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Friday, March 31, 2017


Vladamir Putin and Lt. Gen. Flynn -
for just this type of operation -
now - let us see who is taken down?

On the campaign tour - Donald Trump - would often say - he has access to the Generals - and that he knew more than anyone one - about the State of our Nation.

 Well, he fell in the trap - and in doing so - got himself entangled in the web - of deceit, betrayal, mistrust, confounded -  Donald Trump has won the election - but betrayed our Nation. He now swims in the stinking " cesspool " of his own - creation.

Donald Trump and his many shenanigans -
today - he does not know - who to turn to -
that is why he has appointed his own daughter -
who will advise him - how best to survive in the White House.

Once our Nation took pride in the "education " that our schools, colleges and universities - imparted to the many - who took pride to study and more to be educated.

As years passed by - more in the last 30 years - that education - that many took pride in - has eroded and being eagerly  substituted with " sound bites " - gossip - the folks on forums - who talk from both sides of their mouth. Boring!

There is a lot of information out there - in cyber space.

 The ability to filter the information - to " discern " and retain the best information - is education.

It is here where those who are NOT educated on issues - fail.

 One of many - who exhibits this every single day - is Donald Trump.

 Any gossip, any news that tickles him to smile - spurs him to " twit " - and those that twit - are prompted to do so - without much thought.

Lt. Gen. Flynn is well know among the Chain of Command - he is a trained Intelligence Officer - and can go into a den of thieves or lions - and come out unscathed.

Lt. Gen. Flynn has met many " operatives " and each meeting has been duly noted and monitored by those that do their duty and work.

Lt. Gen. Flynn would not compromise himself - unless he had all his bases covered.

Not so Donald Trump - he has used the Russians to undermine our Nation.

 Even today his Executive Orders  - blatantly - target " Muslims ". Which is against the law - the man does not get it.

 Donald Trump's concept to built a wall - when the world is tearing down walls - says it all.

Donald Trumps  disdain for the Federal  Judges who have the power - to bring the President to his knees - are all glaring examples - of an " egocentric maniac" - gone wild -  totally besirk.

Donald Trump has created a " divisiveness " never, ever seen  before - initiated all by a " sitting President ".

The many groups today - expounding - " socialism " and " communism " the many  "fanatics " - those following " cults " that have NO checks and balances - are many - now bad mouthing our Nation - with some wrong placed - gusto.

This is NOT a time to listen to the gossip and those who are NOT educated on issues.

Those that talk from both sides of their mouth - and more those that talk the talk that makes no sense - we call in daily parlance - nonsense.

Today our Legislative and Judicial Branch of our Government - is playing a critical and pertinent role - that our Founding Fathers - put is place - be NOT perfect - sound enough - to keep an " egoistical maniac " at bay - his name is Donald Trump.

Lt. Gen. Flynn - wants impunity to testify -
he has his notes - Donald Trump does not -
Lt. Gen. Flynn - does not have to go far -
those that monitor all things - will back him up.

General James " Mad Dog " Mattis -
U.S. Secretary of Defense

We have a General who is a "historian " - and well versed in Military Affairs - his name in General James Mattis - affectionately - called " Mad Dog ". 

As United States Secretary of  Defense - we the people  - the constituents of the United States - have a person - educated on issues -  General James  - " Mad Dog " Mattis -  is and has been on our side.

General James Mattis - will " deliver " - that is how it works - when the good and informed - have to stand up and defend the Nation  -  save the Nation - from those diabolical in nature.

Only those we call the " scum of the earth" will dance to the music of the Russians - who do not have our Nation's best interests. Today the state of affairs is worst than the " Cold War " - the very entrails of our Democracy - is being targeted.

Our leaders both Republican and the Democrats - cannot make up their mind - whether to be true to their Parties - or to the Nation?

The people united will never, ever be defeated.

The New York Times and other well know newspapers are now stepping up with " investigative reporting". 

For too long has the Main Media - pandered to news that is mundane - that has come to bite them in the butt.

Those forums that bombard us with " sound bites " - now have to work hard to catch up.

We all know that Donald Trump is a master - when it comes to put out " misinformation " - more,  to divert our minds - not so those that are " educated on issues " - they can see through the fog.

The Democrats are not worth the salt - Hillary Clinton should stay in some hole and cure her soul. 

She lied and thinks that by spewing more lies - she will be liked - much like Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton  has been exposed - her many lies, and plots uncovered - and that there is more to her - sordid story.

The Independents in our Nation - is that segment - that must now step up - and provide the impetus - to take our Nation to a better place. The time is now - and time is running out.