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Friday, March 10, 2017


Black have been removed, evicted, targeted - we have seen it all - in the Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill, Oakdale, Kiska Road, Sunnydale - mostly in Public Housing.

In adjoining areas - where Blacks owned homes - and now the 3 percent - surviving - and bombarded with pressing issues - called " gentrification ".

In San Francisco  once over 25% of the population was Black.
Now it is down to 3 % and dwindling - those ignorant at City Hall - will say it is 6% - they do not have the empirical data.

In areas like Bayview Hunters Point - over 60% owned homes - good homes - with large rooms - that could cater to families - Black families.

I am talking grandmother, grandfather, mother and father - six, seven children - and at times even eleven and twelve children.

The homes had three, and four rooms - and at times six and seven - rooms. 

There were good jobs to be held,  union jobs - and most of the Blacks loved to work hard - they brought that ingredient from the South - being put down there - and with standing the trials and tribulation - they enjoy their - new found freedom.

All this and more - including grounded with sound education - and spirituality - made Blacks a leading force to be reckoned with. No more.

You can go to the many churches in the Bayview Hunters Point for example - as many at 58 churches - small ones and big ones - you will find the very aged - and then a sprinkling of mothers with infants.  Missing the youth, young adults, and men and women aged - 20 to 40 years.

The Black pastors - shout and scream - but no one is listening to them - and those few that stand up - with their heart in the right place - and wondering what is happening to our world.

Much as 60% of the population in the Bayview Hunter Point owned homes - the rest rented - more in areas called  Public Housing.

 The poor lived - but they were not indigent - they had resources - and many put their children through high school and even college.  As I said they all worked hard - and with God's help - many left a legacy.

The Black community would gather - and reunions were many.

 On Third Street - where I have my office - there was a theatre, tailor shops, fishing poles and hooks - and other paraphernalia, banks, and restaurants where you could experience a good time - gourmet food - more dishes from the South - where most of the folks came from.

On weekends people would gathered - dressed up and all was well.

Now you find people sitting by Third Street and Palou Street - siting from 7 am to 9 pm - whiling away their time. The City and County of San Francisco - must step up and provide training and amenities - and not use Law Enforcement - to intimidate folks that have lived and many born in the community - now - strangers - in their own back yard. Go figure.

In the late 1980s more to the year 2004 - I would interview hundreds - if not thousands of Blacks - who would explain to me - how their grand parents came - all the way from the South - Mississippi , New Orleans, many from all over Texas - and gave me the scoop - about the inner workings - of those families.

Today many attend funerals - steaming from the many killings and shootings - only to find out - that the one in the coffin - is related to them. The divisiveness created by the " enemy " is so deep - that many are oblivious - to what has happened to them personally - and more to their families and relatives.

The MUNI had some fine operators - who worked past 30 years  and more and retired with very good pensions. Most of them - belonged to the First Tier - with better benefits.

 The Second Tier created - was created when Willie L. Brown Jr was the Mayor - giving the operators - second class status - and benefits that do not justify - the hard work of the operators. Many take the basic training and leave.

Many worked for the City and County of San Francisco - there were ample jobs for those that had skills and a sound education - they bought homes - and in the late 1980s chose to leave - and went to the suburbs - Vallejo, Contra Costa, Walnut Creek, and beyond. Only to impacted by the spiraling of the economy in 2008.

In the 1960s there was a system - that created " Career Jobs " be it linked to  the Model Cities - other models - that embraced the Blacks and others who had the desire to work hard - make a sacrifice - and succeed.

Just as with MUNI - hospitals - such as University of California San Francisco - the Presidio of San Francisco where I worked - thousands of Blacks worked and did well. 

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard employed over 10, 000 jobs - people worked hard - and thought all was well - at the workplace.

Many had no clue about radioactive elements - and other " very contaminated hot spots " - where large radiated animals - were buried - all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Depleted Uranium was tested in the early 1950s at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Today Parcel E2 cannot be touched - methane gas triggered by a spark - can explode and adversely impact a large area.

Most people have no clue - the adverse impacts of " atomic testing " be it a Bikini Island - where to this day - people suffer - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - by Cleo Rand and neighboring areas - Mariners' Village - tumors that confound the doctors - only to find out the consequences of being exposed - for long time - to high level radioactive elements.

