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Monday, March 27, 2017


Democracy was practiced here on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

We should read our history - more the Matriarchal System - that prepared on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

The Long Cabin - the Iroquois Tribe - our Founding Fathers - seeking a new way of thinking and governance and finding it on the East Coast - by having close discussion and deliberation with the Six Nations.

Early on it was not uncommon for the Six Nations and other Tribes to be invited to the White House.

Where gifts were exchanged and the Founding Fathers - in awe - astounded that the Six Nations and others - had a far superior governance - than they had been exposed to.

 What little the British had to offer  - derived from the Magna Carta - and other Feudal Laws - that were full of loopholes.

The Native American Tribes spoke freely and generously offered the best they have to offer - in concepts, governance, and the making of Turtle Island - that stood the test of human endurance.

There was WISDOM for those that had their heart in the right place - to embrace - and make our world a better place.

Today we have magna maniacs who think - they can fool all the people all the time. The likes of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Of course we have to thank the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - those who put together a frame work with due diligence - has prevented WAR for over 70 years.

In World War II we America - aided Britain, France, Russia, China, and went on to defeat Germany and Japan.

The horrible details of War - the deep scars - are known only to those that - endured the deep wounds, the trials and tribulations - that still haunt those who are alive in their golden years.

Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin - are creatures - of their own environs - that have NO clue and less have a heart - for those that genuinely gave their lives to make this world a better - place.

Today, we want to go back to a time - when some maniacs tried to exercise their power beyond their own horizons.

More - when Mao Tze Tung, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and others too many to name - tried to rule supreme - despots of a kind - ruthless and unsound of mind -  were defeated.

Putin today has tried to mess with America - but America is very strong and the American people - have not forgotten who were those that were given succor - after the World War II.

History repeats itself - and Russia today - has its wings clipped and its hands tied - and if those leaders in Russia - who are not respected by the Russian people - deem it necessary to attack - those Nations that are UNITED - swiftly and very promptly Russia - can be noticed and taken down.

Those that have taken inventory of our arms and ammunition - our cyber weapons - our inventory of nuclear weapons - know who has more.

This is a dangerous time - and only those experience  that are fully " educated on issues " - can bring about some sanity.

America with the Democrats in power - let their guard down -  deceived by those in the Democratic Party - thousands of shallow Democrats - who even today - have not fully realized the harm they have done - to the entire Free World.

The Democrats losers - the likes of Hillary Clinton -  and those that use to talk the talk but failed to walk the walk - now - have to start from the very foundation.

They have to  build up a Party that has a conscience - and more a deep responsibility to the World Constituent - that has put its faith in the United States.

Past Presidents of the Untied States - not all - but some have done all in their power to work hard for all the people.

Those Presidents who divided our Nation - others who partook in the shenanigans all over the world - created Banana Republics - their deed are there for all the world to see.

We had NO business attacking - any Nation that did not attack us - they did not interfere with our Sovereign Status - we conducted ourselves with misinformation - Weapons of Mass Destruction - no where to be found.

This land all of it - once better know as Turtle Island - will be intact - as best it can - according to the dictates of the Great Spirit.

Those strangers - more who speak with a " forked tongue " will be brought to their knees.

What we see today - is what the prophets knew - for hundreds of years - nothing is new to those that see beyond the beyond.

Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump - are two fools that cannot fool - all the people all the time.

Surely and in a more timely manner - both maniacs will be brought to their knees.

This Nationalism of sorts - does not given the people the ability to live as human beings - and we are not about to give up our freedom to cater to the needs of - known thugs and maniacs - one worse than the other.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of FREEDOM is LICENSE.

 Once each human being who believes in true freedom figures that out - once one figures that out - more, what is means to be a true CITIZEN - most everything falls in place.

Do not ever trust the Politicians - more the liars and thieves we have closer to home Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell.

Our Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein - in the White House Donald Trump - most of these politicians have " corruption " at the core of all their nefarious core.

Continue to - operate the projects - their wheeling and dealing - their pay to play - ploys and machinations. Aho.