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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Donald Trump - 
he has repelled to the bottom of the shit pit.

Donald Trump has repelled to the bottom of the " shit  pit " - his plans to replace the Affordable Health Care Act - led by Speaker Paul Ryan - hit Donald Trump so hard - all his blatant excuses - do not matter - he is a looser.

Donald is  trying to keep a straight face - but  himself - totally naked, beaten, his tail between his legs - disgraced.

Donald Trump uses every occasion - he can possibly find -  to play to the " camera ".  These gimmicks will come to a halt - no one can " fool all the people all the time ".

Sound process does not work like that - and in " politics " - the ability to negotiate - is an art - and for sure Donald Trump - does not fit the mold - because he sticks to his conservative views - hunkers down - and such actions have repelled him to the pit -  keeping the company of odd balls

Two buffoons one worse than the other.

The Affordable Health Care Act - has areas that need to be tweaked.

 For sure those that pay higher premiums - more today, when they cannot afford it - have to be helped.

Of course Democrats like Nancy Pelosi - Hillary Clinton - will not go there - because she and others like her - are filthy rich - and are connected to the " Exchanges ".

Hillary Clinton should keep quiet - never again - should she run for office. So stop barking from the sidelines - no one is paying attention to a liar like you - and more a crook - that pandered to Donna Brazile and others - we do not forget - and we do remember.

Dianne Feinstein - evil to the core.

The " Exchanges " are insurance companies - that rake in billions - and help contribute and fill the " campaign coffers " - of the politicians.

The crooked ones - the likes of Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - other politicians - who do not give a damn - do not bother to lift a finger - to help those that most need help.

In all of the recent happenings - the words " repeal and replace " - offer a position - where there cannot be - meaningful progress.

It is like playing " football " - and the only play you offer - time and time again - " is the Hail Mary " - throwing the ball - here, there, everywhere - but using the - " Hail Mary ".

You will NOT win.

There are Republicans who went along - with Donald Trump - because he lied to the constituents during the " campaign ".  Promising them the world - saying sweet things the people wanted to hear - none of his promises - can be fulfilled - because Donald Trump is like that - he says things - and conveniently forget he said them - and if you remind him of his nonsense - he will make excuses.

In many of the areas that Republicans control - they have " very poor indigent Whites - who badly need heath care ". The paradox is that they got it from the Affordable Health Care Act.

Many of those who did not work for years - those from constituencies - with coal mines - wanted HOPE - and saw their only hope in Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton - promised them no hope - just because she saw - everything bad with " coal ".

If you are a decent human being - you have to give people hope - and that comes from - " compassion " - that come from being very " decent " - Hillary Clinton in a chronic liar - and must fade away.

The Affordable Health Care has catered to thousands of indigent Americans - those with pre-existing conditions.

 Americans - all over our Nation the United Stares - who once had no " health care " - could not even go the " emergency room " - more, in rural areas - got as least the basic help - before that -  they all had nothing at all.

 In smaller counties - people died - more, because there are no medical facilities , no doctors - nothing what so ever - people - decent American died a slow death.

Here was this Nation spending billions fighting wars - while people died at home - others pass the fifth day of the month - had no money for clothes, for food, for heat,  had to face the inclement weather and died from respiratory diseases and more.

Here is San Francisco - we have found that using the Affordable Health Care - few people  go the " emergency ' - reducing those that go to the Emergency Room - to over forty percent.

Here in San Francisco - using the Affordable Health Care model - we have accommodated more patients - using Medical, Medicaid, Medicare, and created our own model of HealthySF.

The Republicans have lost - but they lost because they truly did not have an alternate plan to offer. 

They spoke about Repeal and Replace - but as hard as I looked for a " Comprehensive Replace " - I have not seen a Blue Print - with line items offerings - that could be viable and sustainable.

As I said before - we now have for sure at least until 2020 - to tweak the Affordable Health Care - also know as Obama Care.

We can and should  offer the plan to the more decent, hard working tax payers - by working with the " Exchanges " - more here in California and for sure in San Francisco.

We can create a model and impress upon the Republicans to join us - if not all of them - at least some of them. If we do this - we can win one battle at a time - and may be the war in the end.

There is NO doubt the Insurance Companies until now - have gone unscathed - we have not confronted them - we have not targeted them.

They have fleeced the poor and the indigent - those that cannot afford much - are on a fixed income -  and in many cases have to forsake eating well, buying clothes, other essentials - just to pay their premiums.

Many of these cases - are linked with families who have a number of children - that make these cases all the more - exacerbating to adjudicate and find solutions. 

Even today paying $1000 a day for a hospital, $500 for a short trip using an ambulance, $50 for a bottle of aspirin, $500 for a MRI that did not reveal anything, thousands of dollars as much as $60, 000 for a operation, $150,000 for a heart operation and more - is mind boggling.

Our doctors, registered nurses, medical technicians, others in the medical field - must step up and do right - most of you all - are having a good time - making big money - just because you can.
Failing the Hippocratic Oath - disgracing all decent - and more the good that can and should be done - to the human race. 

Our politicians are still into a frame of mind - paying attention to filibustering - and other such ploys and machinations.

 Using evil back room deals - wheeling and dealing - pay to play ploys - making deals with sordid lobbyists - that the Democrats do not talk - too much about - but earn their money in such sordid manner - they talk too much and the time has come to deal with these - scum bags.

Lobbyists who do harm - should be sent to jail for a minimum of 30 years - and in some cases the death penalty should be reserved for them.

The same for politicians who take bribes.

We have them at San Francisco City Hall - and we look at them as something - when they are the scum of the Earth.

Much has been made about Donald Trump - but in a way he opened a can of worms - and exposed crooks like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Donna Brazile - closer to home London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and many others  - too. 

I know that Barbara Garcia - Director of Health Department - is breathing a sigh of relief.

 This is our only opportunity - to stop wasting millions - and to stop dumping innocent patients - to live in Single Residency Hotel - filthy, with mice, infested with bed bugs, roaches - thinking that we can continue in like manner for ever - taking shots at Donald Trump and the Republicans - when we ourselves are guilty of many things - that I can expose you all - the list in very - long.

We fought for HealthySF - more because of our infants, our children, our youth, young adults, our Seniors - those with compromised health - the physically challenged and mentally challenged - could get basic services. 

This model works - it only works because this is San Francisco - and San Franciscans are unique.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - that most forget - including the crooked politicians - that are NOT welcome on Muwekma Ohlone Land.

Mayor Ed M. Lee -
he has with intent set San Francisco on Fire.

It would work better had we NOT to deal with crooked politicians like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - others too - that I will name  - scum of the Earth.

The Affordable Health Care - if it was voted against -  would sent a shill through the spine of many in San Francisco.

Some of us worked - behind the scene - much like we will work behind the scene to remove Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, other crooked politicians - who still think - the can make hay while the sunshine - who continue to rake in millions illegally - BLOOD - money.