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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Chief Joseph

This land all of it - every square inch belongs to the Native Americans. The sooner we realize this fact the better - we cannot be condoning the actions of  liars, thieves, and people who have no morals less - ethics.

Some three hundred years - the shamans, the Native American Chiefs - saw the palefaces - and did not know what to make - of these mostly dirty, filthy, stinky - they called them palefaces.

After some interaction  - observing their strange ways - quickly adjudicated - not to trust these people - who spoke with a - " fork tongue ".

The fork tongue - comes from the snake - that tongue - and its fangs that could strike - much like a dangerous viper - and strike one dead - if quickly the bite is not addressed - you are - dead.

Lewis and Clark -
sent to the West - by Jefferson -
reported in detail how pristine and vast the land was.

At that time - from many reports - and even later from the travels by Lewis and Clark - we read - how pristine the land was.

The lakes, the rivers, the dense forests, the animals of all kinds, the Buffalo - the mountains - all that this land was - then affectionately called - " Turtle Island ".

Today a general perusal hits on senses - and we wonder - why would anyone - anyone more human - destroy, contaminate, pollute and yet in great pomp and splendor - declare they are human - when they have disgrace - humanity and human kind.

The Great Chief Sitting Bull

The many tribes lived peacefully - and there was an abundance of food - edible greens, berries of all kind - animals big and small, fish of all kind, you get the picture - the land we now call America - then called Turtle Island - belonged rightfully to the children of the Great Spirit.

Today this land some 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles - still is very large - with a population of some 315 million people - plus.

This land has vast resources and more - the Native American Tribes whose land this is - are treated - like second class citizens.

Again and again - we witness the atrocities - but few of us - have the guts - to stand for what is right - and more discern - to do right.

If the Independents had ceased the " moment " - the situation today would be totally different - today we have to deal with Donald Trump - because Independents compromised - and when you put all the eggs in one basket - and back a " liar " - like Hillary Clinton - what you get is a  - " egoistical maniac " - Donald Trump.

Today in the White House we have an " egotistical maniac ".

I keep getting emails from youth, young adults, and others too - asking me - how the hell we manage - in the United States of America - to choose some one like Donald Trump - as the President of the United States.

President Andrew Jackson

President Donald Trump whose hero is Andrew Jackson - another President who discriminated, was arrogant, despised Blacks then called Negroes - Native Americans - and thought nothing of ridding all people of color - by genocide or any means necessary.

The recent defeat of Donald Trump and his Speaker Paul Ryan - is just the tip of the " situation " we all are facing - and there is more to come.

The Affordable Health Care Act - will remain for some years - experts say 2020. Certain portion can be tweaked to strengthen the Affordable Health Care Act - also know well as Obama Care.

The Trump Administration may stoop low - to cut funding and put hurdles in the way - of the Affordable Health Care Act.

More to serve those who need help - when it comes to our much needed health services.

Our service and compassion - to those needy, the poor, the indigent, and those that have fallen on bad times - has always been of the highest priority - that is what makes other cities and entities of note - appreciate  San Francisco and San Franciscans  - who take care of the most - vulnerable.

Donald Trump will try to change the " Tax  System " and fail.

He already has adversely impacted the regulatory agencies - foremost being the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, agencies that regulate and help our citizens - that Donald Trump - in his madness and hallucinations that haunt him - that he thinks - are unnecessary. Time will tell.

Adi Amin

                                           Benito Mussolini

Mao Tze Tung


Joseph Stalin

Donald Trump imagines and hallucinates a lot - tweeting in the wee hours of the morning - much like other " maniacs " - Mao Ttze Tung,  Joseph Stalin, Benito Musollini, even Adi Ami  - whose behavior - borders that Donald Trump - who should be ashamed of his behavior - he has made the United States of America - a laughing stock - all over the world.

Wake up America - be educated on issues - so that with sound education - you may be able to discern - and shed light where there is abject - darkness.

We must weed out - early on - liars and cheaters - the likes of Hillary Clinton - that led to the early ouster of Bernie Sanders - and brought in Donald Trump -  a man who is out of his mind.

Here in San Francisco those politicians that have failed us Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, - wanna bees the likes Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - have tarnished the name of our fair City and County of San Francisco.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - the entire San Francisco area and beyond - stolen - each and every square foot.

You would not know it - the way the " thieves " speak and deliberate - wheel and deal -  in the August Chamber - Room 250 at City Hall.

Building on this precious land - skyscrapers - wheeling and dealing - pay to play - and they think all is right - these  ver crooked " thieves " - will fall flat on their faces.