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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


District Attorney George Gascon.

Again and again several cases involving killings by  " rogue  SF Police Department officers " - have tarnished the name of all San Franciscans.

Further - have cast a deep shadow on those SF Police Officers  - who take their jobs seriously - sacrifice - and now have to bear the brunt of the many dubious insults - thrown their way.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 

After pressing Mayor Edwin M Lee to address the many killings - the likes of Amilcar Perez Lopez, Alex Nieto, Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, Jessica Williams, Mario Woods - others - last summer $1.9 million was set aside.

But hardly had the money been set aside - representatives from the District Attorney's office - wanted the money - with NO plan - how to use the money - more, with Accountability and Transparency.

Six attorneys, six investigators, and two para-legals have money appropriated - but to date - not one case - from the ones back logged - nor the ones urgent - have been touched.

It does not help that in the Mayor's Office - nonchalant and shallow individuals the like of Paul Henderson and Diane Aroche - waste their time - doing nothing, much. 

Daily - crimes of all sorts including killings and shootings have increased.

For 18 weeks plus - with supporters and banners that read  clearly for all to see :" Mothers - the March against Police Murders ".

" Black and Brown United - against Police Murders ".

For years - now - District Attorney George Gascon has been kicking the can down the street.

Aiding and abetting George Gascon is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - weak in the knees, impotent - and of course as we all know - having no leadership - qualities - whatsoever.

The SF Police Commission - keeps changing - their new policies announced - and nothing done - absolutely no enforcement.

The SF Office of Citizens Complaints - is in disarray.

Bickerings within the office - and to top it off - the head of the Office of Citizens Complaints - has got $50, 000 pay raise. Only in San Francisco.

In the " interim " all those teams that came under the Federal - Department of Justice (DoJ) - their funding has been cut - remember the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - they have been eliminated. 

So what happens to all those recommendations - and more the huge documents - they will be put on some shelf - collecting - dust. Just like I said - a long time ago.

It is the same those teams - from the DoJ - on Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination - their funding has been cut - and those heading the teams - their positions eliminated.

These facts are available to some of us - who follow the " situation " - of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is in the dark - and with him his lackeys Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson.

In the mean time the families of those who sons and daughters have been murdered - waiting - Waiting for Godot!

The new San Francisco Police Chief has no clue - how to handle the SF Police Police Association.

He has no clue who really has control and understands the neighborhoods.

I am watching him and have nothing against him - accept that someone - did not tell him - he is swimming in a " cesspool ".

As the months go by - in that " cesspool " - there will be more turbulence - one of a kind.

Big Developers have a gala time in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee continues - favoring the " Big Developers " while failing to address - pressing issues with our aging and failing infrastructure.

Donald Trump is out to get us - and because - we have chosen to be a " Sanctuary City " - all sorts of impediments - will be put in our way.

Of course we San Franciscans - are " compassionate ".

The values we stand for - must be in place - and since we believe in these lofty values - we have to practice them - and pay the price.

The Democrats are used to make promises.

 If you have noticed - NOT once did Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein  - speak agains the murders by rogue SF Police Officers - why?

In the SF Police Command Group - there are some astute and stellar Police Officers - who want to do the right thing.

Malia Cohen - the Supervisor from District 10 -
useless - opens her mouth and shoves her foot inside.

 However, as often happens - where they is " dirty politics " - where we have folks the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - as far as what is happening in San Francisco - linked with crime and related issues - will continue.

That is just how is works with political pimps and whores - more those who pretend they are representing us as SF Board of Supervisors - but have failed us all miserably.

The steps of City Hall - 
leading to the den of thieves - 
where most of the wheeling and dealing takes place.

We constituents have done all we could - held demonstrations at City Hall - shut City Hall down - met with the SF Board of Supervisors - they simply do not get it.

George Gascon's plan was to get that seat - that was vacated by Kamala Harris - the State Attorney General - it did not happen.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was promised a seat by Hillary Clinton - that did not happen. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has set our City on fire - with congestion, rampant homelessness, thousands fleeing our City - we have over 250, 000 immigrants who do not have their documents - rents and homes for this segment of the population - cannot be addressed in a nonchalant manner.

Car break ins, Home break ins, assaults, killings and shooting have increased - many crimes NOT reported. 

Our morgues have corpses - more those of the poor and indigent - many of them San Franciscans.

Many of them - fell on bad time - before that contributed a lot - today - their are called Jane Doe and John Doe.

There is a God watching all the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - for those that earn high salaries - but fail to represent - treat the hard working tax payers - with disdain.

We have so called City employees and that includes the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee making in access of $350, 000 failing to represent.

Other City Department heads - including the Homeless Czar - wanting millions more - finding no solutions whatsoever - for the homeless - who must be helped with permanent housing.

For sure the Navigation Center does not do justice to the total homeless population - about 10, 000 - sleeping  under bridges, how infiltrating our neighborhoods, many sleeping in Recreational Vehicles and cars - many in abandon vehicles.

The Navigation Center caters to a measly - 75 individuals - according to the reports - the one on Mission Streets.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and folks like District Attorney George Gascon - have with " intent " - compromised and adversely impacted - " Quality of Life Issues ". 

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
those that pollute and contaminate our land -
must cease to commit such crimes against Mother Earth.

This is Ohlone Land - every square inch - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matters of Land Use, Planning,  Safety, Education, Health,  Transportation,  Infrastructure - and more.

Once this land was pristine - no more.

Guess who contaminated and polluted the land?