The ships that took part in the " Bikini Atomic Experiments " - were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the hulls blasted with sand - the near by docks polluted - and contaminated sand - buried all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The workers had no clue - about contamination - and even less about being exposed to Asbestos that was used in the " Boiler Rooms " and in other places - coating pipes - as Asbestos then a newly found material - was said to be a good conductor.

People lived in homes that the owned - and raised large families.

The above is just a glimpse - just the tip of the iceberg - and many other books and articles - can give the reader - more information.

 I am justing trying to give some novice - some one that has no clue about Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding areas - some idea - be it a small portion of history -  Black from Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding area - contributed much  to the City and County of San Francisco - in a major way.

In the 1980s crack cocaine was introduced - by nefarious entities - in the " Inner Cities " . We know the community at large  - had no clue how to manufacture - " Crack Cocaine ". So where did the " crack cocaine come from " - can you guess who brought it in - to slowly kill the Blacks - more?

Our Black women fell prey to this "drug " - decimating our many  " Inner Cities communities ". Worse than " heroin " - the impact was devastating - and today we see the results.

From the days of slavery - Black women kept the family together - then came the devil's drug - and devastated Black women in the thousands - only in recent years - people are beginning to understand this major catastrophe - this singular type of  "genocide " - perpetuated on a people - more Black people - where is the justice?  " Crack Cocaine "!

From 1993 - 2001  Bill Clinton was President - and he initiated laws - that sent mostly Blacks -  to jail for extended periods of time.

No one in the " Justice System " - thought much about it - where some of us advocates - mentioned this injustice - Whites sell cocaine got lesser sentences - Black selling weed and crack cocaine - got greater and extended - sentences.

Today we see how the Black community has been decimated in the Potrero Hill - Bayview Hunters Point, Kiska Road and Mariners' Village, Oakdale Public Housing, Sunnydale and the Visitation area and beyond.

Black men are lingering in jails - and when they are released little if nothing is done - meaningful. 

Citibuild, Young Community Developers, Mission Hiring, other micky mouse operations - pretending to offer jobs - but few Career Jobs.

Truly speaking the UNIONS must step up and create Career Jobs for those that we call " people of color " - nothing much is happening - when it comes to sound Career Jobs.

The Contract Management Division - has been created but it does not have a Permanent Director - and Interim Director that I know - is trying his best.

 He should be made the permanent Director - given a promotion - and thanked for his services.

 The man has served our Nation - and added assets to commitment to this Nation - and our City and County of San Francisco - must respect and more honor our Veterans.

Our City and more our City Administrator - of the City and County of San Francisco - who I know must - appoint a Director with permanent status - so that we can pursue a meaningful and holistic program - and can produce more sound Career Jobs.

We need the empirical data to see - how many Career Jobs have been created - that benefit - the so called " Inner Cities ". Our software and the so called " Elation System " does not capture much.

Our City and Count of San Francisco - has just upgraded its Main Frames - installing the latest hardware and software.

Elation provides some contract and compliance gathering data - brags about some " management systems " - but does not help the community in general - more when it comes to  actual and sound " Career Jobs " - that matter.

Our Justice System - has continued to book innocent Blacks - they are brought before Judges - after being jailed for days and weeks - more when they cannot make - " Bail ".

Then they are charged - umpteen times over - forced to plead "guilty "  - sentenced for extended periods - and the entire so called " justice system " - has created a contemporary - " Slave Plantation". Who is fooling whom?

The same holds for Latinos,  Pacific Islanders more Samoans in San Francisco - and this nonsense has been going on forever.

There is talk of Restorative Justice - entering our Judicial System - in recent years  that I saw in practice - established well in New Zealand.

New Zealand has some long established  Tribal Villages - which use the " Tribal Models " in place - where children, youth, and young adults - have been helped - with the entire community participating - to bring about healing and harmony.

The foundation of Restorative Justice - is spirituality.

No one can practice so called Restorative Justice - without the community participating and more when most are " spiritually bankrupt ".

I challenge our so called Black leaders - many of them House Negroes - that pander to Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - selling out the Southeast Sector - we are watching you all.

The likes of Veronica Hunnicutt who is not from the Bayview Hunters Point, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Dr. Churchwell, Angelo King,  Al Williams from District 4, Doris Vincent,  Toye Moses, Shaman Walton, others too many to mention - one worse than the other.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone Land - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - more on issues that are linked with Quality of Life issues.