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Sunday, March 12, 2017


The entire land South and North Dakota is Sacred Land - the entire land called Turtle Island is Sacred land.

Lake Oahe is not just a Lake - it is a Sacred Lake.

No one - more those that are " spiritually bankrupt " - should not think for a " second " - they can do as they please.

Step anywhere - in close proximity of the Lake - with concepts that will contaminate and pollute the Lake Oahe.

We understand conceptual plans - we have NO grantee - that any pipeline there now under Lake Oahe - and those planned by unsavory and nefarious entities.

Why do they not show the entire topography - the watershed that is present - for miles below - underground - from which well are fed - the on going fracking and digging and tapping into the watershed.

Pollution and contamination from - " fracking related projects " - lies belie lies - and in show us some conceptual plan - those that have their heart in the " WRONG " place - fail.

A conceptual plan -is like a " dream " - you wake up and it could be your " worst " - nightmare. The sago goes on - time is on the side - of the just - those that respect Mother Earth - and are NOT - greedy. 

More - to build more pipelines - will NOT pollute and contaminate - the plans that human beings plan - are just that -  plans - they fail most of the time.

In this case - linked with the Dakota Access Pipeline - for sure - those that favor this project - will fail.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp - now gone -
not long ago covered in deep snow.

Sacred Stone Camp -
near Cannon Ball Reservation - North Dakota.

The White men came to this land - some 300 years ago in numbers - and just like that - presupposed that using arms, ammunition and force - they could take what they saw - and therein lies - the crux of the problem.

Turtle Island is Sacred Land - and for thousands of years was pristine. That is until those who speak with " a forked tongue " - chose to violate, contaminate, desecrate - leading us all - to this point - where we who look to the Great Spirit - must take a stand.

Water and petroleum cannot mix - more, when it comes to drinking water. If that was the case - the White men - can drink all the petroleum they want - and would in an instant realize - the folly of their action.

Chief Sitting Bull -
Chief Sitting Bull united the Tribes -
repeated to this very day - and right so.

All of Turtle Island is Native American land.

We know where Lake Oahe is - we know where the large Watershed is - we know more of Mother Earth - as we have cared for Mother Earth - for thousands of years.

The concepts or putting stakes and claiming some boundary.

The concept of drawing some map - and thinking that what is mentioned there is all of it -  suites - the White men and his warped way of thinking and acting.

If Chief Siting Bull were here - he would say - " do not desecrate the Lake, the water, the land and the air. "

The Lakota Sioux Nation -
have leaders that will lead the way -
hopefully - with their heart in the right place.

The Black Hills -
where I spent time - and got all the inspiration -
to tackle what may come - hurdles, obstacles, whatever.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is the climax of the greed.

For sure there are other pipelines carrying oil right now - and all of them - used deceit and other ploys and machinations - to build a pipelines - and with intent - desecrate - Sacred Land.

Two, three, four wrongs - do not make anything right.

In the first place - the Sacred Mandate is - " stay away from Lake Oahe ".

 Stay away from any land - more land wherein lies " Sacred Remains ". What is so difficult to understand this fact?

 The Lakota Sioux Sovereign Nation - orders " the paleface to stay away from " land that the Tribes have stated and the many " so called treaties " mention and the Paleface has chosen - to amend - again and again.

 We  want no argument - and the plans that you put forward - trigger disinformation and more misinformation.

Water is Sacred to the Lakota Sioux Nation.

Water - " it is blood " - the White men and his kind - cannot comprehend this - for one simple reason.

Most Whites are - spiritually bankrupt - we cannot generalize - but today's state of affairs - point in general to the lack of deep - spirituality - greed having a upper hand.

More Whites do not respect Mother Earth - and those that do - have to learn it the very hard way. 

It is not that we do not appreciate their efforts - we know we have to work with others - for that is our way.

However - again and again infiltrators and those corrupt to the core  - have a " hidden agenda " - take advantage of the hospitality and goodness of heart.

Again and again I have met so called environmentalists - who are White - and been perplexed and confounded.

