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Monday, March 20, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
what is really happening  in Room 200 ?

The Southeast Sector has now been saturated with
 " corruption of the worst order ".

No one entity - worth the salt - is paying attention to the blatant and rampant - gentrification. 

No one cares about the many asthma cases, the cancers, the chronic  respiratory diseases.

The many one of a kind - tumors - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - has been plagued with chronic diseases -  well know to the Director of Health - Barbara Garcia and those that surround her.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has NOT been conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco - in its entirety. 

Only one parcel - Parcel A - has been conveyed.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is listed as a Superfund Site. Only the worst contaminated sits Nationwide - are listed on the Superfund List.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and even today - there are " hot spots " - registering very high levels of atomic elements - cesium, radium - high registration of mercury, lead, asbestos - the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - right now - is a - toxic " cesspool ".

When Parcel A was conveyed - the Restoration Advisory Board did NOT sign on the Record of Decision - which led to the illegal - conveyance of Parcel A.

Members of the community were on the Restoration Advisory (RAB) Board - many of the members on the RAB - well educated who stood up and represented the community - as best the could.

The RAB board wast targeted - and toward the end -disbanded - the only RAB Nationwide - to meet such a fate.

Come one San Francisco - let us get real - STOP these crooks in their tracks. Where is the Law Enforcement on the rampant corruption - and on going hoodwink - all over the Southeast Sector of San Francisco?

After Parcel A was conveyed - high levels of radioactive elements were discovered. Tetra Tech  was responsible before the conveyance.

Tetra Tech - was hired to come back - ( unheard of in normal business cases - linked to such of  operations and project) - and did some minimal - so called clean up.

Tetra Tech is the same company the MNBC Investigates - found changing manifest - of dirty soils that was noted on the manifest as  clean soil.  These recent reports have shocked some - but many of us - have seen the corruption - as close quarters - and today it has reached saturation point.

Once the fake manifest - linked to the dirty dirt - were in place -  the Class I dirty soil - was sent to our landfills - that do not accept - Class I dirty soil.

The one act should clearly reveal - the blatant  on going corruption  - and all those involved - who know about this situation - but are doing - nothing about it.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows and knew about the sordid facts.

The Hunters Point Task Force - headquartered and situated at 100 VanNess know about this.

So do many crooks mostly Blacks the likes of Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelious Walker, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Tiffany Bohee,  Mara Flores, Darshan Singh, and many heads of Departments - of the City and County of San Francisco. 

Our City Attorney is aware of this fact - his name is Dennis Herrera.

 Our Director of SF Planning John Rahaim is aware this fact - so is Steve Kawa the man that advises the Mayor - and many others.

Lennar Urban LLC a rogue developer who now goes as 5 Point Communities LLP - same snake different head - have built hundreds of homes on very polluted land - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Parcel A.

Parcel A is surrounded by the worst type of contamination.

The world knows this - yet thousands of EB-5 Visas are being sold to Mainland Chinese mainly - that go for $500, 000 a pop - to fill the coffers of Lennar Urban a rogue developer.

Part of this money - goes to fund the campaign coffers - of very corrupt politicians - Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen - and the list goes on.

Recently Lennar Urban LLC - a rogue developer - gave the San Francisco Labor Council - a check for $500, 000.

Lennar Urban LLC has not paid the City and County of San Francisco - promised and signed document - linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - Community Benefits - since 2013.

The SF Labor Council backed Lennar Urban LLC and so did other entities - most of them - who had NO idea - how corrupt Lennar Urban LLC was and is.

They all decided  to  join Lennar Urban - in supporting Lennar's Urban - fake Proposition G.

Proposition F opposing Proposition G - was doing well - until Lennar Urban LLC - spent in access of $10 million on Television Advertisement and won.

 Proposition F did not spend more than $5, 000.

Follow the money and you will see the key players who are selling out the community at large :

Today the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a very corrupt person - who talks from both sides of his mouth - is promising the community - to build - over 30, 000 units - at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

Many of these units - Public Housing - where the units are being rehabilitated - form part of the 30, 000 units - in the pipeline.

All of the above units are in areas - prone to sever liquefaction and severe flooding - but more bombarded by high levels - of radioactive elements. 

What is it that our SF City and County of San Francisco and those in charge our Mayor - Edwin M. Lee, our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, our City Attorney Dennis Herrera, our District Attorney - George Gascon, our Senator Dianne Feinstein , our Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - our SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) - NOT understand and comprehend?

Right now crooks are poised to rake in thousands and millions - to milk the Sewer System Improvement Project - managed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Presentations are given - conceptual plans proposed - at event and meetings.

However - but when it comes to timelines and goals - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) -  the Digestors - other critical aspects linked to SSIP project and construction.

 There has been NO viable and sustainable movement - on the $6 Billion Bond Measure - paid by the tax payers - the constituents of San Francisco.

Shame on those crooks - mostly Black - who are selling out their community.

They - are not taking a stand - to eliminate the stench - emitting from the current Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - adversely impacting millions.

More the pollution and contamination that is adversely impacting a large area - surround the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission Building (SCFCB) - is used to conduct meetings and other actions - dubious in nature.

Those on the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building are hand picked by the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - most of them do not represent the community.

More because they are NOT educated on issues.

They keep rubber stamping - and they all must investigated - by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We have minutes going back to 1988 - chronologically describing - what has transpired at the many meetings - at the Southeast Community Facility Building Commission - the contradictions - the many lies - and the many fake - agreements.

This empirical is available to any Law Enforcement - to adjudicate and find out why so much " corruption " is saturated in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The crooks have it all at Hunters Point - bribes galore - the crooks having a field day:

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