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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


International Women's Day - 2017

Today - is International Women' Day - and we all should reflect on humanity, on life itself - the nurturing and forward looking ways - women have played a keen role - all over Mother Earth - to make our universe - a better place.

For all the hurdles put in the way of women - the many ceilings that had to be broken - women - worldwide have taught us how to be viable and sustainable.

Much as women have kept life - in all it forms alive and healthy - progressively - leading to what we witness today - in its many variable - forms.

In recent times - we have seen women take a keen role - and bring about change at North Dakota - closer to Standing Rock Reservation.

Revealing to the world - that thousands of years ago - indigenous women played a role - to fight for justice and progress. That today among indigenous women - women are a force to be reckoned with.

More standing for values - taking care of Mother Earth - and in the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline - addressing the adverse impacts - on drinking water - which like " blood itself " - nourishes - life.

We know about Jefferson - one of our Founding Fathers - he romance with his slaves - and his history procreation - his favorite slave women.

We also know his keen role  in crafting - the Constitution  of the United States - spelling out the worth of women - and how they could not even vote.

Such disparities - discrimination - are inherent in many of our legal document - shaming men - revealing more and more - that what we " perceive as human rights may be on paper - however, much of the rights - have not done justice to women worldwide".

Strong Black women over the years - have kept the family together - and even today - Grandmothers mostly Black women - continue to be on the frontline - doing what the do best - keeping it together.

Shannel Williams

Alicia Graza

Closer to home we have two women among many - fortunately - I have rubbed shoulders with both of them - Shannel Williams continues to fight for " education " - and stands for what is right - at San Francisco City College.

Alicia Garza - continues to fight for women's rights - nationwide - played a key role in the Movement - Black Lives Matter - and much before that worked with us - on Stop Lennar Action Movement.

Two stellar and astute women - that I am very proud of - and who most recognize - as sound leaders -  we will hear more of - as we witness - more and more men putting hurdles in the way of women.  This two women among others getting it together - to make this world a better place.

America Ferrera

One women from Hawaii - had a concept - for women to gather in Washington DC - and stand untied - against the present man who has taken charge of the White House.

We  all remember America Ferrera - she articulated well - what the million plus women gathered in Washington DC - stood for.

This unity took place all over the world - and perhaps for the first time - brought to the attention of all men - that women's power in here to stay - for a long - long time.

In this digital world - women have at their ability the tools to announce what they can do to better in this world.

Women already do this daily - millions of them working - for governments and entities - both private and public - and have all the knowledge at their finger tips - to bring about the change - faster - having mastered the tools - to bring about rapid and significant - change.

Women can bring about consensus faster - I personally know this from - the many experiences and occasions at forums, meetings, workshops other forms that bring people together.

I wish all women well today - more every day - as they more silently have been doing a lot - for us all men and women - sometimes - getting thanked - more often nothing is said. 

Kudos to those who have not waited for accolades - gone ahead and made good things happen - much like our mothers and other women who have helped us all men - in one way or another.

On this day " International Women's Day " - I wish all women all over the world - the very best. Aho.