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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Where is the justice and more fair play in San Francisco?

The more astute constituents of San Francisco -  in the majority - are not  " stupid " or   totally  " ignorant " - as many of our San Francisco politicians - would like - the world to believe.

The politicians that play with fire - having disdain for those that need help most - will be consummated with what they are playing with - sooner not later.

So while the going is good - as it will get worse - do the right thing - or forever hold your - peace.

The many  hard working,  paying their taxes on time - most of them well educated with degrees - living a decent life - are daily adversely impacted by - crooked policies - initiated by our San Francisco - politicians. 

Some of them - the scum of the Earth.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
the wheeling and deal has overcome him.
He now proclaims - he does not know what is happening
around him - having senior moments - poor him!

Leading the pack Mayor Edwin M. Lee - there are many cases against him - pending in our courts - most of them - involving missing money and vanished " government property " - bribes to get contracts - circumventing the law.

Much before Mayor Edwin M. Lee was anointed the Mayor of San Francisco - the pending cases - were put on the back burner - crooked Democrats - using their power to foster - injustice. Working with entities that handle Court Cases - including one head judge - who has since taken - early retirement - and is related to a Senator of California.

Most of the cases involving - the issue of money - misappropriated - or " government properties " paid for - but lacking transparency and accountability - bought for  " Government Use " - but missing - from the taken, documented and stamped - inventory.

Zula Jones to the left -
and to the right - Nazly Mohajer

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was clearly aware - of all that Zula Jones and others were doing on his behalf - to rake in illegal monies - to feed his sordid - " campaign coffers ". 

The world knows about this - so to pretend to tell us - with a straight face - he had no idea - others were raking in illegal contribution - to fill his campaign coffers - is simply NOT true.

When Mayor was head of the Human Right Commission - Zula Jones worked intimately with him - this was years ago.

It was from that time -  over 20 years ago - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee cooperated with Zula - on the many bribes taken - involving all sorts of permits, contracts  -  other shenanigans - pay to play schemes.

Zula Jones who worked for the Human Rights Commission as a staffer and Nazly Mohajer who was a Human Rights Commission - were involved deeply  in the election of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Hundreds of people were contacted - and most of them told - just contribute and that  the " core crooks " - would deliver - what they wanted - contracts, permits, access - you name it.

This type of wheeling and dealing was rampant - when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor - but Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - would NOT permit Zula Jones or anyone - to boasts - what they could deliver - as did Zula Jones - no way.

Former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr,
who calls the shots - wheeling and dealing -
comes easy to him - covering the many trails -
his expertise - no stone -left unturned.

Willie L. Brown Jr. - had a model - where he left no trail - and he has been investigated before - and little or nothing found on Willie L. Brown Jr. - that I affectionately call - " a thug Mayor ".

Many of the cases -linked to Zula Jones went before our California courts and  judges - people went to jail - in some cases innocent people. 

 Zula Jones  - and others like her -  arrogant to the core - are well known Black - sell outs.

San Francisco City Hall - is where the wheeling and dealing goes on - and many of us know about it.

It would shock - the decent and those that think our politicians are some what decent -  to know how much money - flows into the coffers of our so called San Francisco Supervisors - thousands of dollars - most of it " illegal contributions ".

An Federal Bureau Agent Ethan Quinn testified in this one case how $10, 000 was sent through some conduits.

One of the conduits - conducting the ploys and machinations   Nazly Mohajer - others too - all had to go to Zula Jones who called the shots.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee can say - all he wants wants to say.

We all know - when it comes to money - large sums are received by Mayor Edwin M. Lee using unsavory and nefarious conduits.

Most of the money cannot be traced easily - from developers - from large corporations - it is a crying shame that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is swimming in a cesspool of his own creation.