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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Banks will now be taken to court for falsifying assets - but why did it take so long?

Some thirteen plus leading banks will be taken to court by the Federal Government - and penalized BILLIONS of dollar - over 800 billion - if not more.

Now, at last after the debt ceiling fiasco created by the Republicans - the Federal Government has awoken and right so. But, why did it take so long?

All our leading banks, no need to name them - with "intent" falsified assets that did not reflect their true value of the assets, they were presenting - to insurance companies who took there "word" - and lost trillions of dollars.

Thus creating the 2008 economic down fall of many Nations - Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal.

Soon to be Italy, France and Germany. Other smaller Nations who adhere and embraced the Euro currency.

Here in America we have been told - our economic growth has stalled.

Zero employment. Very few career jobs - and people are suffering in America.

More our children going to bed hungry.

Our Seniors left to fend for themselves - and many of them eating - dog food.  All this in America! A Super Power! The richest country in the world - they say?

Again and again we have stated - that derivatives, sub-prime loans, other ploys and machinations - stemmed from corrupt people. The banking industry - that we the tax payers bailed out.

We call them banksters - much as many call the bad people of the streets that harm the innocent - gangsters.

Bankters have no standards, no moral, no ethics - we all know them - from there "evil" actions in past times.

They will never, ever learn.

Most of them have a "big nose" and most of them will sell there mothers - for a dime.

Daily they crave for money - and they do it with evil designs.

Even today after all the mess they have created - they deem right that there "ethnic race" NOT be mentioned.  Why not?

There names must be printed in bold letters in all the major newspapers that they own.

Anchor women and men - made to recite there names - on all the leading television - channels.

Right now only the Internet gives some coverage to these monsters that have ruined Nations and put millions of innocent people in jeopardy.

Ruined savings, ruined families, and brought hurt - every where.

Behind the scenes -  all that matters to these banksters who worship Zionist philosophies is GREED. Greed and more greed and it never, ever - stops.

Anything - related to money, gold, precious stones, precious minerals - anything and everything that brings in money - these parasites - have the ability to suck on the poor, loan money, charge huge interest rates - and make money.

If you hear of blood diamonds they are involved with it in more ways that you can imagine. Similarly, in gun trading and other dubious deals - done all over the world. I have been following these vermin from my early youth - and know what I speak of.

They live and die for money - and they are the cause of most trouble all over the world.

Today, President Barack Hussein Obama is faulted for this economy.

However not once - no real analysis - of the shallow and inept  track record of George W. Bush, his policies and acts have been evaluated and fully - exposed. Why?

Congress and the Senate - should have impeached this son of a gun - useless alcoholic, good for nothing - clown, that took our Nation - down, down, down the cesspool.

The Tea Party is pathetic.

The Tea Party - have the audacity to blame President Barack Hussein Obama for all the stupid things, the Republicans did and continue to do today.

We had no business going to Iraq.

Truly no business - Bush and Chaney LIED - and today, one can witness the lies as Chaney goes around the country - saying things like water-boarding was needed to be done - and there is nothing - wrong with it.

While all the time giving huge contracts to his own corporation - Halaburton. 

President George Washington - our first President of the United States - the Great Nation - expressly told his army to be compassionate.

Those captured - the enemy - President George Washington ordered his troops to be kind and not follow the harsh treatment - that the British of that day - were known for.

What happened to America and long tradition of compassion and following the law and our constitution and also adhering to Human Rights laid down by the United Nations and other bodies that adhere to International law?

These Republicans must be taken to court - the likes of Chaney - and brought to justice.

No way - should this "evil man" be permitted to use his first amendment rights - and abuse freedom.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is license.

An immoral person like Dick Chaney would not comprehend - that - if told, what freedom really means.

But, for sure if the man was hauled before a fair judge and adjudicated - he would listen in a giffy.
If he was jailed - his senses would be restored - for once he would understand his mistakes - or so, I hope.

Water boarding is disgusting - just ask our World War II veterans.

We must not degrade ourselves - and we must think twice - before we go to war - attack sovereign nations - without cause.

Let us take care of our own - that today, we have no ability to take care of.

And when it comes to cutting the budget - the poor and those that need help most - are left to defend themselves - left to the wind.

You see this element of taking charge and doing as one please - as does the Texas Governor Perry and the other Republican clowns. All so called Presidential candidates.

They are making a fool of themselves on the world stage  and they truly think they can - be President of the United States of America. The world is changing - rapidly. If you are not truly educated on issues - stay out of the fray.

Mr. Perry come to San Francisco and dare utter the nonsense that comes from your mouth.

See for yourself the nice treatment you get. For all practical purposes a man like you that favors the "death penalty", calls for our President Barack Hussein Obama to be tried for treason.

Utters nonsense - you are a FOOL - and, it is better you keep within the boundaries of your State.

A State that deserves the "long drought", raging fires - and other calamities - that God - has sent your way - to open your eyes, ponder, reflect, and think better.

The Banks fill the campaign coffers of the corrupt politicians.

It takes millions to run for office - and who do you think - have the money?

The corporations that make the money through huge benefits using the "Capital Gain Tax Loopholes" - the various "trust accounts" - and the transfer of large amounts of money - to corrupt politicians and corrupt - platforms.

We have the greed banksters in San Francisco with deep connection to the "Zionists" - creating turmoil all over the world.

We have California representatives in the Senate and Congress - backing the "banksters" and backing the "Zionists" who do not have the best interest of America.

Yet, we tax payers give the Zionist Nation billions - and this nonsense must stop.

Let the corrupt banksters that have the money - take care of there own Zionists that they are attached to - directly and we must not subsidize any Zionist nation.

People with evil designs and a  biased constituency that has caused trouble - all over this world.

Today, we have legislators trying to convince Congress and the Senate to penalize any Nation - that votes for Palestine - to right be a State - a process that is taking forever that the Palestinians - long deserve to be.

Zionists deep in our Congress and Senate - trying to influence world opinion - and penalize the the United Nations - and the decision made by the majority of nations - all over the world and belonging to the United Nations - to grant State Hood to Palestine. May this day come soon - and may we take actions against those that think they can oppose a process and adjudication - that has rightly decided to give the Palestinians - State Hood so that they can be accepted after 60 years of suffering and hardship.

Such are the corrupt morasses of the Zionists - who have caused us all immense trouble.

In America they have themselves positioned in Banks, in politics, in our Educational Institution, in Law Enforcement, in all policy making bodies - everywhere - like leaches - worse - vermin.

God Help America!