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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


After years of dedicated service - 
on many critical fronts - being the first Black woman -
holding important positions  - Bobbrie Brown - 
has "retired" - we wish her all the best.

They do not make them anymore - smart, always listening, saying less and doing more - she been in the trenches - A Civil Rights leader.

Bobbrie Brown  has been involved in many mediations and won big time - she has that quality that says it all - " I will hear you out and I assure you - I will find a solution".

Mrs Bobbrie Brown and I have been good friends - for many years.

There were many years at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale - where Bobbrie Brown sat as a Commissioner - one of few - who fully understood the workings - of how any process works.

Often times at many meetings - I would have to listen to people venting - more to have their two minutes of fame.

Then as usual to bring about some balance  -  on important issues - that demand deeper understanding " technical know how " but more the process that the City and County of San Francisco has in place - most of these processes - convoluted - would also demand the input of Bobbrie Brown to add to what I had to say.

Bobbrie Brown would listen intently and say a few words - and most of the time - what she said made sense - but what was important no one dared to attack her.

More - as they did the others - in the many heated arguments - some would would just run their mouth - at the Southeast Community Facility Commission - meetings. The meeting required a lot of patience - but such were those days - that we all participated in - because the City and County of San Francisco - failed to support the pressing needs of the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - Bayview Hunters Point.

Bobbrie Brown at the San Francisco 
Public Utilities Commission - she was given
a commendation - recognizing her service to San Francisco.

BobbrieBrown worked as a capable Black woman - holding some very important positions - more as the First Black woman to do so - in some large Corporations.

Other large facilities and  places more dealing with Human Resources - and did so at University of California for many years - involved in " employee mediations " - before retiring.

She volunteered at her Church and she volunteered at the Southeast Community Facility Commission - always having the best interest of her community - the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

On March 28, 2017 in Room 400 - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - honored Bobbrie Brown with a Commendation - honoring Bobbrie Brown - for her dedicated service to the constituents of San Francisco - and for her sacrifice to make our City and County of San Francisco - a better place.

Toni Battle  - Bobbrie Brown's daughter -
has a few words - on behalf of her mother -
like mother like daughter - she did us all proud.

Bobbrie Brown truly appreciated the honor bestowed on her - and those from the community who appreciated her dedicated service spoke - further assuring Bobbrie Brown - that she would always been remembered - having left a - stellar, legacy.

Toni Battle above spoke on behalf of her mother - further impressing upon the SF Public Utilities Commission - and other present in the audience -  the many virtues of dear mother - and her committment to Public Service and more to the Bayview Hunters Point community.

We wish Bobbrie Brown all the best. God bless her and the family. I wish her good health and peace of mind. Her family loves her, her community loves her - and I know that God will bless her all the day of her life - here on Earth and beyond.

Here are some notes about the Southeast Sector Community Facility Commission Building - and the many issues we all tackled in one year - put all the years together and it gives the reader - the many thousands of hours put in - and the even more issues deliberated - by those who volunteer and make great sacrifices: