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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The Oceti Sakowin Camp 

The North Dakota Pipeline -
backed by evil forces - who are building this pipeline
on Native American Sovereign Territory -
treaties empower the Native Americans to deal with bad 
people - and that includes - White bad people.

There will be a protest for 4 days linked to the North Dakota Access Pipeline - right in front of the White House - where inhabits an Albino Snake - who speaks with a forked tongue.

We must put this " venomous snake " on notice - NOW.

All over the North and more in North Dakota - Black Snakes meander carrying oil - now invading Native American Reservations.

More - Sovereign Territory - that those who are  "spiritually bankrupt" - defying Mother Earth - wanting to pollute.

We must be vigilant at all times - empowered by " spirituality " that has been passed down - for thousands of years.

 We must be ready - and if we are - we have nothing to fear - we have been trained to stand tall - and represent - with our heart in the right place.

Anyone with common sense will tell you that " oil companies " the world over - be it in Alaska, in Nigeria, in New Orleans, in many other places - big oil companies and small oil companies - steeped with greed - commit crimes against Mother Earth.

They contaminate the water shed, they contaminate rivers and lakes - they contaminate more - all in the name of oil.

More and more those that know better - are moving away from sources linked to " fossils " and " fossil fuel " - " fracking " - the only ones exploiting the situation - are those that believe in the " devil ".

Those that speak with a forked tongue - who in three hundred years - have destroyed - Turtle Island.

They  think they are the masters of the land - they are strangers - who landed famished, were dying - and were fed and brought back to life - by Native Americans.

Native Americans were here on Turtle Island for thousands of year - 13, 000 years plus - all Carbon Dated - empirical data - available to those that are educated on issues.

March 10, 2017 - thousands of Native Americans joined by others - much like Camp Oceti Sakowin - near Standing Rock Reservation - will demand that the Dakota Access Pipeline be halted.

This is the clarion call - " STOP this nonsense - or forever hold your peace ".

The Corps of Engineers - have not addressed Cumulative Impact linked to the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Of course no one is paying attention to factors involving deep seated spiritual and ancestral values - not written in any book.

Indigenous  people -  do not have long drawn language - to explain to those who are evil and " spiritually bankrupt " - vetted spiritual values and  how to interpret - spirituality that been passed from generation to generation - for thousands of years.

If you are an empty vessel - that is what you are - keep making those sounds - that no one hears.

Chief Sitting Bull - 
he united the tribes - he was the voice of the people -
even today - years later - we look at him -
he cared for the people - more the children and the women.

This flag unites the Lakota Sioux Nation

This four day march - that begins on March 10, 2017 - and many more marches to come - must address the " spiritual values " that the Elders and those with their heart in the right place - must uphold - to those that will gather - without much pomp - this is about our presence - the presence with the Great Spirit.

Those who commit crimes against Mother Earth - will be dealt with by the Great Spirit.

There is no harsh or deadly force needed to silence those that worship " the devil ". There are spiritual forces beyond them - that will bring them to their knees.

 Those that are " evil " - they have been silenced before - we know this - but we fail to acknowledge the facts of the past.

We all know - those that want it all - those that are greedy - those that are spiritually bankrupt - perish - they have before and they will in the future. No one can change their DNA - over night. 

Believe me in this digital world - we have thousands who are in a position to bring about the adjudication on this issue - including one judge who specializes in Native American Law - and seats on the 9th Circuit Appeals Court.

We have other attorneys and judges - who can and must speak out.

Speak our and write on the many wrong doings -  fake Executive Orders - that Donald Trump issued - that the 9th Circuit Court - shot down unanimously - this must happen with the Dakota Access Pipeline - now.

A Federal Judge in Washington DC is weighing on a request by the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes to halt the construction of that last section of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Sacred Ground.

This last section is slated to pass under Lake Oahe - a large Missouri River Reservoir. 

The Tribes strongly oppose this plan and have clearly stated the Dakota Access Pipeline will threaten the clean drinking water supply - the many Sacred Sites - and more hinder " religious ceremonies " - thousands of years old.

It is time the United States Government - respect the Native Americans - values that have passed the test of time - the Native Americans have been on Turtle Island - for thousands of years.

