to sit on the fence and jump on that side of the fence that is - green.

District Six in San Francisco - is worse off with Jane Kim pandering to the poor - and the Philippino Community in particular, in the Tenderloin.

Promising them the world and giving them - "stale bread crumbs".

It is the same with Ed Lee he has given choice positions to those from China Town - who he wants to use as resources to push for the failed planned Central  Subway - and the shenanigans that I have exposed again and again.

Ed Lee should wear a CAP with the word Shenanigans and invite the Irish - to make him a Mayor of the town of Shenanigans - in Northern California.

Ed Lee that is - before the poor chap - that I know from the days he worked for the Human Rights Commission, to the days at DPW, to becoming the City Administrator - and a puppet that dances to the tune of Rose Pak with strong ties to Communist China and Willie L. Brown Jr. - the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - investigated several time by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

During one Voting session when Willie L. Brown Jr., was Mayor - a woman and her children died in a home that was set on fire. The doors blotted shut - and this criminal act reported, not solved, and crying to heaven for justice.

All because this decent woman had seen illegal actions at the polling both and reported it. Have I seen such actions during the campaign between Gavin Newsom and Matt Gonsalvez - you bet I have.

Ballots and Voting material was found floating the Bay when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor - today, nothing has changed - the evil monster has come out from hibernation.

Let me make it clear in America and more in San Francisco - let individuals study an issue and make up there mind.

Let us not have Chinese leaders - order there minions to vote for an issue that they do not comprehend at all. With such actions, and dubious leaders more Chinese - pandemonium will be the order of the day.

In fact Ed Lee knows very little of engineering concepts that are complicated and have not been addressed - by the shallow Central Subway project.

$700 million was spent on the Third Street Light Rail project - it starts at 4th and King and ends in the middle of no where in the Visitation Valley. Ed Lee stop telling lies that the people in Little Hollywood and Visitation - like the Third Street Light Rail.

They all miss the 15th Third MUNI bus - long gone. And now take the 9, 9L, 8 Express buses - few will enter the Third Street Light Rail - they Chinese mostly are abused, assaulted, and on one hub one was killed and the other thrown down. You know it but do not have the guts to do anything about it.

The Central Subway as it stands today - is a fiasco.

Idiots counted on the tax payers paying for the Central Subway - using Nancy Pelosi and other as conduits. Now, it will not work.

The original plan was that the MACHINE would deliver more Federal Money - our tax payers money.
The plan is not going - anywhere.

Nancy Pelosi and her cronies - cannot avail of that jackpot - the matter of fact is that - this will not happen. The Republicans are watch these idiots like a hawk.

The Central Subway Project - will be scrutinized and rightly so. As and when the results are declared about funding - Ed Lee and those that think they are right - will be declared - WRONG.

It is the same logic that these "idiots" - and Ed Lee is one of them - thinking that thousands of homes can be built at Hunters Point and Candlestick Park. The can - but only a fool will build thousands of homes - in the middle of Chernobyl.

We just cannot afford to waste $2 billion on this dubious, shallow, ill planned - project - Central Subway - that does not do any good to tourism, less the people who must be served - not only China Town but beyond.

If it is only for China Town - have Rose Pak have China sponsor the project - the jerks have fleeced our Nations and have trillions of dollars to spare. Ed Lee knows that dining and wining and making deals - while on his recent trip - where Rose Pak assured him of her blessing - and eternal prosperity.

She does not hold the same sentiments for Leland Yee. Leland for some reason is on her shit list. But, she is on the shit list of thousands in San Francisco - who smell her stench and the many machinations - she has been involved with.

Ed Lee and Willie L. Brown Jr. have always supported LENNAR.

Today, Lennar is DEAD - but, this discussion and more investigation has not been held - in public. 

Some of us know the fact - the fact that I was and will always be the proponent of Proposition F.

Ed Lee, Willie L. Brown Jr., Carmen Policy, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Sophie Maxwell and others - all evil to the core - were for Proposition G - that is going  - no where.

Where is your Stadium - buffoons? Where are the 49ers on that subject? Who trusts you vermin?

The TransBay project is really a Redevelopment Project - hundreds of innocent people have been adversely impacted by the noise and other impediments.

It is not as rosy as the "idiots" picture it to be.

Go ask Mr. Gasser - the famous Adolf Gasser Photographic Company. John Gasser will narrate to you the details - about the TransBay Project - and the true shenanigans played out against the company that has been serving San Francisco for ages - at there store between Mission and Market on 2nd Street - well patronized. The have to move - and there property seized with little - compensation.

San Francisco is replete with corruption and political charades - the likes not seen in any place.

Behind the scenes - Willie L. Brown Jr. - pulling strings - even though many say he is legally blind - from popping the many blue pills to stir up his mojo and his acquired taste for the orient.

This is not Macao - where the thugs from China and other mafia connections from Las Vegas - gave Willie an entry to make millions in investments - that he is sitting on - in off shore accounts.

Willie brought Lennar to town. Willie aided CALPERS investment in Land Souce investments in Southern California.

Over $1 billion was lost by CALPERS in that sordid investment - with Willie L. Brown - having a say. Check out the details from the right sources.

Willie the "thug" and his cronies - think they have it good - but Law Enforcement is catching up - and with good intentions and fever.

It does  help the main thug operator behind Platinum Associates - Darius Anderson was investigated and made to pay huge fines in New York.

Of course San Francisco could have done the same with Dwayne Jones and others working for him.

Truth always has a final say - and few like to take on "thugs" and the "mafia" - that are alive and well and one of them flourishing in San Francisco - near the St. Regis Hotel in one of the suites.

Who lives there I will not say. Expect to say - I have seen him hail a cab - and head for his dubious adventures - and it is always about - money.

It is simply wrong when over 14 million people are out of work. Millions joined the poverty ranks - in the last two years. Millions of homes in foreclosure - to pretend to support some Public Projects - like the Central Subway Project - using tax payer money - with little transparency and accountability.

I attended the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday - and have seen things go from bad to worse.

There is no representation - these vermin that sit on the board - are beholden to Big Developers who keep filling there - "campaign coffers". They do as they are told. Few to curb there activities - little if no public comment - disgusting - makes one - P U K E .

They once pretended to be "liberals" - those are the worst kind - kinky to the core and beholden to the - MACHINE. The District Six Supervisor - of course Theresa Sparks and others may agree with that - but, you never - know. Different strokes for different - folks. Miss Good Vibrations!

Conceptual Plans are like a dream - you awake up and it could be your worst - nightmare!: