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Friday, March 24, 2017


The Affordable Care Act - will be axed today - and that too with an unsavory ultimatum and a dead-line that makes no sense.

It does not matter - to Donald Trump and his lackeys - that the health of  our Seniors matter at all - or for that matter those with chronic illnesses - who need some compassion. 

That our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors of course, and those with compromised health - must be treated, truly - the American Way.

We in this Nation have always provided a standard of health care - that has been the envy of the world.

No more - Donald Trump - want to put a gun to the head - and have his way. So far that has been NO movement - worth the salt.

I hear that Donald Trump has asked the Speaker of the House Ryan - to pull the Bill out - which now makes this debacle - all the more convoluted.

Donald Trump is using the word " American " loosely - and this in not some Television Show - "you are fired". Donald Trump must understand most of what Donald Trump does - is totally unAmerican.

It simply will not work like that.

Arrogant - Donald Trump - learned quickly and should learn from that one unique lesson -  that our Federal Judges - can stop him in his tracks.

Even - duct tape his mouth - and may be allow him to tweet - to further expose his ignorance - and relieve  his unsound - mental state of mind.

President Andrew Jacks -
who Donald Trumps admires - one worse than the other.

President Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump share many values - sordid values - that are a disgrace to the human race. 

Discrimination of the worst kind - both minds that are unstable - disrespecting the laws of the land - failing to understand our government is a Republic.

In all of the discussions about Health Care - the Democrats do not talk that today the premiums have sky rocketed and that practically no one can choose their own doctor.

 The Affordable Care Act - fondly referred to Obama Care - today leaves a " sour taste " in the mouth of most decent Americans - who are in need of health care.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
never once mentions why Obama Care costs so much -
and why one cannot choose a doctor that matters -
to cater best of one health care?

For all the vain talk - folks like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - will not talk about the " Exchanges " and how they have failed to cater to the needs of the poor and the indigent. 

If the Exchanges could have been widened - across State borders - to market their rates and services - this healthy competition - would have eased the pains of  many.

 The Affordable Care Act  - could have survived.

 It is too late - now -  the Democrats failed to commit themselves to due diligence.

President Barack Hussein Obama -
he wanted to leave a legacy -
but unfortunately has left a lot of controversy.

Barack Hussein Obama  - could have left a " legacy " but as luck would have it - he left office - with turmoil on his mind - and Nation divided and more - a maniac in the White House.

Donald Trump - accusing Barack Hussein Obama - trying to confuse us all that " President Barack Hussein Obama" wired his hotel - Trump Tower.

The very place Donald Trumps - connives with Putin our arch enemy - Putin and his thugs. Our Nation has become a joke - laughing stock - all over the world.

Donald Trump does not care that he has taken our Nation - down the drain - into the cesspool of Donald Trump - where the worse of the worst -  keep swimming.

Malia Cohen  - an air-head -
has failed to represent - and shallow to the core.

Closer to home Malia Cohen - who has STOPPED  looking more White - bleaching her facade.

Today - she spends more money using to look - a bland of " fake chocolate " - more appropriate -  hiding those " black scars " - on her face - that have long disfigured her natural looks.

Malia Cohen does not know what the acronym NEA stands for - asking our astute Controller - the question - only to be informed and educate -  the very " ignorant and arrogant " Malia Cohen - it stands for National Endowment for the Arts. 

That answer must have come as a surprise to Malia Cohen - who has not yet learned - the finer aspects of the government workings - more State and Federal. 

What questions to ask - and the stupid comments she makes - sending mix signals - Malia Cohen is just that - " an air-head who is making a fool of herself ".

In recent years - " Emerge " - has backed arrogant folks like Malia Cohen to run for office - not so much to represent but to fill their " campaign coffers " - will illegal money - time will tell.

In District 10 no one respects Malia Cohen - and for Malia Cohen to pose a question that some of her constituents asked her about the Community Development Fund - this question was posed more for Malia Cohen's own - selfish needs.

The Visitation Valley Center at 66 Raymond Street - was opened with great fun fair - by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Malia Cohen.

Today it is center - that propagates - " divisiveness ".

The Community Development Funds where used to rehabilitate the Visitation Valley Center.

In an area - the Visitation Valley - long known for Blacks contributing so much - Blacks cannot visit the Visitation Center at 66 Raymond - without being discriminated.

In many cases insulted and turned away - if you a non-Chinese you are anathema. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Malia Cohen - should figure out - how to fix this situation - before they try to dabble with other issues.

Recent the community held a meeting - and I was present - titled -
Agenda for Multi-Cultural Community Ourreach Lunch and Meeting at Visitation Valley Senior Activities Program: Date; Tuesday March 21, 2017.

I well remember when the Visitation Center - was first opened - at the recent ribbon cutting - there was no viable and sustainable plan - there is NOT one - now.

The Self Help for the Elderly led by Kelly Chow - has no clue about Cultural Competency and less about the history of the Visitation Valley - she thinks she can come into someone sitting room and without permission - re-arrange the furniture.

Blacks and the Polynesian Community - other Asians - Thai, Vietnamese, Whites, Native Americans others too - have been treated with disdain.  This nonsense must STOP - now.

The Felton Institute - well known for providing Health and Food Services to the Senior population - won a contract and threw itself into a cesspool - at the Visitation Valley Center - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. 

The parties do not have a clear demarcation - as to who does what  - and more with the input of those mostly people of color - who have contributed so much - Blacks, Whites, Native American - Asians true but more besides the newly arrived Chinese - who seem to call the shots - lacking Cultural Competency - practicing daily - " implicit bias " - that thinking they are in control - this nonsense must STOP - now. 

Self Help for the Elderly and one Kelly Chew - tried her gimmicks in San Jose and was told to take a hike.

It is time the same is done of Self Help for the Elderly - being parochial - providing hot meals for the Chinese clients - while - trying to placate Blacks and others - with food that has to be micro-waved. 

Demanding two dollars from the Seniors - and if you cannot pay - you sit somewhere and watch the other seniors eat. This is America - and this type of blatant discrimination - will not be tolerated.

Linda Murley from SF DAAS - seems to think she can control the present mess remote control.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee was exuberant - and Malia Cohen salivating - thought, she had saved the Visitation Valley - after the City and County of San Francisco - let the over 100 year old Center - shut its doors - because of deferred maintenance and lack of meaningful discussion - and help to the Center - more to the Seniors.

My very good friend from my Presidio of San Francisco days - Majorie Williams - did her best to serve her community - even at the Visitation Center at 66 Raymond.

More - serving on the Board and other capacities - a well known advocate - who served on the Sunshine Task Force -  a person who is not a sell out.

Malia Cohen a new bee - would do well to sit down with Majorie Williams and learn - what the constituents of Visitation Valley and for that matter District 10 - think about Malia Cohen - simply well known - as a liar and more a  - " political whore".

Malia Cohen has no clue about Cultural Competency, less etiquette that matters.

No clue how government works and how to treat experts - who she will point out with her dirty finger - much as some very ignorant House Negro - pompous and betraying her place in time - despicable.

Our Seniors will be impacted - but as the experts say - what will come down the pipeline - will come slowly - and around 2020.

In the year 2020 -  Donald Trump - will end his first 4 years - and then may be decide to spend more time - on TWITTER - and vacate the White House - as the worst President - to ever step in that August Home - where some stellar American Presidents - represented our Nation - well.

The White House built by Blacks - and there  is more - I will save that and more for another day and another time.

We are in good hands with Barbara Garcia and others who have done well with HealthySF and have a sound understand of MediCal, Medicaid, Medicare and the other conduits and exchanges - that each have something to offer to the Health Care Reform and related issues.

Our City  and County of San Francisco - under the Democrats and more attached to the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee and other bodies - that favor " dubious candidates ".

Nefarious candidates  - prospective novice politicians - grooming them - to continue the inherent " greed and corruption ".

A new breed of political pimps and whores - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - one worse than the other.

Some drab politicians the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen, Katy Tang and others - do not have the expertise first to under Health Care.

Secondly - to think they can come up with model and fiscal execution with transparency and accountability.

Each time - Malia Cohen opens her dirty mouth and shoves her foot in - she has no clue what harm she is doing.

We few who are monitoring - her every move -  we are vigilant.

Malia Cohen continues to announce the " two measly minutes " even to us advocates now - while she opens her mouth and spews putrid diatribe - and thinks nothing of it. Time will tell.

Thank God our Controller - Ben Rosenfield  - who I have known for a long time - has the ability and more the demur to deal with buffoons that ask him - stupid questions.

For sure - Malia Cohen and others - do not know anything much about fiscal responsibility and even less about factors like health care and related issues - even less about - delivery mechanisms.

Our other SF Board of Supervisor the new ones some anointed - others having narrowly won the last Election - are not prepared for Donald Trump and his ploys.

Donald Trump is an " egoistical maniac " - who is out to get the Democrats - and get more " buffoons " like Malia Cohen - who is a tramp.