The March 10, 2017 coincides with the ruling that should come down shortly - by a Federal Judge - in Washington DC - and hopefully - halt the project - linked to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Check this out:

The Texas based Energy Transfer Partners - recently got permission - initiated by Donald Trump - who has vested interests in the Dakota Access Pipeline - forcing the Corps of Engineers to issue them a permit - to complete the last section of the sordid pipeline - time will tell.

Again and again Donald Trump - has been involved in issues - that reveal - " conflict of interests " - with the Russians.

For sure - his business deals most of which are illegal - he says one thing and does another - we know he is not completely all there - his mind constantly perturbed.

 His famous " twits " sent in the wee hours of the morning. Donald Trump is a disturbed man - and this fact must be noted.

Dave Archambault the Chairman of the Standing Sioux Tribe has announced this statement " We must march against injustice. Native nations cannot continue to be pushed aside to benefit corporate interests and government whim ".

Donald Trump is defying the will of the people - more the Native Americans who have been here on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

President Barack Hussein Obama had an opportunity to issue order with strong and binding language - but chose to pussyfoot and create this present mess.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Closer to home not a word from Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - on the Dakota Access Pipeline - none of them showing solidarity with the Indigenous People of Turtle Island.

We went to Stand Rock Reservation - we visited Fort Yates - we spent time at Cannon Ball Reservation - we spent time at Camp Oceti Sakowin - with the thousands who gathered - learned a lot from this experience.

We stood in awe before the Black Mountains - and felt the presence of the many good things that happened there - the many battle fought and won by the Lokota Sioux Nation.

Much of what is in our present Constitution comes from the Six Nations - the Long Cabin - the Iroquois Tribe and others.

Democracy was practiced on Turtle Island much before some strangers landed on Turtle Island - famished and were fed and brought to life by those Native Indian Tribes - that had compassion.

Today Donald Trump who mother was an immigrant and so was his father - thinks - his people were on this land for thousands of years.

Donald Trump's  businesses - stinks of corruption - Donald Trump can best be described as an - " egoistical maniac ".

More - who has to be hospitalized - he exhibits all of the signs linked to Stalin, Idi Amin, Mussolini, Hitler, and a host of despots - too many to name.

His recent twits that his hotel was wired by the Obama Regime is  a joke - the world is laughing at this clown and buffoon.

  " We the people on Native American land must unite and take a stand ".  Time is of essence - and time is running out.

Mother Earth must NOT be disrespected and on on this - the entire world is in sync - and agrees with the indigenous people who take less - preserve and protect Mother Earth .

We know about Sea Level Rise - we know about Climate Change - we know that oil pipes burst - sooner or latter - we cannot take chances and pollute Mother Earth - however this is not the case with this  " egoistical maniac " - who lives in the White House. 

We must call out the shots - and take Donald Trump on - and bring his administration to its knees without violence - an Administration that is NOT suited to the times.

The people united cannot be defeated.

Only those with their heart in the right place - can take others to a better place.

 You must have a moral compass - and you must be spiritual - this are trying times - and only the brave not the faint of heart - will survive.

We must be aware of the Democrats - who failed us - we must remember this at all times.

Let not the Democrats sneak in our Movement - and take us asunder.

 The Independents powered by all women and men of good faith - must take a stand - and carry on the mandates - passed from generation to generation.

We must have a stake in this Movement - more indigenous people - and if you embrace those that want to help - set high standards - those that have skills, abilities, work hard, sacrifice - let them in - but also teach them the " truth ".

Do not at anytime forsake the Elders - more those that have Wisdom.

More those that do not say much - those that say a few words - but speak with Wisdom that has held the glue together - all these many years.

Go into Ceremony - clean - and with a pure heart.

These times are " difficult times " - so far most of us have done well with little. Stay strong and healthy.

The world is watching - so those that deem violence is the way - it is not.

 Do we have to stand our ground and fight  ? For sure we have to.

 We do it our way - the enemy is afraid - they have been exposed - and take their cover under darkness - to commit their dirty deeds.

Prayer is powerful - do not forsake our Elders who are women - they have spoken the Truth - and Stand for all that is righteous - all these thousands of years.

Do not let those that say a lot but do little - come in - and contaminate the value and practices - that have been passed from generation to generation.

Marches are good - they expose those that fight us - because they fear us - we must hold our heads high - and always remember the Great Spirit is with us - all the way - Aho.

Check this out - if you have not before"