Far from learning and respecting the norms and deep understanding - more spiritually awareness - of the " indigenous people " - they circumvent the facts - and create and give excuses. Here are some examples:

When it comes to clear cutting of forests - be it the redwood forest or others.

Polluting rivers and lakes - with large spills of petroleum - mining and so forth -  that contaminate - again and again and again. They take no responsibility - what so ever.

Daring to go to caves and other Sacred Places - and tinkering with Sacred Remains - no sane indigenous person - does it - more out of respect.

The White mens' laws are about arguing - and more arguing in circles - there is nothing in the laws - that respects ceremony, prayer,  respect for the ancestors - nor anything holistic.

White men desecrate and think nothing of it.

The wisdom handed down the years - for thousands of years - carbon dated in many place on Turtle Island - 13, 000 years - this Wisdom - must be respected.

If you do not - you will fall flat on your face - fake maps and conceptual plans - reveal something - but mean nothing - what so ever.

On land there have been spills -
but not a word from those that create the mess -
we keep point and mentioning the Violations -
those that must follow the law - break it all the time.

You may look at a map - and see a Lake - if you do not respect the Sacredness of the Lake - no one can try to convince us - that building a pipeline under the water - deep in dirt - under the sediments - sand, clay and shale - sandstone - such shenanigans - reveal the lack of understanding.

 The Sacredness - you cannot pierce the heart - and say all will be well.

We know other pipelines already are in place - all the more when a large conduit is dug - and compromises the other pipelines -  by creating craters and compromising the foundation of the other pipelines.

We know - such case have led the pipe to sag, break - and large amounts of oil to leak.

The laymen is not stupid to think - that any conduit dug deep into the dirt - is full proof. 

This has not been the case - in the many tunneling and laying of oil or petroleum pipes.

 Again and again - we have seen instances - of pipes bursting - valves that are in place - giving gave - and oil spilling in the thousands if not millions of gallons.

We do not want any pipes - however sophisticated the engineering to be on the Sacred Lake - if this " rogue company from Texas ".

Backed by Donald Trump - the Corps of Engineers - making a right about turn - and now saying - they will go ahead - with the Dakota Access Pipe - crossing under the Lake -  and that all will be alright.

We simply cannot go with this fake logic - no one predict - what will happen to this Dakota Access Pipe - with the inferior pipeline used - workers on the Dakota Access Pipeline have left in great numbers - and now we are told all is fine - with those workers in place - lacking experience - and fast tracking the project.

The Lakota Sioux Nation's Flag -
The Seven Tribe that are united in this fight -
to STOP - the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Lokota Sioux Sovereign Tribal Nation - the other Tribes - all over Turtle Island - children, youth, young adults, women and men - our Elders  - our women and men having Wisdom from Turtle Island - do not embrace greed, avarice, lying, cheating, and acting the fool.

Those that are greedy - as are these folks - who are playing with fire - and want to make " money " - compromising Mother Earth - are spiritually bankrupt - are on a path of utter - failure.

This company has lost money - a lot of money - millions of dollars invested by Donald Trump did not do well - and so when Donald opted to get out - he got his $50, 000 and took a loss.

Nothing good will come to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Aho.

This website put out some information - which must be read  - carefully - we all are intelligent enough to do our own research - rather than listen to gossip - and those that have " little knowledge ".

The Dakota Access Pipeline is rigged with misinformation - those behind it - now using Donald Trump - to move forward - they may win on the short term - but will fail - in the long run:

For those that have the time to read - this one long report - gives one a clear picture of the facts.

Facts linked with the North Dakota Access Pipeline - you can study the surrounding area - the many other projects in the area - and all the on going projects - and the degrees of contamination and pollution.

 One can easily see and more understand the complexities - when it comes to Quality of Life issues - contamination and pollution and more.

In the end those that love Mother Earth win - in the interim we must stand up and fight - do not allow - those that are very corrupt - more those  with a " forked tongue - take advantage of Mother Earth - while those of us that know better - stay still and not speak with authority - our heart in the right place: